Petrykivka painting

Petrykivka is popular folk style in Ukraine and in the world.

I today just want to remind you that this kind of painting is very old.

It originates from the very first rock paintings, where symbols and joss were drawn.

Later, in temples and rooms, the custom of drawing symbols that adhere to the Petrikov style was preserved.
I very often wrote that drawing these painting, the artist creates a special message for the place where the painting will be.

Therefore, when I talk about the amazing month of April, I tell you about my inspiration to draw wonderful paintings for you

I create them, filling them with warmth and tenderness.

main image

Less than a day after the end of the painting,, April.Petrykivka,,
I immediately wanted to sit down and draw another painting.
Already changing the shape of the flower and creating it in green.

Why green?It is spring now))
I did not notice how I started plotting the painting.
If earlier I wanted to fill all the canvas with flowers?but today I selected flowers by drawing them not often, creating space between them.

close to image and sign


I twined the branches with flowers as in the previous work.

To make a painting and at the same time make it an individual, I used gold paint.

Earlier I did not have to work with this paint.
I took a chance, but I was justified.
I shined the ends of the leaves with golden paint.
She did not stand out, but rather a little stared with the main yellow-brown-green leaves.
This was the idea of the painting.
Here I publish a video for your better viewed the painting.


It turned out very gentle and light.
To show how it is combined in different rooms, I will give below a few photos

in room

Unusually spirit and tender turned out this painting.


Petrykivka April's

Ready for hang

in home



Medium:oil on canvas

Available for purchase


April’s Petrykivka.Part two

Most recently, I wrote a post about getting started in Petrykivsky style.
Today I publish to you the completed work.

April's Petrykivka-Part two


This is a photo of a completed work.
April Petrykivka is over.
I was fortunate through an all-powerful facebook to consult a talented artist from Ukraine HALYNA NAZARENKO

When I drew a painting, I asked her for advice. She advised me to put the flowers together in a wreath.
I made it.

Of course this is happiness when you draw Petrykivka.
Extraordinary impressions.
I just say one word-charm))
When you create a composition, you draw shapes, you sketch outlines with a pencil, you do not see the whole painting as a whole.
Then you color it in a tone. Then you amplify that tone. The color often wilts and you have to repeat it again.
It turns out multilayered oil paint.
I know that many people paint with acrylic or gouache on paper.
I paint with oil. This is my underscore.
After the first sketch of the picture, you give it a rest. The paints settle down and in the second time you draw an ornament.
When everything is already done, you shape the shapes of leaves and flowers.
Again you give shadows and backgrounds to the painting.
At the  end, you repeat everything anew with a hardly visible dark warm tone to match the color.
Again you let it dry week.
And then the most important time begins for me. When I highlight the individual parts of the flower or leaf. The most unique thing is that the main thing here is the movement of the brush. From the center to the periphery or from the periphery to the center.

Here I made a small video of the finished work and show it to you


Where you can hang such a picture?
You ask yourself a question.
,,Everywhere ,,-is my answer.
This painting is harmonious both in the bedroom and in the hallway.
It can be hung in the salon and in the kitchen.
It is compatible both in a large hall and in a small cafe.
It simply needs to either increase in size or reduce.

April's Petrykivka Part two


Such a pattern can be decorated and clothes and utensils.
In recent years, such an ornament is very popular in everyday life.
I just remind you

Size:11”x 14”

Medium:oil on canvas

Available for purchase

You can bay through this website just click to paypall botton

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Petrykivka April’s

I want to tell you how this painting was created.
I will say right away that it is not yet complete.
To begin with, I had a month to paint Petrykivka.
But a lot of things did not work out and start to spread.
I drew a big painting for the past exhibition, I drew a few small paintings in an abstract style, made out my hand-made card- invitations, did hand-made crafts for the future exhibition.
But before it, before Petyrkivka, did not reach.
And now one day, I just forced myself to take a pencil and sit in front of the canvas.
1.What will it be? Will it be a cock, a bird or a flower?
Decided that there will be a flower.
2.What color will the background be?
Decided that it would be white.
3. What color will the flowers be?
Decided that there will be yellow with a beautiful  red shade.
4. What color will the foliage?
Then I decided to play and make the leaves red, yellow, green and straw

And started.


First drew the first flower.
It should be lower and bigger than the next ones.
So I drew it in the middle of the canvas. A little higher, I drew a smaller size of two flowers with a direction in different way.
This gives to painting the development.
And in the very top painted two together a small flower.
Below added foliage.
So the basis of the picture was created.
I left it to dry for a week.

Petrykivka- April's

The second stage I drew all the flowers to create a canvas.
In flowers, I selected veins and shaded leaves.
I did the same with the leaves.
Between the leaves and flowers, I drew stems to make the flowers intertwined.

Petrykivka April's

Again gave painting to lie for a week.
I picked up and outlined new foliage and stems.
I love that the canvas is all covered with flowers.
Now I have painted the veins on flowers and foliage.
Strokes made the direction of the leaves and the stems.
Now again with greasy strokes, blocked in some places the direction of the stems.

