Which street festival in Toronto in August do you prefer?Part II

So yesterday you visited together with my video at the Chinese street festival, which took place last weekend.
I was impressed by the cordiality of the organizers and the organization of the festival.
An extraordinary interest to the festival brought a huge number of people to the festival. There were residents of the whole city. And I am sure that they all tried a little Chinese food.
I was impressed by the excellent organization of the festival. I put 5+ from the 5 to Chinese street festival.
And what amazed me?
Among the restaurants, was with vegetarian food, which was distributed completely free of charge.
Two days of the festival, without interruptions. And all two days there was a crowd of people. This is a very well thought out marketing.

Thoughtful preparation gave a large number of visitors. A great organization.

street festivale

Well, now I will tell and show the festival, where I worked by the invitation.
It was an Indian festival in the eastern part of the city.
The Indian festival has been considered for several years the largest festival of the city. Traditionally it is located on Gerrard Street East in the eastern part of Toronto, where the majority of the population is Indians.

I got a shift from 4 to 8pm, under the  closing of the festival.
I was on duty near the pavilion, where Indian rarities of loy photographs and selfies were exhibited.
The whole festival was filled with families from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other neighboring countries.
This wildlife of the motley crowd combined with the smell of delicious food in restaurants, music on stage and exposed clothing stores, gave a color to the event.
Hindus are very temperamental people. And I understand, even though their dancing and slow, but synchronously do so hands like a wake-up organizer of the festival, Taseem and a famous dancer from India, posing for me for a photo-I can not do,sorry.




The organizers tried to think through all the details.

The price of food was reduced in restaurants, the price of selling costumes and clothes from India was reduced. There was a lot of entertainment for children, there was a lot of music,, on-live,,which is great.
I saw the dances and they captured me.
In general, Indian culture is very old, and  drawn to it me…..
I would be able to dance Indian people, because I do yoga, but where is my youth?

The street was full of  children laughter, the spoke of different people and music.
Special attention was attracted by a car-taxi.
This is a small car-bike made for carrying people. It is open from both sides, as it is hot in India. But there is a roof, since there are tropical rains.


street_festivale        street+festivale

It is not high-speed, it is designed to carry two or three people.
But in India it is chased among the crowds of people. There is such a crazy speed by this small car.
So this absolutely orginal version was brought from India and supplied for review and photographs with it.
Very much everyone wanted to touch and sit in it.
A little such a smart car.


People on the stage were replaced by one field of another. The scene did not rest.
It is felt that the Hindus are very artistic people.
A lot of young people spoke out. It pleases. The young  adhered to traditions and develops modern music.

I could not resist and I also danced.
I was supported by unknown men.




-Let’s take a picture- suggested one of them
-Is it coming fine?? “I asked
-No problem.
I succumbed and put my little face in the hole …. well, that’s what happened
hahaha … like a  two woman on bike, a woman is lucky … and even a famous actress from India. It’s cool!


Already darkened when among the props I found a white hat.
The guys gathered costumes, I stopped them and put a white cap on my head.
– How are you? I asked them
-Fine…but what is if this hat for a boy?
-No…no, nothing -I said
-And what is it if this hat for the wedding ceremony ?
-Oh, well, it’s a too small for me (hat fell from me) ,for my head. At the same age, that 10-11 years of age, the boy marries?What age the boy and why, if on my hat does not fix and falls,too small….
-Ah,you not understand in the Hindu traditions?



And I went to get acquainted with the Hindu traditions…..
For example, take this usual umbrella….
It is for festivities and holidays in India.
But how nice to make  selfi with?
Twist it down, then quickly pick up, like on video.

This movement gives the paint and the effect for the photo.
Try it

And I say goodbye to the hospitable festival!!!


Next year I’m with you again !!!


P.S.Of course you will not look into the future…..
Hahaha…. maybe I’ll be so crazy and crazy…. from meditations such that  Canadian, who plays on drums

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Which street festival in Toronto in August do you prefer?

Summer is almost over.
A couple of weeks and again Toronto for six months will be in the wintertime.
This month is the most busy on street entertainment,events and festivals.
As my friend says, do not go from Toronto in the summer to a distant country.
Everything is close.
Just choose the country, see when and where in Toronto the festival of this country and go there.
He’s right.
Everything is at festivals.
There is music, dancing and trade in traditional food and clothes.

So I got on last weekend for two different, unique and very interesting street festivals.

More precisely at three.

I was a representative of the Ukrainian Drama Theatre Zahrava on the  Ukraine’s Independence Day last Saturday.
This is a regular event in which our theater participates. The theater of the gates is one of the oldest ukrainian theaters in Toronto. This year the theater will be 65 years old. And we are already a unique collective, who are proud and  usually invited to participate in events related to Ukraine.

