What i want next 2018 year

what -i wnt next 2018 year

New Year 2018 is approaching.
A few days left before it starts.
I am cold, I cough and can not actively spend these days.
I canceled to have parties and meetings, because I feel very bad.
I had time to work a little with computer.I have time for myself.

I very much hoped that at the end of December I will be accepted for a solo exhibition in Etobicoke Art Gallery.


what i want-next2018 year

But the jury did not approve me, they just sent me a letter saying that the works are great and I stayed with them.
I stay with you, my friends, how much will I have enough.
I submitted to the contest in the newspaper, where my works were published last year.
So I was also sent a beautiful letter that I’m good, but took another.
I do not suffer from this.
But my strength and desire from this conceal.
I’m looking for other ways and exits.
After all, you can not wait and suffer all your life.
But where is the incentive for creativity?

what i -want next 2018 year

Because of illness, because of dryness in the throat and a strong cough at night, I stopped drawing now.
I think they will return to creativity after illness and a trip to Ukraine.

So what do I want to do next year?
Of course, I’m looking for acquaintances and help in making the film by my script.
This is the reason for my trip to Kiev.
The film is planned to be shot in Kiev.
There is a production for work, but its funds are not enough and we are looking for co-production for the organization of the film.
A movie about bikers and funny.
My dream is to show it to the audience.

Believe me, for many reasons-it’s difficult for me to do this.
Of course, I will be glad to get acquainted and support.

What I want to do next year- is to finish two more scenarios.
Both scenarios about life are 4 serial melodramas.

The first script about women, I’m finishing the second series.
The second scenario is very dear to me, about the real events in the life of my friend and ready  only in the synopsis.
To him I’ll get later


what i want 2018 next year

What else would I want?

I lack management of my works and advertising in the field of art.
So next year I will more agree to exhibitions and events, where I can show my art work.
And I will devote more time to advertising and disseminating information about me.
Who interested in new names, who want unusual exhibits-contact me,please.

My exhibition will not be just an exhibition, I want to join together my work with the performances of artists and beautifully  decorations.
It’s like a mini show where all kinds of art are connected.
Not only in the opening day.A during the whole week of the exhibition.
As a mini festival(this is my dream and this is answer why I cancel many time offers from the organizers)

Please do not be offended and do not think that I’m arrogant.
I just do not see myself in ordinary exhibitions.
Me there or not enough or do not look like me.
But I really want to show myself and my world, if  make an exhibition.
So I applied to win individual exhibitions.

I want the next year to be as saturated as this one and even more…………………….
I wish health to all my loved ones……………………..
I wish success to all my colleagues………………………………….
I wish you love, my dear readers.Without it my life is empty……………………………..
I wish you happiness…………………………………….
Let your plans and ideas come true, let dreams come true…………………..

I remember a year ago one reader wrote to me:
,,You write well, but not enough. Please write more…,,

I then wrote a few lines. The publication of these few lines in English cost me a lot of sweat and a few hours. I sweated over each line and got confused in every word.
Today I am writing, remembering that time, smiling, thank you to my reader, who helped me and instructed me then and stimulated me.

and I can not stop……….


Happy New 2018 Year me dear readers!!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas my readers!
I wish you a miracle, harmony and happiness!

merry christmas

I did not see such a real Christmas for a long time.
Maybe when I was little
girl as small as my granddaughter.
During two days of snowing the street is closed.
When the first cyclone was on,I clear my car from snow.
For the second cyclone, my granddaughter and I simply closed in the house and both of us had a real evening of a fairy tale.

merry christmas

My white car merged with snow and it was just a big ball of snow.
Outside home is incredibly beautiful and incredibly cold at the same time.

So we sat down together in the house, lit the lights on the tree and read fairy tales, stories in Russian and English


We are discovered together for ourselves a real holiday of such a beautiful evening.
It’s a very warm feeling when near you there is an energetic twinkle that all the time ,,wants,,.
Wants to read, wants to eat, wants to play, wants to stop me.

I am very happy to see this little bundle of happiness that grows in front of the eyes and is open to the  her world.
I am pleased to observe this.
I see myself, when I’m little, sitting at my grandmother on knees and reading books.
I do not remember myself like that, but parents was told that I was very stubborn, hard and demanding.
I just smile, how wonderful it is, to grow like this.