Here is what I drawing ))


Petrykivka _April's

If you want to see how folklore paintings are created, drop to my website

Only half a month has passed, and so many events have occurred.
I went ,, April jokes,, with my theater,, Zahrava,,
If you want to see how -folklore paintings are created, drop by my website

We played humorous plays when there was a snow cyclone outside.
We were afraid that people would not come.

If you want t-o see how folklore paintings are created, drop by my website
Many people have come.
It was a very warm and cheerful event.
Snow piled up,ice paved roads.
Return to home you could just dress up your skates and go))
And this is in the middle of April ))
The weather in Toronto just pampers us….
After the performance there will be a break in the work of the theater.
But I have a very tight schedule.
I am preparing for the re-sale of paintings in the folk style and I represent my artwork on the seminar of Toronto teachers.For them I prepared invitation cards, which I show you
If you want to see how folklore paintings- are created, drop by my website
This is a list of acrylic paints on paper with a folklore style.
About how the paintings are created, I’ll talk today.
Folklore style is very popular in every country.
We are, in Ukraine, have the most famous as Petrykivka painting.
These are drawings with elements of flowers and birds.
I made a lot of paintings in this style, and now I am preparing for the exhibition, where I will show a mix of folklore with a Petrykivka in a slightly humorous style.
If you want to see how folklore paintings are created, drop by my website-
When I start working, I create an image.
For example, it will be flowers. When the shape of the flowers is defined, I put a basic color from the colors in a small sketch with a pencil.
After applying the flowers, I paint the corners of the picture, observing a small sequence-below the flowers should be large, at the top-small. They twist the branches.
The shapes of the flowers are not necessary. They are repeated. They can be different.
The branches are covered with leaves and also larger from below, above-small. Their curvature repeats the direction of the flowers.

The picture is obtained as a carpet, colored and mottled.
If you want to see how folklore -paintings are created, drop by my website
I show on the example of this picture how the images are distributed. The flowers twist the bird, but do not touch it
The bird seems to float, but this is only at the beginning of the painting.
In the final part around the bird will be denser  flowers and they will fit tightly to the bird.
The color of the picture is collected from the combined colors. Classically, it’s two colors.And…… that’s ……all.
Now …in modern style use more colors, which gives the painting a motley.
After creating an image and  drawing it, let it dry and  cover by varnish.
So you can draw on all wooden covers, on paper, on cardboard, on canvas.
I use canvas and oil paints.
Another one my favorite subject is the creation of a huge variegated folklore canvas painting.
I will show today a recently finished job.
If you want to see how folklore paintings are created, drop by my website
I created it for the last exhibition .
But this pfinting is very beautiful, fashionable and modern looks in our interior.
It is harmonious both with the classical style, and it is included in the vanguard decision.
I think this is a good decision)
If I had the opportunity, I would describe in this style the walls, furniture, clothes and decorate the premises.
When you create paintings in this style, you can not stop. I want to do a new and new painting.
The work itself is very exciting.
If you want to see how folklore paintings -are created, drop by my website
Already in the next post I will tell you about the sale and share with you my impressions.
I leave to you my social links..
If you- want to se-e how folklore paintings are created, drop by my website
Perhaps not all of you  them know.
Have a nice day!

I invite to the exhibition

I invite you to the exhibition next week.


If you art lovers and if you live in Toronto,I invite to the exhibition which will open next week in Queen Gallery (382 Queen Street East,Toronto)

My submission for Alefba Juried Art Exhibition was approve and my  artwork has been selected.

EXHIBITION: April 18 to April 28
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, April 18, from 7pm to 9pm
CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 28, from 4pm to 6pm
I invite everyone who adores art and want to visit this festival of culture and enjoy the atmosphere.
This year the exhibition is devoted to caligraphy.
I already wrote in the previous post …….
I liked to work in this direction. It’s an amazing feeling when you create something that gives the painting with double meaning-name (caligraphy) and an image.
I studied the Arabic language. Now I just remembered him and drawing, saw in the bends-sense.
I will present several pictures at the exhibition.
I will tell you about each of them today.
I invite- to the exhibition
The first is a ,,Cat,,

