Venice 2018

Venice … how much in this word……
Everyone who has visited this small ….country….. can talk about it.
I’m not an exception……
I’m one of those who set foot on the damp stone floor of this island….
and…… I felt it, plunging on February 13, 2018 in the fireworks of his last day of carnival…..
I’m one of those who came there with curiosity and left, pierced with love for this city…


When among the gray raw February you find time to go somewhere … this good idea …. but if it’s Italy ….. hahaha … it’s already warmer and more interesting … and if it’s Venice ….. this general brain burst…..
Do not believe me?
February is wherever you live in the northern hemisphere, it’s a very frostbitten month. It’s a mixture of the whims of winter with warmings and drops … but it’s windy and damp dark, boring days that you just need to survive …. to wait for the sun and light.

My trip in Italy was 12-13 February.
It was imagine one of these dark damp wind days. Our bus threw us out (our group of tourists) a few kilometers from Venice. We came to a windy moorage, which did not promise us anything remarkable. The only thing that lived in us, like faith, is information about that , that in Venice there is a carnival and today is the last day of the carnival.
Yes, we were all covered by the dream of visiting him, but had no idea what it was.

The ship that was waiting for us was not that special.

And we sailed into the dream……
The first houses that we were met were distinguished by their uniqueness …. and it was already interesting
Not one house in Venice does not repeat the second.

Venice 2018

And now my leg rushes to this unusual island …
I immediately got into an amazing world …….
This is a world in which life in its laws is cooled and replaced by fireworks of flowers, fantasies, emotions and beauty ….

The first thing that rushed on eyes was a merchant girl who painted her face with a mask.
We, the visitor was difficult to understand … but in memory it rushed …. so I took a picture ..


It was early morning and I noticed that many right on the move are wearing suits.
Still there were many photographers who ran for separate stylishly dressed in striking costumes characters.
I also began to catch up with such people … and all day I was tagged selfie with such characters  … it’s the whole area … where people walked dressed in masks and unique costumes.
It’s just a brain explosion !!!!!


That’s wonderful!

This is a unique miracle.
I made a selfie with these people, enjoyed the amazing mystery of their images.


And this island was filled with the sun…..
It appeared through gray clouds and shone brightly on carnival costumes….

venice 20_18

It is fireworks of colors and emotions….


There were tourists who specially came to the island this day, went to a modest studio, where they rented suits and changed clothes, walked around the squares of Venice.

Venice 2-018

But there were also local residents who dressed and worked as guides. This one was our guide.

Closer to noon, the main square was replete with bizarre dresses.
And a little later they merged with tourists, and it was difficult to catch them in a crowd of people
Separately, I want to tell you that this carnival is the departure of winter and the beginning of a new period. It’s a luxury. This left us this island from its ancient rules of existence.
It is a symbol of the departure of one and its change into another.

This is the moment of change……





And then the houses shone brightly too….
I do not know what ended the carnival.



Probably, was a grand firework.
We had a limited time.


Venice 2018


We arrived early, so we had to leave early.
But the taste …. but the brightness …. but these moments ….. they stayed ..
It’s like a long-playing candy …. it can not be naked ….
Therefore, Venice … I just flipped through the photo …. And she took me with memories … and I’m writing about her.
Yes, she was raw …. Yes …. she does not fit me in the climate … Yes, I was cold … and I was scared all of the dampness in the down jacket ..
I stepped over puddles of seeping water through the stone block of the square ..
Live in fear .. that someday you will be flooded … or live, enjoying every day and minute … live brightly .. beautifully … proudly ….
Everyone to choose ..


Venice 2018

I’ll come to this city again ….