The lack of knowledge forces the child to demand them.
Sometimes the child asks to do something that she already knows how, but with the hands of the parent.
And it’s interesting and beautiful.
We drew together, played games, prepared to eat together.


Of course, today is not 1900, but 2018 soon.

 I received a number of congratulations from my friends on e-mail.
Merry Christmas for all of you!

Wish you Happiness!!

Wish you Harmony!!

Wish you Peace!!



Fort York /my center of gravity

There are several places in Toronto where I like to return.


One of them is Fort York, my center of gravity.

solders fort york

There are original War of 1812 buildings and 1813 battle site.Located in downtown.


Having got there once on the Open Day Toronto in May, every year I return there with pleasure.

Fort-York photo


History of Fort York starts from the moment when John Graves Simcoe ordered the construction of a garrison on the present site of Fort York in 1793.

Fort YorkOld

Simcoe wanted to establish a naval base at Toronto in order to control Lake Ontario.


mAP fort york


In his capacity as lieutenant-governor of the British province of Upper Canada, Simcoe also moved the provincial capital to Toronto from the vulnerable border town of Niagara during that tense period. Toronto was renamed ‘York,’ civilian settlement followed the government, and the settlement began to grow. During those early years, Fort York played a significant role in the economic and social development of the small backwoods community.

old photo fort york


In 1807, Anglo-American relations began to deteriorate. In 1812, the United States declared war and invaded Canada. On 27 April 1813, the U.S. Army and Navy attacked York with 2700 men on fourteen ships and schooners, armed with eighty-five cannon. The defending force of 750 British, Canadians, Mississaugas, and Ojibways had twelve cannon.

The Americans stormed ashore west of the fort under the cover of their naval guns. The defenders put up a strong fight, but fell back to Fort York from the landing site in the face of overwhelming odds. The British commander, Major-General Sir Roger Sheaffe, then retreated eastward and blew up the fort’s gunpowder magazine (located near today’s Memorial Area). The explosion was devastating: 250 Americans fell dead or wounded from its blast, including their field commander, Brigadier-General Zebulon Pike. Total losses in the six-hour battle were 157 British and 320 Americans.

The Mississaugas and Ojibways withdrew into the forest, Sheaffe’s professional troops retreated to Kingston, and the local militia surrendered the town. The Americans occupied York for six days. They looted homes, took or destroyed supplies, and burned Government House and the Parliament Buildings (near today’s Front and Parliament streets). In 1814, the British retaliated when they captured Washington and burned the White House, Capitol, and other public buildings.

The Americans returned to a defenceless York in July 1813 to burn barracks and other buildings that they missed in April. Shortly afterwards, the British rebuilt Fort York on what is both today’s and Simcoe’s original site. In August 1814, Fort York was strong enough to repel the U.S. squadron when it again tried to enter Toronto Bay. In February 1815, word reached York that the War of 1812 had ended the previous December. It was good news: peace had returned, and the defence of Canada against American invasion had been successful.

Photo Fort York


The British continued to garrison Fort York after the war, although most soldiers moved to new barracks one kilometre west of the fort in 1841. (The officers’ barracks of that ‘New Fort’ or ‘Stanley Barracks’ survives today.) During times of peace, Fort York’s defences were allowed to deteriorate, only to be strengthened in periods of crisis, such as the Rebellion Crisis of 1837–41, or when war with the United States seemed imminent, such as in 1861–62.

In 1870, the Canadian government assumed responsibility for most of the country’s defences, including Fort York. Canadian troops maintained the harbour defences at the fort until its guns and earthworks became obsolete in the 1880s. The army, however, did not abandon the site at that time, but used it for training, barracks, offices, and storage until the 1930s. Some military activity even took place at Fort York during World War II.
Between 1932 and 1934, the City of Toronto restored Fort York to celebrate the centennial of the incorporation of the city in 1834. On Victoria Day 1934, Fort York opened as a historic site museum. Today, its defensive walls surround Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings. Even the older part of the one reconstructed building on the site, the Blue Barracks, contains a significant amount of 1814-period material and is an interesting example of the efforts made during the Great Depression to create employment by restoring and rebuilding historic sites.

Today this place is one of the favorite places in Toronto.On annual festivals here gather from all Ontario and Canada.


Here lives the history of the city.



