From Black Friday

Creating this post, I decided to show my latest works.

I show a small video where I’m on the Ontario lake, on the waterfront.
As you can see, we have a continuation of the autumn.
Winter has not yet come.



The weather still like fall.Sometimes, a very cold wind, only one day was frost. The leaves fell from the trees.There is no snow and everything has turned gray color.Unusual that in the end of November still warm,temperature about +10 C.

Only at night, residents of Toronto include swich on the lighting  of their homes. This indicates the coming last month in this year,coming Christmas.

In Toronto is very beautiful lighting’s decor during Christmas time.
The residents prepare for the celebration of Christmas and spend on it  time , money and imagination.

I’ll show you small video about last year decoration.

It will be soon, but now is November and we will return to talk about our Friday.Black Friday today!!

I am pleased to inform  that the last exhibition where participated with my works  was  successful .

Some information here:

Other my activity is here

I will certainly inform you about future new exhibitions.
I’m embarrassed that now invitations come so quickly that I’m not going to write about it while I’m going busy to.
Really, I already need an assistant.
In one hand, everything is very difficult to do.


After a short break, I again took up the brush and canvas.

I’ll show you the latest work.
They came out  four of them.It’s ussualy with me: either all together or nothing.

Black Friday HelenPolishuk

This is part of the future collection “Toronto Streets”.

I wanted to reflect in the pictures against the backdrop of the Toronto CN Tower people colorfully.
So I inserted a red umbrella as a red sign.
People living in this wonderful city  Toronto are unusual and differ from other cities by their openness and love of life.


The city is washed by rain and fog.
That’s why city so damn handsome.
I painted a rain:small, drizzling, continuous,  in autumn.

Black Friday Helen_Polishuk

Somewhere, between houses, in the rain and damp I walk too.
Under a red umbrella……..

Black Friday Helen Polishuk

These paintings are already on sale
It’s bad that the sites do not sell new work until a month has passed.
Really they will go on sale only in the end of December.
But I published them already on my owner site for sale.
If you liked these works, you can write to me  ( immediately buy them through the PayPal from this my site
If you send me mesage about Black Friday Discount,I give you 50% OFF.
Good opportunity!!!
Next two painting I still correct photo and upload later.
This image close to details.
I like to work with red color.
Red color is strikingly modern.
I enjoy when, instead of the traditional color, I put the red
Black Frigay helenpolishuk
This is the full image.
Already it is not a small size paintings, as I have traditionally painted before.
It’s 9″ x 7″ portrait format.
Black Friday

Finnaly, the last images are also seascape and red ship.


This image in progress.


I continue to collect sponsors for a movie about bikers.
Probably I will soon write about this part of my professional activity.

In breaks    🙂  I’m learning. I’ve been trained to constract light for photography.
It helps me make more juicy and correct photos.

I first time worked in processing photos with Photoshop.Crazy filling as artist,specally if you filling color.Amaizing.

This is a separate part of the work and a lifting.
You can work endlessly.
The results are fantastic.

For today that’s all.
Have a nice day, everyone.

November’s news

Again I’m in a hurry and I doing this post among the bustle.
Very busy after arrival.
Just uploaded the mails to the blog and say that with everyone I’m happy .
If my blog is not protected, it does not give you a reason to throw me any rubbish.

I correctly remove the dirt and sweep the excess.
But I’m sorry for your efforts.
I will write more.
Thank you,that help me.
I hear a lot of praise and collect them in my piggy bank.  :))
And when you send spam, when the bots are full …. it means you are not indifferent to me…..

………………………………………………….Continue to work………………………………………………………….



I look into my calendar like in mirror.  🙂
This month we have a performance in the theater,,ZAGRAVA,, :the premiere- sketchs(fable) and a preparation for the New Year and Christmas.
I like that this year there will be a Christmas fairy tale ,,Vertep,,original Ukranian fairy tale/story be Gogol/. I will prepare everything and fly, I will not be at the premiere.But the important fact that the fairy tale is,this is the main thing, and it’s good.


It’s great that the consist of the theater group was replenished with new actors over the summer.
This is a very good sign.
Next year our theater, “Zagrava,” will be 65 years old.
It is the oldest Ukrainian theater among the North America.
It says that the theater lives and will work.

Now I will touch on another important topic for me.
I am engaged in the development and organization of the shooting of the film.Tthe film will be shot in Ukraine
This is a film in my script about bikers.
This is a comedy and a story about a young merry biker.
I carry out the work, and now it is necessary  find co-production.
I’m currently looking for this.


I’m interested in European cinematograph.


I understand that European cinema is much more advanced and old and
The difference between Europe and America is calasal.
I will try to connect them both for better effect.


Well, the last paragraph of my calendar-coming New Year!!!!
Yes,  my friends, ………it will be a new year soon!!!!
Sooner or later,  we will analyze what has been done.
I have done a lot, so much for such a small year. 🙂
I did some art exhibitions, expanded the audience of my readers in my website.

My paintings flew to the Baltic States and England, stayed in Toronto and Ukraine and gathered in Poland.

I wrote plus one script(comedy)and on the table are two synopsis for melodramas.
 It’s not bad.
So?my dear friends, we dress New Year’s hats, we decorate Christmas trees and houses with New Year’s decor and we will celebrate the coming of the next year. 🙂

november's news

                                                                                                              I wish you a good mood




November 4th



Thank you for waiting for my publications in blog.
It is very difficult to write on the road .
And it’s nice to see 2760 unread mails on the blog after a 1.5-month break.

I’m slowly re-reading them all and will answer as far as possible.

Thank you for suggestions for cooperation and useful links what you share to me.
I will take into account all your suggestions.
They became very interesting. I will use and analytics of the site to improve it and sources.

Your opinion is very important for me.

Please,do again.



Yes,my blog is practical more than artistic.Thank you Annetta for filling that.I told a year ago how I started creating my website. It was absolutely new for me.
I tried to find my own business, which would be interesting to me.That year I did not imagine that I could write in English, becаuse my assessment in the Toronto language school was average.
But I wanted to overcome this fear.
I started writing by a small sentences .
I’m not trying to correct the mistakes of those first posts. On the contrary, they show how I have changed.
Just read my first blog posts and you will receive this confirmation.



I had a goal to convey to you,my audience, my understanding of what is happening to me and around me.
And it seems to me that I have reached the goal 🙂
Your letters say that you understand how I delicately convey the events and how I correctly notice the details.
You learn from my blogs, see them useful and useful.
I’m glad to see you and thank you for this.


…….,,Whats up! Exceptional blog! I favor the method
reviewed How to learn to separate necessary from unnecessary -.
Many thanks until this well-arranged document relating to How to learn to separate necessary from unnecessary -!
Available on the market I have been on the search for.,,………………..

Thanks for such praises  in my address.
I will continue to work for you.


Many people write to me, who are just starting to open their blog. They ask questions about coding in the websites.
I answer:I’m not a programmer. I never studied programming and did not try.
Everything I do, I just read. I ask people around me and use the platform WORDPRESS.

This is not advertising. …..and not advice.:))
It’s really what I’m doing.
If you have any advice for me, send me,please.
I read all the letters that come to me.


I will try to further excite you with my new publications.

Have a good rest and best wishes from me……………………………………..