Moving on to the next month

slow thoughts

Is frequent change in life good or bad?
It kills the strong, it kills the weak

What’s better? Peace or War?
Strong side – it expresses its thought, its reality and
the achievement of its goal is not based on a peaceful settlement.
The weak side will blame everyone, but will never take responsibility, will drive around and drag out some conditions for many many years, not directly answering the question, not making open steps, but saving itself, its goals by compromises.

What is the most popular in the world in 2022 – psychology, astrology and predictions or tiktok?

here I will leave you the answer.
I’m interested in your answers.

And here it is interesting – have you changed in 2022?

Now there are big changes and it is felt even in nature. In my life I have never seen such a beautiful September, such a warm October and such a dry, endangered forest in the outskirts of Toronto.
Changes in cities and in entire countries.
People take other forms.
Everything is changing around

I have noticed that we have become cautiously doubtful, truthful pessimists, uncertain about the future.
The slogan of 2022 is live now

The world has become wary:
-put on a mask – you’re indoors
-it’s not a fact that the one who is a socially active presenter in reality gives out reliable facts and he must be trusted
-image, image people – minute puppets, changing one after another
-children play war, pour stones on the head of one and shoot their peers with a toy

this is scary
children have not yet grown up, but have already changed

Over the past three years, the inferiority of the old people has been very noticeable. They stand out for their worsened appearance, worsened condition and survival, the struggle for life. I stopped seeing their smiles.

And in conclusion
The connection, to which they were in such a hurry, so jumped and created the last decade, collapsed and disintegrated.
It’s like a plate falling to the floor and breaking into a thousand little pieces.

It’s a pity that all this is happening today