How the painting changed under the influence of calligraph

Today I taking about how the painting changed under the influence of calligraph.

How- the painting changed under the influence of calligraph

I already wrote then I was interested in old inscriptions and hieroglyphics.
I began to study them carefully and compare them with the modern image.

How that it turned out to be your judge.
I’ll just show the stages of how two paintings were transformed.
Both paintings are already submitted to the exhibition which will be held in late April in Toronto.
I’ll start with the painting which published in the previous post.
That painting was  a long time just as abstract painting.
This painting is basically drawn in 2017.
It is mixed technique, which used both oil and acrylic and the base was taken from the primer, which gave the picture a graininess.

How the painting changed under the- influence of calligraphHow the painting changed- under the influence of calligraph

Engaged in hieroglyphics, I put on the picture inscription,,cat ,,and just repeated the bending of the animal.
So there was an image of a cat

I just slightly more clearly singled out the Arabic spelling of the word ,, cat ,,(a-kat)

How the painting changed under- the influence of calligraph

Lines of Arabic writing gently settled in the bend of the lines of the painting and I had a pretty image of a lazy blue cat))

Can only watch the rebirth of the painting))
I was inspired by such creativity

My second painting was a painting with a face.With blue face))
It was called “blue face”.

How the painting- changed under the influence of calligraph

Like the previous one, the picture was drawn in 2017.

How the painting changed under the- influence of calligraph

It is flatter and made only with oil paints.
Its color was soft and graphic image.
Among the Chinese characters I found the name ,,Women,,
It coincided with the name of the painting and repeated the lines depicted in the painting.


How the painting changed under the influence- of calligraph


I only strengthened the corners of the hieroglyph for clearer reading.
And it’s all…
So there were two amazing painting in the new feed ,with new properties, with a new image.
I liked these transformations very much))

Thinking about geometric symbols

Thinking about -geometric symbols

This my painting very soon will be exhibited at the spring exhibition in Toronto.
It will be prepared and changed.
It will appear geometric hieroglyphs as a symbol of the spring exhibition 2018.

We’ll talk today about this and other things that worry me.

Thinking about geometric- symbols

Often, when we draw, we start drawing with lines, circles and waves.
It connects into an image becomes a picture,painting.

If we enter our subconscious, we will understand an interesting discovery.

Thinking -about geometric symbols

Imagine that we are drawing our codes, we draw unconsciously that the ancestors drew on rocks and stones, advanced from generation to generation.

Studying ancient wall inscriptions in Mesopathamia, Egypt, China and Ukraine, I came to the conclusion that this is the beginning of our art,our painting process))

Thinking- about geometric symbols

Million repeating lines and circles, as a result, give an image of the picture, where, if you look closely, there are ancient hieroglyphs.

Thinking -about geometric symbols

And has no meaning in which country or when this image appeared.The line is line,the waves is waves.

All the ancient rock carvings are almost identical in spelling and have one meaning:they carry their code, their continuation, their symbol to subsequent generations.

Thinking about- geometric symbols

Most of them are narrated about hunting and victory over an animal, or about the life of a tribe, or about a crop or a crop failure.

In any case, something extraordinary that needs to be fixed and left for generations to remember.

And just art that stretched the thread from ancient times to modernity.In modern painting, it is easy to find an image, сreated by several hieroglyphs and reflecting the drawn image.


I draw some kind of inner line and meaning between drawing in the old days and modern. I see an absolute coincidence and similarity.
As an artist, I always start painting, having the idea of ​​something to portray or tell or leave for the next generation.

What amazed me was that, considering the paintings of contemporary or previous artists, you are always inspired by these paintings when you stop near they.
Paintings impress with meaning or idea.It is true.

Thinking about geometric symbols

And this is that invisible discovery, that thread of connection between ancient writing and modernity.
The paintings attract the eye.

Thinking -about -geometric symbols


And when you look at them carefully, you see both lines and waves and circles.


Thinking about geometric _symbols

All the same simple symbols invested in our consciousness by our ancestors.


This, probably, and beckon us into artand it is intrigues .Always, somewhere  tickles the feelings, plays with subconscious.


I want to show on this example.
There are women on painting.
To draw a female silhouette easily.

Women’s silhouettes are the smooth repetition of lines.

This is the image from Trypillian wall .This image is encrypted into the image of the bull’s head, carrying the code of the female body, wealth, procreation and full circle of life.

thinking about geometric symbols

This is the code given to us in the generation with the symbol of the continuation of the genus, with the symbol of eternity and with the symbol of heritage.
In wall paintings we find them in unchanged images))This symbol is preserved unchanged in modern painting and carries all the same meaning and idea.
I now study a bit of ancient hieroglyphs and got the idea that time has not changed us.
We remained the same, bearing the code of our life, our eternal existence.
Maybe there are some modern changes that are very thin and sensitive to me.
I followed this trend that, alongside the image of great battles and harvests, portrayed the beauty of a woman and her strength is present too.

