The end of August

the-end of August

The time when it’s time to get the results of my semiannual work.
I finished the draft of the script” The Will”
Who would have thought six months ago that I would do it?
Of course, thanks Aleksandr Belinskyy for advice on the life of bikers.
The end of-August

I asked him the details of their life, he replied with humor.
so the script turned out to be humorous.

With practice in writing a script, with the luggage of knowledge, I finish the august.
In the field of art I have already accumulated about 100 different in style paintings. I am absolutely ready for a few quick exhibitions, so I will answer all suggestions.
I have already started selling and very happy about this.
Even six months ago, I was afraid for the fact that I have little amount work. And I sat for 12-18 hours and drew.

These were wonderful days when I was creating something new.
After some time I realized that my fear is absolutely meaningless.
I was firmly established in the firmness of my hand and the creativity of my thoughts.
Thank you,that around me  supported me and helped me to draw.
Nothing else I do not want today.

When I take a brush in my hand I do not know until the end what it will be.
So, for example, a week ago I began to draw 16 “x20” two landscapes. One of them lay down right away and I just left it to dry out, and the second one I repainted three or four times. Then I deleted and painted the picture, the  draw abstract that was already received one thousand compliments and likes.

Really it turned out bright, lively and colorful.
The painting  will appear in my gallery and you will understand what I was talking about.

There are still a lot of work.
I am grateful that it is present in my life and it is my favorite:writing and drawing.

The end-of Augugst

Last letter from my colleque

,,This past week has been filled with lots of writing and rewriting as my writing partner and I get ready for a pitch meeting early next week.
Last night, I was watching one of the classics, Night of the Living Dead.
I forgot how damn good this movie is, also given the fact that it was made nearly 40 years ago!
I love movies that stand the test of time (my favorite being The Wizard of Oz).
Then, I realized George Romero passed away a few weeks ago. It was like a punch in the gut.
Another one of Romero’s films I enjoyed was The Crazies.
Romero was 77 when he passed away.
If you’re in your 20s or maybe even in your 30s..77 feels very far away.
It’s not.
If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s or beyond…you already understand how fast the years keep on moving.
Clint Eastwood is up there as well at the tenure age of 87. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly came out 50 years ago this December!
And, while it’s not a happy thought, we will all die one day.
Death became very real for me at a young age. Too young.
I was 8 years old and my next door neighbor died in a car accident. He just got his drivers license and was 16 years old.
That was 20 years ago and still gives me the chills thinking about it. I remember our entire neighborhood block was in shock and mourning for weeks after.
I was just a little kid and death was a hard concept for me to grasp at the time.
I’ve never publicly shared this before, and I’m not sure why I’m sharing it.
It’s not to be sad, depressing or all gloom and doom.
Maybe it’s to remind you (and me) that we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, and we need to live to our max potential each day.
I think that’s why I’m always creating and maybe moving a little faster than I should.
Urgency is a must, and if you just sit back waiting for your film to be made, then you’re doing it all wrong.
If you don’t have urgency, you keep postponing your deadlines
And weeks go by and you haven’t written any new material or you haven’t filmed anything fresh.
If you don’t have a sense of urgency, you never actually finish anything.
And if you don’t finish anything…your career stalls. You can’t make an impact. And you may end up with a life full of regrets.
Let’s not let that happen to you.
We are gearing up to the last quarter of 2017. You’ll let the world know how awesome you are. And you’ll live with a sense of urgency.
The clock is ticking…
Just like Vince Vaughn said in Swingers – “You’re so money, and you don’t even know it”
– Shant
Founder & Host, Genre Summit
P.S. As we get closer to Genre Summit IV this upcoming October, don’t forget to subscribe to our Messenger feed as will be announcing the full line up and other exclusive updates only to our messenger subscribers.
You can do so here –
I can not add anything to this letter.

Everything is so alive.

I just wrote a little story about what happened to me today, posted here on the site and opened the mail-and found this letter
I am very much according to everything……I am agree.I thinking about it too.
After 50, when you already know a lot and get it, you hurry to do and work more.
You’re hurrying to catch it, realizing that there may not be this tomorrow.
I agree that the coolest thing is  create not in your 30 or 23,a much later.
There is such an expression,, The oak gives acorns only after 50 ,,
Because we are in a hurry to create

The story about my angels

I know that I will not write anything new for you, but this story really just happened with me.
I am preparing for my exhibition 2017 year.
The exhibition will be in the Eastern Europe, in the northern city of art and beauty.

