Best from 2019

Not the end of the year yet, but I can summarize the year 2019.

In my opinion, my best work painted by me over the past time is this painting.

Best from 2019

Very gentle work. I drew it quickly and did not correct at all.
In general, I really like the whole selection of paintings of that style and time.
There is movement in it, there is tenderness, airiness. There is a search for femininity

It is on sale on my website and if you like it, you can buy it using Paypal.

The best thing that I have in my house is the camera.
Best from 2019 (2)
It takes me a lot of pictures that I publish.
I am active on my instagram page @polishukelena
On the page you can see both my best photographs and find out a lot of news about me, where I went, what I love/like
A lot of very beautiful photos and of course there I publish my stories
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My best photo that I posted on the page on Instagram is this work
Best from 2019 (3)
I rate her as a very beautiful photo.
It was made in Toronto in a park near me. It was made after the rain. The flow of water in the river increased and it turned out like a waterfall.
Very beautiful photo.
My best photo posted in my posts here on the blog is this photo.
Best from 2019 (4)
It speaks of my character – stubborn, invincible, desperate, adventurous and very funny
My best and most favorite phrase that I never tire of repeating to you, which has no expiration date and with which I go through life, is this phrase
…………………I love you……………………..
Best from 2019 (5)

Don’t get tired of repeating it and repeating it.
Without it there is no meaning to life
Your little, funny, desperate, very kind and always smiling …..Helen Polishuk
P.S.This is my best photo from this year ))
 best from 2019