On the maps you can see the path of hunters, which passed through Toronto to America.

Hunting Fort York

Fort York_toronto

secondFort York

There are exhibits of weapons, household utensils, telling about the life and life of that period.

product FORT yORK

Fort York Hunting
It is very interesting when the military march and demonstrate how to use weapons.



On holidays you can see dances that show different dance groups and collectives on the territory of the museum.



Christmas time

I love winter and the period before Christmas.This is a magical time.

This is Christmas time.


For me in general it is divided into two parts. This is the time of the Catholic Christmas on December 24 and the time of the Orthodox Christmas on January 6.

I am from selected people who prepare on holidays in advance and celebrate for a long time.
Because through time I divided the celebration into two parts.

The first part with my children and the second with my parents.
I just pray that my already elderly parents live longer.
December is always a very busy month, which is connected with  meetings and corporate parties.
Toronto Pre_christmasTime
Christmas time…….Christmas time…..
This year there are also a lot of them.
But in the midst of the bustle, it’s not hard to see how my city is getting ready for Christmas.
Toronto Pre_Christmas time
I will show you, my readers this time and tell about it.
Torono Pre_christmas-Tme

I run through the streets and see these transformations.
This big old city is changing.
toronopre_christmas time
And I want to show these changes to you.

The city is simply transformed radically.
Torono Pre_Christmas time
In the parks everything froze in natural beauty.
Toronto_pre_christmas time

Storefronts are decorated.


In the squares are built Christmas markets.
This is Christmas time…….
Street bazaars call for sales and on them a lot of Christmas toys, souvenirs, hats and clothes.
Toronto Pre Christmas_time (2)

The millions of colorful lights and decorative lighting are lit up.
Even gloomy banks look brighter and more festive.
Torono_prechristmas time

The cafes  dazzle with some new delicacies and scenery.
Large and elegant malls  and small stores are called  to pre- Christmas discounts.
Toronto pre christmas_Time
Christmas time……Christmas time……
Beauty,which bewitches and ravages the eye.
Torono Pre-Christmas_time
Many historical places of the city are preparing in December their programs dedicated to Christmas.
It’s Allen Garden and AGO and Fort York and Nathan Square.
Toronto_pre-Christmas time
In the Nathan Square opened traditional skating.
TorontoPreCristmas time
Now everyone who lives in Toronto can come back after work and skate
Sometimes it’s couples with children.
This is Christmas time.
The changes touched every house in the city.
ToronotoPre_Christmas time

Everyone is trying to prepare the facades of houses smartly for Christmas.
Ancient buildings look great and I like to photograph them.
Totronto Pre_Christmas-time
Modern buildings shine with windows and metal finishes.
TorontoPre-Christmas time
These buildings are so easily combined, as easily in this city the old and the new styles live.
Toronto-pre-Chistmas time
Year round red double-floor bus carries tours on the Dundas Street West.
Toronto Pre-christmas time
The people saying goodbye to each other, say:,, Merry Christmas!,,
Yes,it is Christmas time.
Of course this is the month of philanthropy.
Especially at such a time you feel compassion for the hungry, homeless and sick people.

When near the Allan Gardens in a small area the homeless of the whole district gathered to disassemble a huge bunch of winter clothes brought by him, I thanked the
people who helped them to exist.
A city cleared of debris and foliage, many places in the center of the city are still blocked by construction, but this is   normal for a constantly renewed city.

Recently changed the flights of streetcars from wide and high to more flat, the streetcars themselves changed, which became less noisy and with low enter’s steps.
Low, specifically for people with disabilities on wheelchairs.
This year winter came slowly.
It’s seemed to come quietly every day.
And now, when I’m writing this post-outside the window, it’s already snowing all over.
Snowing will be  all next week too.
Ten days still before the Christmas.

The Allan Gardens


When on the calendar December, a lot of worries and preparations for Christmas and the New Year.
I really love this time.

The Allan Gardens
He gives a good mood, drifting the last year and h
elping to plan the coming year.


It turns out that not only me preparing for this holiday painstakingly and intensely.
My  city Toronto is also preparing for this holiday.


I realized this by visiting an exhibition of flowers in Allan Gardens, dedicated to Christmas.

How many flowers needs grow by this month, then to decorete everything beautifully and accurately in the collections and present them to us.