The modern world has changed to a woman. And this is sad for me. I fill that.And this will affect our next generations.
But I’ll tell you the next time))

Women and Flowers

Women and Flowers………

Women-and Flowers


Women and Flowers

Today the  post is only about this.
If anyone is not interested, please go yourself out and do not read.

women and flowers

Today is the Spring Festival. Look at the date of this post and you will understand everything.
But I’m crying………

I got up very early today, looked out the window.
On the street a gray fog, full of snow, melts snow from the roofs. Under the feet of a puddle of melted water.
And on this day for more than a hundred years in this territory of the planet created a holiday….spring holiday.
This holiday was not created here,created  in Moscow, Clara Zetkin (first lady), led by some active group of women to the square and trying to convince that women need equal rights with men.

Women and Flowers

And gradually, over the next few years, a holiday was created for women. This is the day among the gray winters, when men congratulated their close women, gave them attention and flowers.

Women and Flowers

I will not prove that she is right or not
I describe today.
This holiday gradually became one of the big and important days of the year in East Europe.
Then this holiday from Eastern Europe moved to other countries.
Depending on the number of emigrants from eastern Europe, it began to celebrate in Asia, China, America and the Middle East.
On this day, flower traders win million-dollar profits.
Specially for this day, flowers are being grown for sale.
Can you imagine how much fresh flowers are bought?

Women and Flowres

For a long time I did not live in Kiev, I came by traveling.
And this is the first March holiday, I’m celebrating here in Kiev, for the last ten years.
And I’m crying.
Everything changes. The country changes. The system is changing.
Why do I pay?
Because today is the last time this day is officially celebrated in Kiev. Since next year it has been officially canceled.


Yesterday I had  a lot of transport. And I saw people everywhere in the city, with flowers. Women carrying flowers.
Carrying flowers in their hands, in handbags. Women  bring tulips or roses or flowerpots.
Women yesterday were dressed unusually sedately and neatly, a little tinted and each proudly carried flowers home.
Later it turned out that the working day was shortened.
I still have before my eyes these women in flowers everywhere, in the metro ,shuttles,buses,traines.

women and flowers
And yesterday it was amazing.
Flower shops have a choice of different types of flowers, different prices.Men   run …with flowers…AMAIZING..

Why do I cry?
Women of this country need a flower festival.
Let it be, does not go away.
The women of this country are very hardworking and devoted.
Women of this country for many centuries gave birth and brought up children in difficult conditions.
They were leveled by rights and allowed to work for lower salaries.
The women of this country carved machines, trains and flew into space.
They were taught how to survive … maybe it would be better to give them more protection?
Protection for them and their children?
After all, these women are statistically (large number) educating children themselves and without a husband (the percentage of divorced in the country is high)

Very bitter, to tears, for everything that happens in this country…..
Poverty, lack of rights. Poverty and poverty……
And as an indicator of all this, the holidays are being canceled.
Forcibly erased culture … history … some traditions.
Bind it to politics and situation…..ostensibly so it is necessary…….
But it’s hard to see…….
I do not believe that next year men will stop giving flowers to women on March 8.
I do not believe that the holiday will cease to exist.
It is a pity that we can not choose the time ….
It is a pity that the story is altered by itself.
It is a pity that women, previously oppressed in this country, remain oppressed and now


I’m not Jewish or a feminist.
I’m a woman … just a woman … a woman … and that’s it.
All the photos with flowers in this post I give to the women reading this post…….
With spring you, my dear… and let in your life there will be many colors !!!!many flowers with love!!!

First day of spring

Today is first day of spring.But if you look out of the window or see the weather forecast for the whole week, it seems  January or February.


First-day of spring
Of couse, this is the whim of spring. Warm does not want to come,  playing with us.
In our region, in Ukraine, in recent years this is a frequent occurrence.


Got janitors work on those days
I came to my parents before a heavy snowfall and during the period of its beginning I left.
I fell into the wind with a frost of -20 and snow.
It was awesome.
All became white. Move and can not be seen around anything.


But you have to move, you can not stand……
The wind blows from the feet, hits the face and clogs the snow in the eyes.
When I was already driving in the electric train, the wind whipped through the windows.

Arriving two hours later in Kiev, I discovered ocean of snow and quietly. The silence and white color….
In the morning, I already took pictures when cars were dug out and buses started to walk along the avenue.
But the snow is still coming)))
Snow does not want to stop at all……
The impression that the sky has made a hole and snow is falling…..falling……falling.

But today is first day of spring/….or 29 february…..  ))


First day of spring

Really, I’m set for spring

And what will happen next? But there will be spring……

first_day of spring

And I know that even in this weather everything comes to life …

There will be spring, sun, heat. This white fluffy snow will grow and we will undress and substitute our bodies under the sun.

first day -of spring

Maybe it will happen not so quickly, gradually…..
But it will be soon…..
But for now enjoy this spring whim…)))
This miracle of nature…..
This feminine innocence, when, after a warm winter, early in the spring, cold came again, it began to snow and became frosty.
Enjoy…….just enjoy   ))))


first day of spring