Story of one flight

Good day to all
Story of one flight

I miss being a blogger behind my site
I was silent for more than a month without access to my website. I accumulated emotions, thought about his perfection, met, met and consulted bloggers
I thank everyone who, despite my silence, almost every day comes to the blog
I thank for your interest.

I will tell a very interesting story that happened to me at the Borispol airport in Kiev this March
When planning a trip to Kiev, I bought a very large and light bag from the Chinese in China Town in Toronto to place the clothes and things I needed.
This is a black long cloth bag with wheels at the back and with a handle in the front. It is convenient to carry what I needed. But uncomfortable, it falls from the load. At the airport I wrapped it in plastic and it flew away with me.


When I arrived at Boryspil, I was very tired of the road. When the baggage was unloaded, I saw a bag, a black one, a wheels on the back, and a front handle.
Thinking that it was mine, I took her with difficulty (23 kg) to my parents. This is a two hour trip from Kiev. Without suspecting anything, I carried this bag with things in polyethylene by bus in the luggage compartment.
Finnally, when I brought her to my parents, lifted her upstairs to the second floor, how letters and calls started to me.
And now I am grateful that they went through my website and the site’s mail,through my social media
The airport administrator was looking for me, because I didn’t take my luggage.
She called me and informed.
I lured bags and took someone else’s, the same bag
Storyof one flight
 What was then?
I wanted to take a break from the road, but I was busy during evening bringing the bags back to the owners.
I thanked them and apologized for the mistake.
And the next day……. Attempt number two.Ha-ha-ha….
I again went to the airport, took my luggage and brought back heavy 23 kg (ridiculously, that with the same driver) to my parents.

This story is interesting that very quickly people was found me  through my site (my work with the theater) and even found my husband. They sent a letter to him.
Well, now I am calm that I am correctly blogging.
You never know what else can happen in life.
I love to travel
But just the luggage is always at least a little ribbon should be noted ….for dest rest after travelling…..ha-ha-ha…
Now I do it
Story ofone flight
Your best
P.S.remembering the pleasant moments of spring travel to Europe and Ukraine.
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