It was slowly being created.
I drew it using a mixed relief technique.
Iinvite to the exhibitio
Covered her with oil paint.
I invite to -the exhibition
A light tone gave a very large volume. I did not see the point in it and painting was lying  for two years.
When I sorted through the paintings that I keep in a certain place, I saw this work, I touched it. I really like her relief. But then I put it back, because it did not fit the topic where I was working in at that time.
That continued until I was invited to participate in the exhibition.
I opened the files with all the photos of my works. Again this picture interested me. I took it out. Moved fron side to side. I looked.
I invite to the exhibition
I had an idea, in the waves that were in the picture, to put a blue thin lazy cat))
It took several minutes. I changed the background from pink to bluish. When the painting was finished and I photographed it, I was already confident that ,,Cat,, would get to the exhibition.
I even wrote about this in the previous post (see below)
This was confirmed by the jury, taking the painting to the exhibition.
So my blue lazy cat went for a walk around Toronto))
I invite tothe exhibition
 Cat (2017)
size:16” x 20” x 1”
medium:mix technic,oil,canvas,varnish
Available for purchse
Another interesting story occurred with a triple-scale work.
I invite -to the exhibition-
This work is more of a decorative nature.
I invite- to +the exhibition
It’s also about two years old.
I _invite t_o the exhibition                   I invite _to the exhibition      I invite to _the exhibition     
The same embossed stucture technology.
I made it from three different sized canvasses. In the central canvas, an oval framed by a relief.
Side panels as crescents mirror the central image.
I -invite -to- the exhibition
Here I worked more on toning the relief.
I- invite- to the exhibition
In the end, I highlighted some curves. They showed up very nicely.
The painting also stood for a long time, it, like the previous one, dried up and gave its basic color.
When I looked at it, I saw on it the Arabian caligraphy. I finished it just recently and prepared it for the exhibition. In the end, I covered it with varnish for safety and preventing discoloration and contour.
Size:14” x 34”x1”     30”x’36”x’1”     14”x’34”x’1”
medium:oil,canvas,mix technic,varnish
Available for purchse

Both of these paintings will be presented at the exhibition which opening  April 18 and closing 28 April.
In parallel with the preparation for the exhibition, I’m preparing to sell my work, which will be held on April 21 in Halendas/Dundas Street West
Do not miss, only one day from 7 am to 7 pm.

And one more great event, to which I am preparing. This is the teachers’ meeting in Toronto, which will be held in early May.
I will take part there and show my works. This is also a sale.
I invite all of you.

About the preparation for it, I’ll tell you a little later
I -invite to the exhibition

See how it went Easter Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018

Last weekend passed for me very actively……
I was preparing for several events at once….
I met with Canadian filmmakers and met with my old friends))
Parallel ,I was preparing for a Easter Fair about which I will tell today detaily.

See how it went Easter Fair in Toronto31March 2018


I was given a small place to show my artworks. It was an unexpected proposal,which made me pull out .I’d review all my artwork created by me over the past two years.
I agreed to show up  just for one day. For that I invited my friends to stand together with me.
I had to draw at least a little something new to present them for the buyers.
Time was very short,only  five days.
I was very nervous

I had to show myself in the Ukrainian folklore style.
I have not yet exhibited in Toronto in this style.

See howit went Easter Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018

That was my first show.

See how it went Easter- Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018

Therefore, to look harmonious, I revised my old works and drew a large 24 “x 48” picture, which has perverse ornaments and helped to combine my work with each other.

See how it went Easter Fair in Toronto 31March 2018

Then I bought a pair of polished boards in Dolorama and also decorated them with the same ornament.

Se how it went Easter Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018

At last, I painted a small house for birds in the same style.


See how it went Easter Fairin Toronto 31 March 2018

When the paints dried, I covered everything with varnish.
So I had 13 works of different sizes in the style of the Ukrainian folklore. They made from oil on canvas and were counted among themselves in color, images and components.


See how it went Easter air in Toronto 31 March 2018

I mixed my artworks with different suverins and magnets to the wall.
Decorated with eggs and colored cotton.

See how it went Easter Fair in -Toronto 31 March 2018

With me were my colleagues who presented their work.


See how it went -Easter Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018

One master put salt for baths, parchment paper on wax, pads in the form of eggs, ribbons and wreaths in Ukrainian style, ceramic ampoules for aromatic oil.



The second masteress showed pictures that her students draw at artschool, exhibited wooden spoons and carvings on a tree.
All together much combined :









We exhibited for the first time, we were surprised in the interest to our work.

See how it went Easter Fair in Toronto- 3 March 2018


Among our works was an ostrich egg for sale, original and painted.

For Canada this is a rarity. They do not decorate the eggs, as they do in Kiev, taking out the yolk and cleaning it from the inside. They draw on wooden or plastic mock-ups. Therefore, the ostrich egg had a furore and we gladly showed it to the buyers.

See ho it went Easter- Fair in Toronto31 March 2018

I was pleasantly surprised that the Canadians with interest bought our crafts and were interested in the works.


See how it went Easter Fair in Toronto- 3 March 2018


It was a day of acquaintance, getting new contacts, great satisfaction from participating in sales.

See -how it went Easter Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018

We were so organically fit into the relief of the store that we were invited to show up next month too))


See how it wentEaster Fair in Toronto 31 March 2018


That will be the end of April and is dedicated to Mother’s Day.
Now I will have a little more time, experience and I want to submit small works in Petrikiv style for sale. It will be stylized and also well connect in the theme and image of the next fair.

I present you not only a photo, but also a video from the fair events.
It was a very beautiful show and I thank everyone who was involved in it for their help and support.
Next time we will show some other handicrafts and pictures and we get into on April 21, on Saturday.