I am very worried about it.This is my first exhibition in Eastern Europe.
I’ll fly there, the catalogs are already printed there, advertising is already coming from the spring.
Because the flight from America to Europe to far, it is very difficult to carry many original paintings by air.
So I agreed with the administration that I will reproduct some of the big paintings in Europe(print in canvas) and transport large paintings by land transport throughout Europe.With myself from Canada I will take away small pictures that I will carry in hand.

So it’s easier to transportation.
Next time I’ll fly to Europe and where I’ll draw and sell or prepare for exhibitions.
It is not easy to transport paintings with air without damaging them. To roll into rolls and  carry it is idea, but the canvas can be damaged and pulling it over again takes away part of the painting.

I am sure of the quality of Canadian mail and transportation, but it is impossible to send it to the exhibition by post. I have to carry in my hands and choose sizes.
I stopped at small paintings of different styles and drew for the exhibition four paintings in size
14″ x 11″ , six in size 7″x 5″ and four in size 9″x7″.

We are talking today about small pictures of 7″ x 5″.

The story about- my angels

Painting,,Angels also get tired,,(2017)

I painted them with the image of angels.

The story- about my angels


The- story about my- angels

Painting,,Angels are also arguing,,(2017)

I published them on the site

The- story about- my angels

Painting,,Angels are also friends,,(2017)

Not passed a day, they received a lot of views and put five from six in the basket.

The- story -about my angels

Painting,,How is it there?,,(2017)
I woke up today in a two-digit state.

The- story- about my- angels

Painting,,Two angels,,(2017)
I have to draw something else again today for exhibition
and my angels fly next month in America separate.

Here is such a small amazing story that the things  what you create live a separate  life  🙂
I have very little time before flying  and not ready for exhibition  🙂 again

I am very worried and although I always treat things optimistically and positively.

I’m just nervous and worried today.I come up with new ideas for pictures in my head   🙂

 Worries -what is it …….or it is already old age 🙂  or in this state some work is created   🙂

Thanks for everything that happens in life, for difficulties and joys, for strength and pleasure.

Thanks that according to the statistics of my site,I have almost 44 thousand subscribers.

I will continue to work for you……

25 Aug 2017 Toronto



How to learn to separate necessary from unnecessary

Greetings again   🙂
This month I often wrote in a blog.
Do not think what, I’ll be silent for a few months soon 🙂
My breakthrough in communicating with you is connected with the unloading of my time and the opportunity to concentrate on the necessary.This is what will be discussed today.


How to concentrate on the main task for yourself
Why is this important to me?
Just a few years ago I learned to relax, learned instead of the words “No ,, say always” Yes,,
,,Yes,, ……….,,I’m ok,,……….. ,,Good,,
These words killed me       🙂
I stopped to talk out.
It’s hard for me to say ,, No ,,
“No, friends, your event is crap and I will stay at home, I will not go to it.
I will not do it, because I do not need it. ,,
It’s hard for me.

How to- learn to separate necessary from unnecessary

Believe me, I had to remake so much volunteer work to understand how I was cheaply exploited.
But otherwise you will not fall into the sphere where you want to.

How- to -learn to separate -necessary from unnecessary

What have I done?

A month ago I just sat on a chair and did not get up.
I wrote, painted five or ten paintings a week and did not answer calls and invitations.
I gained a little weight, my legs began to swell, I began to move a little.

I’m finishing writing the first script for a feature film.

I prepared for this year’s exhibition.
With the drawing there were complications. I started four paintings in the style of Klimt, but at some point stopped
I could not draw. I thought everything was bad and my work was just rubbish   🙁

I just finished them  today.
Finished, they dried and I am feel good.
This week I will take pictures and publish them, but I will not put them on sale on the websites.

I chose a  difficult business for myself, draw and write.


How to -learn to separate necessary -from- unnecessary

A lot of time to sit by the computer or at the table.
Believe me, it’s hard.
Therefore, for the fulfillment of my goal, I refuse all temptations and invitations.
I hope in time it will be easier and faster for me to do my work.
But for now I’m learning to separate the necessary from unnecessary and to collect useful time for myself.

