art at monday

I understand how hard it is to start on Monday after the weekend

especially when there were holidays

I wish you always a holiday in the soul that is inspired

even insisting on the most difficult cases and helps them to overcome

I sort out the comments that come to the site and do not answer to many……

indifferent to the manipulation……
I find myself and I work for you and for my pleasure……
……because ……FB_IMG_1433278125495

………………I wish you all ………………….success

a new vision

I have to start thinking about what the next generation wants……

They don’t entertain at home … their dining room is actually restaurants…. Just how these tiny condos might affect the ways we interact with each other, inside and outside of them, remains to be seen.

Ok,my vision,I must remind the nature…and…..hang a small painting with the landscape in a small apartment….

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art near lake

I live near Lake Ontario.

IMG_8177 (2)

It is so wonderful to come early in the morning on the lake.

Morning sun rays unusually strong

They play on the waves

It is an art

Surface of the lake is filled with glitter and shine

Echoed all around this game

When you approach closer to the water,you begin to participate in this

……….and waves fawn at the feet of

Early spring mysteriously

IMG_8179 (2)

Even the trees are bare, but on the inside they are a tremendous work

Each branch is a huge energy,it reveals the buds of leaves


IMG_8176 (2)

 Here’s everything starts to turn green,………. but so far ………stopped


very quiet


…….IMG_8188 (3)magnificent birds singing…..


I ask for advice

Hi everyone!

Today I have no photos, no paintings and no comments

I ask your advice……


answer set number

1.The site is not promoted
2.Price of paintings high
3. Do not be interesting to Use mailbox

4. interested in a blog, pictures are not interested

Thank you

article about art

Yesterday put up for auction my four angels showed itself for the first time.





I drew them not to order,it was the mood.I dressed  my angels in their national  Ukrainian costumes.

Drawings were devoted to the auction and I do not hone skills,just draw.I stood and presented their pictures and watch people.




I was glad to interest them.
My name is not well known among the community
.People were divided into angels interested in drawing.and these were people older than 40…….

and fans see picture……

A keen interest in my work gave me confidence….even for one interrupt bit

I am happy that the two angels went to the owners and will be a part of me in their house….





Thank you for the pleasure derived from contact with people

What is art for me?

I can draw someone’s idea, but I have something more important to draw personal.

I leave a thought in the figure and in time…..

and  that is visual art……

today’s news


I love cinema, circus, performance

I love the people cheerful, optimistic


This is from my childhood

They surround us and give  warmth, laughter and joy.Today my new freinds Mike”Mighty Mike” Johns.

Strongman Juggler

I’m originally from Kiev

I’m originally from Kiev. I love the people of this city, and  respect for the talented.One of them Петр Мамай/Пинчук/



Petro Pinchuk www.facebook/petr.pinchuk.5


Beautiful picture of this talented artist’s imagination pierce


They works together with his wife extraordinary things



Seeing their work, it is impossible to forget them





Thank you for your talent Petr and Annadan








6 april 2016

All the good surprise of the day

  Winter in Toronto  does not want to go and show it to us

А week ago, it is pouring rain and thunderstorms, and the birds were singing songs of spring.

But now everything is absolutely stoped.


IMAG2833 IMAG2834