The next was the Chinese Street Festival on Spadina Street.
This is Chinatown.
I like to go there on ordinary days.
There are a lot of Chinese shops with nice prices for all sorts of souvenirs. The cheapest T-shirts ($ 3 for $ 10) .Tourists for souvenirs or gifts-always come there.
Still there are inexpensive restaurants with Chinese and Vietnamese food.
Still there is a Chinese supermarkets, where everything is from China. There I buy tea, fruit-vegetables and sometimes traditional Chinese goods.
Spadine in Toronto is known as the street on which the smoking of marijuana was legalized. It was still last autumn. Then the street turned into eateries, where people hurried and went out with shining eyes.
Spadine in the inner streets famous by some inexpensive shops of clothes and shoes. There you can cheaply cut your hair or make a manicure.
And the murals of Spadine are painted brightly .

All this image of the Chinese district of Toronto.

And now I’ll show you and tell you what I saw yesterday.

As I left at the Spadine subway, there were a lot of people hurrying to the festival.  I had to drive a couple stops on the streetcar. And get to the environment of China. Everything says, sings, dances, invites and treats in Chinese.
An unusually generous people and a festival.
Unlike other countries, they closed half of the street for the festival. So they gave the opportunity to move the streetcar.
I know that in other regions, overlapping traffic for two days of the festival causes a lot of problems for the residents of those streets.
Then everything is correct, logical and decent. It always bribes.
A lot of people, a mixture of both East Asia and Europe and Latin America-all at the festival.


A huge number of Chinese street restaurants with very cheap prices.
There were accumulating queues of people.
The price of meat on a spit ranged from 1 to 5 dollars.
Combo from 5 to 7 dollars.
It bribed people and people bought and tryed food..everywhere stood smell, sometimes not quite appetizing.

I’m not one of the lovers of experiments, so I only made films.


Around the voice, sounds.
Color and diversity………all this carries over into another world.
As if there is no Toronto, the northern capital.

I think watching the video you feel in China

Ah, these Chinese ducks !!!
How tempting they are!
Standing by the shop- window, saliva running……
I love the Chinese duck.
Its taste is unique.
And if it’s with sake or wine……..oo-o-o-o!

Two both sites were traditional Chinese activities.
And then I looked at the ,,rice cleaning dance,,or ,,rice harvest,,dance…..
This is a traditional dance.
But I smiled, looking at the dancers.
This is from our life in Canada, the Chinese girls are so fat. All this meat, fats. They are deposited in the hips and tall and small women, sparing neither me nor the Chinese.…..
And we with 160 growth directly turn into ballons. So I watched the dance of such ballons from Toronto, who danced the traditional dance of harvesting rice.
Very interesting dance. Smooth and plastic.

I admit humor in my blog
Do not rush to evaluate.


Women who have moved to Canada are subject to changes in the form of the body. And this is not news. It is a fact our life in north country.
Well  if you thin. Everyone else should move a lot and manage these fats and kilograms.


Аnd I’ll show you the most interesting video for me.
This is a traditional head.
On the parade, which took place on the first day of the festival, they are carried and danced.
A very beautiful procession along the street.
Today they have already danced and are lying for the show.
They are huge and majestic.


Like everything good, the festival is over.
All removed, put forward for the next year.
And I decided that next year I will come to Spadine.
Can buy a duck or beef on a stick.
And again I’ll see the ,,Rice harvest,, dance.




Incredible August notes


  • Incredible_ August_ notes



Outside the window, August shines with the sun.
It means half a year has passed…..August is present…Incredible August.


Incredible _August notes

It means again soon the excruciatingly long Canadian cold winter….wow and oh….
It means how I’m close into the business and will slowly plan and implement new ideas.

But today last summer month and last warm days.

Incredible -Augustnotes

As a southerner I like to spend time under the sun.
I like to sunbathe under it, bathe in its rays.


Last July left his memories

Incredible August notes
I worked in the production of a short film #Horrors #Horrors_short (you can connect with production through Instagram) as Production Manager with #AmandaEbeye #katherinacurci #benphillstudio #mikeonley #kcmuel #sonia_blayd #laurastoica1983

Incredible- August notes    Incredible Augustnotes    Incredible- August- notes



IncredibleAugust notes       IncredibleAugustnotes

It was amazing cast and crew.

Time ran very quickly and in August I already with all responsibility sat down for writing a script about Jewish boys.

Incredible -August _notes

Script name is #Journeytothefuture @Journey to the future it is future’s film script about two boys’s traveling from Galicia to Ukraine to the coveted America

Incredible August notes Vinnusa   plakat  y seli plakat


It is comedy.It is me second future film script.It is also second script road movie and second about traveling in Ukraine/comedy.

I’m not specifically writing this, it’s a coincidence.
But the last scenario is not quite easy.
It is undoubtedly very interesting.
For me this immersion in the 1930s. For the history of this layer is very undiscovered.
And what I find in the description of that time, I want to cry,
but I’m writing a comedy.


placat agitazia       group women
I love my job very much.
These are unrepeatable impressions.
This is a thousand times better impressions than playing on stage as an actor.(for me)
It is not easy to write that, because in the film there will be four languages: Yiddish, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian

Not having the right to describe everything, I will only show a few photos that will reflect the idea of the film
I am very interested in the idea and I am completely captured by it




IncredibleAugust- notes

Do you believe that August is unusual and very interesting?Yes,incredible.