My Petrykivka from past year

I am pleased to announce all the changes that accompany this month.

Sometimes you shouldn’t stir up the past, even if it’s not that long ago. The page is closed. We live and work. Announcement and planning for the coming months.

Not everything in our lives is so neglected, so now an announcement of news from me.
Firstly, I want to congratulate everyone who reads me on International Mother Language Day.

Still, why celebrate it?
If humanity had not created writing and language for communication, we would hardly have had global communication between nations today. And although we are all representatives of different nationalities today, we are united by knowledge of the English language, which the majority of us speak.
And if we don’t know this language, then our circle of communication is greatly narrowed. Of course, we can use the services of translators, but this makes communication more difficult and difficult.
Therefore, I only welcome learning new languages as an opportunity to expand my abilities.
The past week was very active and I can’t boast to you that I painted or exhibited anything in galleries. I don’t have enough energy and time. I’ll try to catch up and present you with new works.

My immediate plans include a return to icon painting and the final stages in the production of icons. An announcement of these actions will be coming soon.
After the seminar that took place last week, I am preparing to submit my visions for planning assistance and developing art in my city. Here, I would be happy to listen to your ideas. You can send me and enter into a chat with me on the FB page

where I have been publishing my work for the last two years.
Please, I will be glad. Believe me, I check and respond to emails on that page.

The next point is that I received a lot of offers, both related and not to the last year of my activity. And this is both the creation of films and the organization and implementation of projects.
Will I continue them in the future? Let’s take a look, study the offers and choose what suits me and what I need.

Still, the emphasis is on completing the creation and printing of the book and continuing to study the history of art and searching for points of joint projects in this direction. The choice is aimed at developing programs and projects in this area and related.

The next thing I continue to be interested in is the creation of new forms of selling works from creative people. Well, something that has not yet been created.
This is where I am interested in the geniuses of our planet and their clubs.
After all, I already emphasized at the seminar that creative people are divided into (my opinion) two groups. The first group is absolutely creative people who cannot sell. They can only create. There are many of them. They are passionate about the creation process. And that’s all. There are always such people someone must support and sell their product. It could be an organization, a gallery, a restaurant or a government agency, anyone. Believe me, this is a big win, you can live and make money on this, and an example of this is the same Van Gogh or Picasso, and even Mozart , who during their lifetime did not sell enough, but created a lot. And now their works are wonderfully used by their heirs and generations.
Second people are managers of their creative self.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there are fewer such people and they can be called blacksmiths of their idea, their craft.

They create, analyze, select, study, accumulate and implement.
So it’s no longer a secret for a modern artist that it’s simply impossible to live off drawing alone.

Today you need to work at a surviving job and then relax and draw. And what’s new is that the artist himself must now learn to have many computer skills in order to be able to sell and create himself.

Now we look ten years into the future, the conditions of survival will become even worse. And all this is due to the rapid development of digital.

I am optimistic about these next ten years, because I don’t need any more for my activities, then it will become more and more difficult for me to manage myself. That’s what I’m leading to? I’m leading to the fact that my stage of accumulating my artistic works has almost passed and I am pleased to enter the period of implementing these works, working on transferring my skills to students.
And here is a new announcement. I continue my mentoring work. This is not only icon painting, which I mentioned above. This is also the creation of maser box offices and workshops.

And the last announcement.

Since I have already entered the senior category, I will be happy to celebrate my last visit.

On February 21st, I hosted monthly Seniors’ Advisory Group meeting where I learned a lot of interesting and important things for me as a resident of Etobicoke.

To be continued. Stay, don’t switch


Today we will touch on the problem of climate change and with it, changes in us.
It sounds kind of loud, but that’s what touched me yesterday. What exactly?
In recent years, we have seen how the climate is changing. It is becoming hotter in southern countries, rivers are drying up in Europe and some countries are experiencing water shortages. These changes are changing us, society and production. Thus, classical production is being replaced by modern, which is not requires ancient manufacturing methods. We are changing, although we hardly notice it. But we are changing.

Why have we changed? Water shortages, the concentration of some hydrogen and the struggle to reduce emissions are leading to the closure of many old industries and the transition to newer methods and manufacturing processes.So, due to changes and reductions, livestock breeding suffered, and many food growing industries suffered. Changes also affected the textile industry,industry for the production of raw materials and even influenced their manufacturing processes. Today we are talking about silk production. Southeast Asia is traditionally famous for this.

How have the changes affected this region? It’s simply catastrophic. It’s scary to imagine that silk production, in its traditional form, is experiencing huge problems and there are only two factories left in Japan for growing and manufacturing natural silk.

And these are two small factories that use the traditional technology of growing a cocoon, using only natural materials that have been used since the original production. Now these factories are on the verge of dying, because it is very difficult for them to compete with artificially created silk, which may be larger and cheaper, but more industrialized.

This film is unique because it shows the ancient way of making silk.
Therefore, this film is interesting to me and I am happy to show it to you.

Interesting East

In the piggy bank of every artist, if he constantly works, collection after collection is created and this is not just a bunch of paintings.
I don’t stop being interested in trying a new style or getting carried away by some direction: everything is interesting to me: painting and decorative arts, ceramics and mosaics. And I want to get acquainted with everything and learn it manually. I really love the society of artists and always welcome new acquaintances. A few days ago such an acquaintance took place thanks to the society in which I am.

Her name is Meryam Ashan, a beautiful Iranian name and she carries the personification of beauty and femininity. She also brought a bunch of her paintings to our meeting and showed them. Her style is the traditional Iranian style of creating miniatures. And when she showed her works, the artist from Pakistan just jumped with admiration, because this is a very popular artistic style of miniatures, known and traditional for the East (China, Pakistan, Iran and India).

Example of miniature

The style means the creation of miniature compositions united by one meaning. So, before us was a picture in which the artist herself is presented in the center, and around her there are cats in different poses. And they are all unique, bright and in different positions.

Persian tradition miniature from 19 c.

Her miniatures were beautiful. She stood up and walked over to the switched-on computer, typed in a page and showed her her first work.
The work was created in a graphic black and white style: an image of her, movement around her and a running horse nearby.
“This is a horse. This symbol has a very interesting meaning in Iranian mythology and I, as an artist, personify myself with a horse.”

The Persian horse has held a place of great prominence and prestige in Iranian culture throughout its rich history. Symbolising power, loyalty, and grace, these horses played a vital role in the ancient Persian empires.

Ancient Warriors and Horse Bas-Relief: A Testament to the Achaemenid Empire’s Military Prowess

It’s interesting to meet an artist this way.
You will agree that each artist, depicting his works, brings a special culture and traditions, plus a huge amount of knowledge accumulated over the years.