But in another way I will not get what I have.
Do not get good paintings, if you do not draw regularly.
I will not get a cool story if  I do not constantly write, correct, rewrite 🙂

Now the next step is to show it to all the audience.
Do not put in the table, find buyers.
And then my legs will swell again, but already from walking       🙂




CNE 2017

Ten days left before the official end of summer
How do you spend it?
Do you have it as hot as mine?
Can we share?

If you like to fly under the clouds or at least fly at the height of pigeons…………………………….
If you like to try on everything new…………………
If you like to eat all the most unusual………………………………
If you like to walk just in a small town of toys, entertainment and attractions…………………………

If you like pest songs in the style of ,, country ,,…………………………………………….
If you just like to sit on the train and ride all the pavilions and the whole exhibition……………………
If you like watch  airshow…………………………………
If you like to look at boats and shows on the water…………………….

If you like extreme rides with diving and tumbling in the air………………………………..
If you are passionate and happy to win for a huge toy………………………
You need to visit the august’s exhibition in Toronto   CNE.


Photo :CNE

CNE-it is  the newest innovation in the northern hemisphere in the field of cosmetics and industry.
СNE-it is a demonstration of the most interesting achievements.
CNE-it’s shoes, cosmetics, clothes that have not yet hit the regular market.
CNE-it is a bunch of Canadian companies.


CNE-these are foreign companies that are climbing the Canadian market.………………..
CNE-this is a lot of entertainment for small and large………………………………..
CNE-it’s swings, carousels, bicycles and paravoziki for kids……………………………
CNE-it’s a swing, bells and whistles, attractions, air cabins, paravoziki, airplanes, a cable car for adults………………………..
CNE-it’s a 24 hour casino for adults…………………………..
CNE-these are pavilions with animals……………………………
CNE-it’s pavilions with food………………………………………

CNE-this is a great place to spend a weekend with the whole family


CNE-this is the place where you will spend everything that you took with you money.
So try to take not a lot, the temptations will be full  🙂







I first time sat and listened to,, country,, music with great pleasure.
The guys were great and the music made me dance.
Many people around me sang with musicians.

If not for the coolness of the lake, I would have stayed until midnight.
The wind began to blow and I ran home, drinking tea.

My weekend was a success.


Toronto’s summer life

If we talk about the life of Toronto in the summer, in general, in one word it means a vacation.
This city is live so that in the summer everyone tries to rest:moms with children, families, students and just men and women.

Schools are closed and camps and recreation centers are opened.
Many people leave the country, many come to the country.
Parents try to give their children as much time as possible in the summer before the next school year.

Toronto's_ summer_ life

Theaters also go on vacation until the fall.
So it happened with our Ukrainian theater, it closed until the fall.
Today I would like to talk about a very interesting trend, which was started two years ago in Toronto and popularized in all GTA.
This trend of shows and theaters performances  in parks and green areas of Toronto.

Toronto's- summe-r life

In the evening, people  who live naer parks are invited  to watch performances.
Shakespeare and other classical performances, miniatures and musical performances are shown.
Under the sky, in the evening, mini-scenes are created on the green grass.
This gives people a close connection with theaters.

Many families come with young children. And I must say that children perfectly sit out during 45 minutes of performances.
Yesterday there was one such performance on Shakespeare and I have several videos to show you how interesting and cool it is!

Being among the organizers of yesterday’s speeches, I felt sincere interest and support for such theatrical performances.


I understand that this is a very good idea.
This raises the prestige of theaters, creates an opportunity to show theatrical performances in the summer and unites the spectator with the theater.It‘s  so fine to sit on the grass in the evening and listen to beautiful melodies or watch the theatrical performances.


Another initiative of the city and the municipality is  also free,it is outdoor pools on the lake shore.
People asked me how we are entertained in Toronto in the summer on the waterfront?

Toronto'ssummer- life

Many bicycle paths along the lake along the waterfront, free toilets, free places for roasting shish kebabs and rest under canopies, free large swimming pools with daily water changes. And a boat station and free swimming lessons.

Only one restaurant with alcoholic beverages.
To drink alcohol in a recreation area is prohibited and punished with fines.

In the afternoon a mobile cafe with ice cream and sandwiches works.


In the evening people walk on the embankment and ride velobitsy, running athletes.
No music, dancing, drinking and gulaniy.Everything  is modestly and simply


I love to sign my paintings

I love- to- sign my paintings

I love to sign my paintings.This is a delight.

