I reveal my secret

I- reveal -my -secrets

For those who constantly monitoring what is happening in my blog and on the site www.helenpolishuk.com,I reveal my secrets today.

How do i fight spam by secret

Spam is a difficult thing.
They spread everywhere where you work without advertising.
I work without advertising.
For now.
I see spam and  now answer the question:”How do I deal with spam?”
This question is asked to me on the messages on the blog. Maybe they ask who is really  spam me.
I answer today:

,,  Do you know what are mosquitoes ?

They live in a certain season.
They live in a certain locality and in certain conditions.

Everyone fights with them in their own way:
Who catches them, who closes from them, who substitutes their skin.
                          Who avoid such places for life.,,

My answer is clear?

My second secret:

How do I react to statements in a blog?

I follow all the comments on my blog.
And I’m looking at statistics.
My result is very very modest.
But I started from ziro and I hope to get a high riting of the website and blog on the future.

Somebody  is admires.
Someone says something.
Someone is playing.
Someone admires the work done.
Somebody flunked me with spam.
Someone criticizes me for mistakes.

My answer:,,Thank you all not indifferent to me.
We work together.,,


I_ reveal_ my _secrets

Some secret changes on the site

You already know how to get to see my pictures.
I will repeat a bit.
You must go to the main page, where I put the film about the spring collection of my paintings.

This film I created and maked from collection during 15 years work and from different styles of paintings.
You can view this movie by clicking on it.
If not,you can be found at the top in the middle <My Portfolio> than click <Current Work>.

If you turn <Current Work>, you open pages with my last work.

But in <Previous Work>, you find my past 15-20 years work .

If you opened new page <Current Work>, you  can see three tops:<Abstract>   <Ukrainian>   <Landscape>

In this three type of style I work right now.It is not last.It is just now,right now.

If you click on <Abstract>, you can see all my painting in abstract style,dimention,date of creation,image and price.

If you click on <Ukrainian>, you can see all my last work in Ukrainian or about Ukraine.You remember,then I am native from Kiev.

If you click on <Landscape>, you can see all my paintings in this style.

All my painting is original and 100% handmade ,not print.


I will be grateful for your comments on the blog about my paintings.
And I will publish your comments only, if they are in the subject of my publications, if they are about my paintings,if I find them interesting for the development of the topic of the discussion on the blog.

As the material accumulates, I will publish my posts in the blog.
Therefore, I ask you to write me your wishes/comments and we will find common interests with you.
Yet, that for the past month I approved from the comments after viewed 700 comments only one.
I saw  it is one real and simple ,and it is not a spam.

Thanks to website developers, for your tips and helps.
Thank you guys. Your work is hard, I know. You are those invisible shadows that create the Internet, this network of multi-million users.


Enjoy begining of spring



25 march 2017

I reveal my secrets