One day off between festivals

So we are already in June.
Today is just such a time ,when one festival has already ended (Inside Out) and the second one has not yet begun(Scarborough).

Between two

One day off between festivals

It’s hard to describe yet the feelings of last festival.
Before the eyes of the petty-bourgeois, that the mixed feeling of understanding of everything.

I really liked the film about the singer Chavela.

This is documentary chronicles singer Chavela Vargas’s turbulen life.

Dramatic life randing from an affair with Frida Kahlo to Vergas’s stuggles with alcoholism and violence.Archival footage of performances and interviews with Chavela herself,her directors Catherina Gund and Daresha Kyi describe about a decidedly complicated women,an irreplaceable artistic force and lesbian icon whose voice manifests hearbreak,defiance and ultimate triumph.

I second time faced with the this singer and her history .
For the first time, it was 2012, the summer when she died.
I found out about her death in Facebook and listened to her songs.And posted in my page video with her.
I was struck by her deep head and manner of singing songs.
I spent the whole day listening to some of them on video and peering into the face of an old singer in a pancho with gray hair and a manlike look.
I remembered it.
And here again meeting in it……



The next unforgettable film was a film ,,A Million Happy Nows,,.

Canadian Premiere

Carier of famous soap operas actress Lainey Allen(Chappell) has came to end,just she won a Daytime Emmy.

Allen retiers and with her publicis and partner Eva Morales heads to a beach house on the California coast.

Their dream life has barely begun when a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s sets them on a new and unexpected



The terrible truth about the disease makes everyone feel bad.

The film is the best film of this festival.
Spectators applauded standing and I cried.
I realized in a new way how difficult this disease is and how difficult it is for the family to cope with it.
Very beautiful filming and I was surprised that the director was talking about inexpensive funding, based on the fact that there are few locations.

One-day -off -between -festivals




The truth of modern life says:
Live for today
Appreciate today



The next festival will be Scarborough Film Festivale from 6 to 11 June.

I’m waiting for it with impatience and I will tell about it on my page too.

Movies…….. movies…….. movies……….

One_ day_ off_ between_ festivals

Frames, beautiful shooting, dramatic plot-all this is related to my work

What is summer?

Repent I write this post, time changes, the time of the year and month is changing.
The calendar takes us to the summer.
And what is summer?

What is summer?


This is 92 calendar summer days.
It’s warm long sunny days.
This is the night filled with the scents of the grass and the singing of birds at dawn.

Summer is always a lot of activities and entertainment.
I chose for this summer a lot of  film festivals and filled all the days of summer.

Only in summer I want to wander around the city and look in the windows
of shops.
Only in summer I want sit in  cafe with a cup of coffee.
Only in summer I want take my dog  Cindy and walk with her in the park to meet the joyful faces of passers-by.

what is summer

What you can doing in summer?

Just nothing.

Put your head under the sun and sit as the old man screwed up his eyes, basking in the sun.

These old men remind me of buds of flowers, inclined to the sun.
They are filled with energy.

They are gaining energy for the winter.

In the summer birds sing exceptionally beautifully.
They have a special period, they are busy with chicks.
Their songs become sonorous and long.
Their melodies are endless and pleasant.

During the breeding period, they become attentive and caring.

And still I like flowers.
Endless number of different colors present in the flowers.
I really love the gentle lilies of the valley, but in the summer I admire the red peonies and poppies.

And what smell stems from the flowering of bird cherry and lime?

And now in result  of connect everything  together I get…….summer.

A wonderful summertime.

 Already tomorrow….
It’s summer already.

what -is-summer


I wind up my alarm clock in the early morning, so it’s still early, at dawn, to walk barefoot on the grass with the dew.

And then I cook coffee and with my favorite cup sit on the step and start to dream and plan, collect the coming day.

I wish you all a warm and happy summer!