 I invite you, my readers, to walk with me along the Allan Gardens instead of gossip and fantasies.

The_Allan Gardens

I am suspicious of mass events, but today I violated the usual rules and visited Allan Gardens on the day of his invitation to Toronto residents for an exhibition dedicated to Christmas.

The -Allan Gardens

I must say that the weather so far just helps to walk and enjoy nature.

The temperature slightly drops. It’s not sharp, as usual, but gradually, as if playing with us.
Today, for example, at night there was a thick fog that enveloped all Toronto in a continuous tangle and was played this way until midday, when the sun dispersed the clouds and warmed the city.

Walking in Toronto on such days is just a pleasure.


Usually for December slush, dampness, rain or snow. But the year does not happen for a year and this winter while we are pleased with the warm weather.


Only after opening the doors of Allan Gardens, you immediately get into the embraces of greenery, flowers and plants.
A huge number of different varieties of flowers and plants live in this unique garden.


We must thank the workers of this garden for their hard work.

Exhibited very interesting collections of cacti, hydrangeas,roses and various varieties of tropical plants.


Some of them are so planted that intertwine with each other and make a bright rainbow of colors.


Decorate their wooden bulls, bridges,  flowerpots and garlands of Christmas lights.


The third year in a row at the Allan Gardens  opening of the Christmas Flower Show.


There are free cider and cookies inside garden.

 From activities there is  a wagon ride around the park.



It is line with children and parents to horseback riding.
It’s not just a walk, you have to sing a Christmas song.
Of course it’s cool and cheers up.
Some people walking in the park in old clothes from
Toronto Streampunk Society.


They are friendly, they smile cute, posing in front of the cameras and make  good atmosphere walk in the park.

There are two places where the workshops is held.

In one you need to make a decorative toy on the tree with your name.

The _Allan-Gardens
In the second it is necessary to cut out a toy and decorate it with ornaments.

The -AllanGardens


It is popular in Toronto to conduct workshops at the events of the city.
It helps create a family atmosphere, entertains children, helps adults.

When in the middle of winter, cold and gray, you get into a tiny green, well-groomed piece of Allan Gardens, it’s like you get into a fairy tale.


Of course, this is an amazing show and I thank its organizers for this idea.

The exhibition’s location:19 Horticultural Ave.,Toronto.

From 1 p.m to 5 p.m

Lakeshore Parade Saturday

Santa Clouse is came to Etobicoke.Today we are parens and kids,all residents Etobicoke greets Santa at Lake Shore Boulevard West.

At 10 a.m Santa Claus Parade start at Dwight Avenue and travelled to 36th Street.

That is 27th Annual Etobicoke Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade.

Lakeshore Parade Saturday

Parade features 15 floats and hundreds of costumed participants.It is the third largest Christmas parade in Ontario.


Since morning parents with children gathered on the street along the route of Santa.The weather was good, warm for this time of year and month.

Lakeshore-Parade Saturday

Many  people took chairs with them to sit and sitting on chairs looking at the parade and drinking hot drinks.

For us it is customary at the weekend to spend time with the whole family.I mean it’s not only parents, children, old people, but also favorite animals, dogs of all breeds and sizes.

A special event of the parades are the brass bands.
Police Orchestra of Toronto opened parade.


It is all-volunteer parade in which many of Etobicoke’s organizations are involved.

It should be noted the beautiful costumes of volunteers participating in the parade.

Both children and adults met Mickey, Santa, Warriors with delight.

Past us passed graceful grandmothers in their caps, big hares with huge carrots, penguins, pigs.

They danced ridiculously, sang, gave us gifts and sweets and congratulated,,Merry Christmas,,

How much had delight the kids ,when the car was passing by with a teapot, a hare with a clock and a red house.

In general on the street  can hear children’s laughter, talking adults.

The children ran after cars and gathered themselves sweets  as gifts.

All put  Santa’s red caps on heads.
These are small children and elderly people.

And the elderly Santas 🙂 drove by car and played on wind instruments


Fascinated the parade pink old women. It was brilliant!Awesome,precious!!

A huge house made of cookies passed by.
And the dancers marched in colorful costumes with balloons in their hands.


This parade is loved by both children and adults.


It was nice to meet at the parade and take a photo with a 65th  Mayor of Toronto  John Tory.