Mid February

will spring be early? how long does it take to do homework? do you have new paintings? where do you spend your weekends?

Monreal ,L-Etoile hall

This year the weather is scaring us. Sometimes snow is half a meter, then thunder in mid-February and a lot of freezing rain.
Something not in Canadian all this. But you don’t have to choose.
Over the weekend I saw a lot of flocks of birds returning. So it’s coming to spring and probably early spring.

When I write this post, outside the window the trees are covered with glass ice and this is unpleasant, because it is dangerous for plants, plants die from such weather. Just today I was filming in the forest and noticed that in the forest the trees, clinging tightly to each other, warm and they are not so afraid of this freezing rain as lonely trees and plants that grow near the road and in the fields. Passing through the fields, you can see that the field is covered with glass .And in the sun, drops of frozen dew glisten like silver. Both beautiful and scary. Unusual to see this.


Traveled to Ontario for the weekend and visited Quebec. We had a rest at the concert of the famous French singer Garou who visited Monteal. The concert was held in a modernly built L’Etoile Banque Nationale in Brossard,Monreal with a crowded hall.

The audience meeting the singer so warmly that I am still impressed. For an hour and a half without a break, the singer sang his song seemed to meet with old friends. People in the hall sang too standing up, asked for an encore and did not let the singer go until he returned and sang almost one more concert. Jokes, laughter, warm applause. The audience danced to his songs.
For the first time, I regretted that I did not know French, but when I left the concert, I already repeated some words.

“Comment allez-vous”

I feel that the French province is very cheerful, friendly and welcoming, just like the people who live in it.

The city of Montreal is breathtakingly beautiful both day and night. The highways and roads of Montreal are different from Ontario and it seems to me much safer.
I saw the city while driving, so I show what I could photograph from the height of the hotel at the rest.
The weather helped us and it was relatively warm and sunny, which is also rare for this month.We Canadians are no strangers to snow. For more than 6 months we have been living in the snow and getting used to it, enjoy the beauty of cold and winter.

In winter, less is spent on the street and more at home, where it is warm. Homework takes up a lot of time. Today, we have to prepare a lot of semi-finished products and store them in the freezer to use for cooking. Our products are imported and the preparation of products in freezers helps us.

Crazy Love(2018)

Some people ask me what I have drawn in the last month.
I want to disappoint you. For the last month I have been busy with work that is not related to drawing and have to postpone until the end of the month. I hope to return to drawing in the end of the month . I have already collected a lot of ideas and will definitely implement them.
Well, so that you don’t get bored, I’m exhibiting one of my favorite works for you and dedicating it to all lovers and abundant love who celebrate February 14th.
This picture is called Crazy Love and shows my understanding of this feeling.
Without love, we can’t, but this feeling is madness. Some times is sweet, some times is sad, but always crazy.
Happy holiday to you, lovers and may your eyes always shine with fire, which helps to live.


February 17,2023