take a look through my eyes into my garden

Last week of September.The weather is sunny and warm, the temperature exceeds 20 degrees С.

This year the summer goes slowly.Perfect a walk in the dewy grass in the morning, substitute

 the face of the sun during the day,naked walk in the evening and do not hide in the warm  


IMG_1241 (2)



colder tomorrow…………………………….

It meansclose the windows, cut off the flowers  and collect all the vegetables that planted in summer.

It meansI will gather the old table and hide in the garаge

It means –  I dig and loosen the ground and leave to rest until spring


Now I think…..it’s all?



I photograph my garden, so you can see it through my eyes…….

IMG_1244 (2)

the third event of the summer

The third event of the summer was the suggestion from my friends and colleagues to work together to organize with them co-production.

I agreed.I love my job, last years I worked in the crew for making films.

Began with the casting director, I tried almost all the specialty crew.

immediately after the agreement went a lot of offers.

I opened a small production center,already considering the possibility was produced by the historical-fantasy film, I wrote my first script for a documentary, and sent to the festival 5 minute short film.

photo26369605_429713153 (2)

The trip to the Carpathian Mountains

The second event of my vacation was a trip to the Carpathian Mountains in Skhidnytsia.


Foto:just being built very modern hotel,, Three sons,,

The village is located 850 m above sea level.The first memories of the village date back to the 13th century.


Foto:after the rain the mountains,, smoke,, ..


Mountain fresh air, plenty of mineral water, fragrant meadows and an abundance of mushrooms in the forest makes  tourism there.



Carpathian mini Alps….


I spent two weeks



drank mineral water


I breathed clean air


every day I went to no less than 5 km and lost weight after the vacation.


Foto:the spruce’s  forest



My abdominal muscles visibly pumped up.My muscle tone became noticeably resilient.

I returned to Kiev with a huge charge of energy and lots of photos of landscapes of the Carpathians:


Foto:around the village forest.


Foto:near each source  of mineral water has a sculpture of the Mother of God, a mini church….also

on the roadside…….also in every village ……



Foto:view of the mountains from the forest..


 I invite you to rest in the Carpathians too

Anniversary of my father

Oh well, now I’m free to sit down and describe about my vacation.

The most important event of the year, and this summer was the anniversary of my father,

80 years old



Invite  40 relatives and friends of his own age and spend 3 days with them is not easy.


I’ve prepared for the acceptance and placement of relatives.

On the day of the anniversary with an early morning meeting guests and escort them.


On the second day the father made his famous guests fresh-soup and kebabs.


I had to help him again

I grilled kebabs, washing dishes, carrying guests to their homes.By the end of the anniversary I fell down, very tired.
Of course, the holiday was a success.My parents were glad to see their relatives and friends.
They sang a lot of songs.My father sings in the choir of veterans.
His friends from the choir came to congratulate him.
It had a lot of flowers and congratulations.
Certainly pleasant to spend carry through such an event.
But it is extremely difficult.
Ifcause  me and my sister told my father:,, The next anniversary after 5 years…… you are ready for it slowly…………..and during this time we have a rest……..,,
Foto:after the busy days near my girlfriend





back after vacation

I went back to writing the blog after a vacation in Ukraine.

On my site I foundlot of spam,cokkies,which hinders site work.It took

time to clean the site.Now I am free to start tell about my vacation.

Thank you for all sitevreaders for supporting me.

Your comments help me to do new blog’s story.

Sorry,I warn you,that I do not read all the comments.

Most ,,NO INTERESTING,,comments immediatly get to trush.


I am patiently to spam.

I patiently delete spam.

Otherwise,I conratulate ALL with the beginning of a wonderful autumn 2016