Mixture of graphics with modernism

I publish my last work.

Mixture of graphics with modernism

Its name is ,, Eyes,,(2018)
A very unusual picture in the painting and its name and this I liked))
I long  time chose that style and still
for a year I have been working in this style.
It’s a mixture of graphics with modernism.


Mixture- of graphics with modernism

I like the layering and contrast with the classic image.
There is clearly a line between the shadows.
There is no ray impinging.
Kind of like flat drawing, but it’s multilayered.

Mixture of graphics- with modernism

I draw painting in this style in the same color.
I publish these paintings only on www.saatchiart.com
I’m watching the activity of the site during last publication.
Unfortunately, with their paintings and images on them, I frightened the active buyers.
I have reduced the number of my paintings
I do not see anyone actively ,,like,, them…..
but it does not stop me.

Mixtur-e of graphics with modernism

This one of the previous works.

These works have their own emphasis and I like it.
Someone told me that it was drastic.
Someone said that scary.
But nothing dramatic and terrible there.
There is such an image.
It requires a specific understanding.

Mixture of graphics with -modernism

That my landscape.

All works are united by one theme and are modern.
They are made in accordance with the current trends here the schedule is connected with modernism…

Modernism is a philosophical movement that, along with cultural trends and changes, arose from wide-scale and far-reaching transformations in Western society during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Mixture of graphics- with modernism

I love this work, it’s unusual and original.

A few days ago, I showed the last work to the public and visitors of the exhibition.
The reviews were mixed,
I understand that it was possible and simply watercolor landscapes to draw, flowers.
And everyone will praise.
But I like this style.

Mixture of -graphics with modernism

Mixture- of graphics with -modernism

I will continue to draw in this manner.
This painting is a continuation.
see more…..

Happy Birthday!!!

I congratulate myself on my birthday!!

happy birthday
Tomorrow I will be a year longer!
Yes, I’m such a May flower))



happy birthday1

For half a century the blooms and blooms )) Big flower ))
How quickly time goes by…….
How much I want to do … I do not have time……I plan more… very often I hurry up to be successful and do not accurately .. I swear myself for it……


happy birthday2

Where does #creativity come from?
Thank you to my parents
I was very small, they saw in me the difficulties))
I did not yield to their upbringing and did everything as I wanted))
It was hard for them to feed me.
It was difficult for me to instill my way of life. Because I became very independent early and left home.
It was difficult for them to impose their own rules, I remained myself.
Over the years I realized this, I realized and began to support myself.
Very early I got married. So now women do not do such early.
Very early I had boys, sons, and I grew them with love and pleasure.
Then I even forgot that I was a flower, that I was a beautiful flower. I did not have time to think about it.
Only recently I realized that I was the most important thing in me.


happy birthday3Only recently I began to acquire selfishness, to answer, “No,” and only deal with the most beloved business.


happy birthday 5


It’s a great happiness to see the #world through the eyes of the artist, to improve it with the eyes of the #decorator, to show it to you through the #camera operator’s eyes, to #shoot it and write in #script.

happy birthday4

Parents gave me to study the most incomprehensible business for them-art. And I’m tiny, pulled,survived.
I drew, wrote poems, actively performed on stage, sang and played piano. Even danced ballet. Therefore, I still have a very staged body and the body’s posture was like that of a ballerina. Legs looked at an angle of 45 degrees when I stood.
I was asked by many,, Are you a #ballerina?,,
,,No, I studied.,,- So I answered
I really learned a lot. Very much. And comprehensively.
happy birthday 6

I also taught medicine and art and film production and administration and sound engineering and how to paste eyelashes and how to sew and embroider))
Most recently I started to get good cakes and sweets. Before that, I will not do it, it was always not delicious or it did not work.
My younger son is growing up, he celebrates his birthday for a few days before me. I baked two cakes for his holiday, so that I could get a little.
It’s nice to share good with loved ones.
This year, winter has retreated, only yesterday it was a little sunny and warm in my backyard in Etobicoke.
Slowly begin to swell and #blossom flowers in the garden.
Today is already dew on the grass. The day before yesterday morning it was snowing.
In the awakening of nature, I draw my strength.
I’m waiting for my lilies of the valley, my favorite flowers.
They still slept.Not thrown stems. Soon I will admire them.

Happy birthday, planet!
It’s great that we live together!
Happy Birthday!!!

I’m going to drink my favorite morning coffee………….
                                                                            happy dirthday 7