1 april 2017

Let’s celebrate today.What does it mean?

OOOooh!Do not be so serious!Look at the calendar
Today is the first of April
The coolest day for me
It’s a fool’s day

I just celebrate it with you

Cool day!
You can laugh with  friends.
You can do something funny.
I’m making up something every year.
Now I’ll send jokes to my friends….
Do not be serious, at least once a year.

Movement is life, my roof said and went.

Did you understand this phrase?
Of course you need to relax, do not watch that the rain on the street all day…..
That it is cold and cloudy……
That a bunch of problems in work……….
That tomorrow a huge number of planned cases……..My schedule is full……
That everything just tears me up…..
Stop! Stop!please,stop!
Let’s have fun!
As children in childhood…….
Take yourself and imagine a child….

Be happy!!!!!!!!

Wish it’s for all !

Happy 1 st april!!!!!

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