I love_ to_ sign my paintings

……………………….I returned to paint landscapes and drew boats among the sea.
Then I had a little color block, I added everything red. Added.Plus  :0   More     🙂
Until I got what you see.
I like it………………………………

I can remain silent for a long time in social networks.
It’s not because I have nothing to say.
I am a very hardworking person.
It means that I’m doing something.

I lov-e to sign -my paintings

                                                      ……………….Also this winter landscape was drawn among the heat and hot summer.
Do not ask, this presence is red. There is also a red color.:)……………………………….

In the course of a last  long weekend I drew more than 10 paintings.

…………………………….I touched on a topic that started a few years ago-a woman and a violin.
I got four wonderful paintings.
I today sign them with pleasure

I love_ to signmy paintings

I am very pleased with this result and I sit with pleasure and sign more  my work. 🙂
For the artist this is the coolest time of creating a picture.
To sign your work is to finish it.
It means that I agree with everything that is painted there, with light, color, contrast and plot.

I lovetosign my paintings

What I am showing today is not everything. What have I done.
Very interesting stories appeared in my head. They revolve around the works of the artist Gustav Klimt


I_ love_ to sign my paintings


………………..In the favorite I have the latest contrasting drawings of the modern style…………………..

You will see my work very soon.
And right now I just sit and enjoy.
I sign my work with pleasure.

I love_ tosign_ my paintings

I liked working with red.
This color revived my paintings.
They began to burn in canvas.
I will continue to create this color.


I_ love_ to _sign my paintings
…………….I liked drawing faces.
The truth is, they do not always work for me in the model way, as you would like.
But who else can draw so awfully,, Sleeping,, like me?……………………..

Ilove tosignmypaintings

I published all the work on my website.
Only some of them I put on  sale on the and

I- love to sign- my paintings

How is it so good to sit like this,to drink coffee and put the signature on already born paintings.




Analysis of my site

I will begin to analyze my site openly and objectively.


For two years I have changed due to work on my site
I really love this work.
I started with the idea of making a gallery for my artwork.
I created a website where visitors can see my work and buy them, and there is a connection with me.
Unfortunately they contact me through the mail only bots, which I clean every day and drive into spam.
Working with the site learn me how to photograph my painting correctly.
I dreamed that visitors will buy work through the site, because my account is connected.
But visitors are afraid to do it.
I read a lot and understand that this is a disease and the problem of all artists who have personal websites.
I am grateful that I still have letters. I read each letter before I send it to the basket.
So I am very grateful to those rare comments, like this:

Thank you.
I will continue to work.
I want to note that I was not at all desperate that my paintings are not sold on my website and started selling paintings through other sites.
I chose several.
Only working with them, I began to determine which painting  publish and what is interesting, and what is not.

Now I’m going to open new accounts in the next months and expand sales.
I believe that it is very beneficial for a creative person to work through the Internet.
Exhibitions distract and tire.
Exhibitions take time.
It’s contacts, but often the loss.
At this time it’s just a show and for an artist this is an entertainment.

A little about the quality and style of drawing.
I try a lot and experiment
But I’m still working with oil on canvas


analysis of my site

I work with acrylic, it’s hard for me.
I feel it .
So I stay working in oil on canvas.
I experimented a lot with styles. I painted landscapes, portraits, created 3D panel paintings and today I returned to the beginning of this period(2014-2015).
An image of a woman ,silhouetted  a woman.It close to me.
I will continue to paint landscapes.
And this will be a big size paintings.
But I have so many  ideas to draw a female image.

I will continue to create my own collection of Petrikiv paintings.
My goal is to create such an amount to make a very beautiful exhibition of them.

I understood one wisdom.
It is not necessary to pursue popularity.
Much more expensive-to keep your style and manner of drawing.
And at exhibitions the main thing is not the quality of your paintings , but a beautiful frame and the ability to properly decorate the part of the hall assigned to you.



Summer, summer ,summer.
And I try to rest.
My son gives me a bicycle.
In the Toronto between the parks there are  bike paths.
It is practical and healthy.
So you can go around a lot of places.
I’m doing it.
On the main page of this website I put a video,where I ride a bike.

I noticed that I do not publish my photos and videos a lot.
I will do it more.

I wish you good warm summer days and wonderful mood.