My advice in the financial crisis in the country

Write this post I started after today’s news in the newspapers about the real estate crisis in Toronto and Ontario.

real estate crisis

We talked about the collapse of our mortgage company and what can we expect from this?

The absolute truth that the crisis has not touched the whole of Canada.
For this thanks to the division of Canada into independent provinces.

And the crisis did not begin today, it has been marching for more than two years and was seen by unexpected dismissals of workers and the closure of large companies.
It was noticeable for a number of stops of financing for non-profit organizations.

And the government is struggling with the situation
The main thing is not to interfere with them
They have already raised the tax on the purchase of real estate by foreigners in Ontario.
They take steps, do them very carefully and reluctantly spread out.

I remember….
We wrote at the studio pilots in late 2016 and one of these pilots was about the
 crisis of real estate.
The pilot did not pass  🙂
The project was closed  🙂

There are other symptoms, but I will not list them.

We are already in it, today.
I drink coffee today morning and there is a crisis.


How to live, what to do, what is my decision or vision?

The crisis was more than two years ago.
Then various TV shows were on TV. I watched one of them and remembered.
The presenter asked one of the best realtors in North America about his attitude to the real estate crisis.
The question was asked this way:
-,,What if the crisis has come?,,

He replied:
-,,If the family lives in a big house, two generations-adults, a father’s faamily and a son’s family. They are cramped. Something must be decided.

Two options for this case.
One option is to sell the property and split.
The second option is to overstay or rebuild in the light of the new situation-to change toilets, to expand the area of the house.
I choose the second. In a crisis not to change the property, stay in the same and improve its quality.,,
I absolutely agree with him

Resale will additionally disproportion in the sale / purchase and intensify the crisis.
In addition, the purchase of property will not be identical to the previous one, but will be a step worse. And this is lower quality and not worth risking.
Maybe in general very bad options. The truth is that everything around is collapsing and options for a good choice will not be cheap. The difference will be obvious.

You do not rise so, but go down.
The crisis increases the difference between buying and selling and if you take a mortgage, it increases the cost of your mortgage

I analyze my practice and the situations that I have experienced over my years. This happened to me in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in Canada.

My advice, how to protect yourself from the crisis:

1.If the currency of the country falls by 30% is a sign of trouble. Red light,,dangerous,,,,be careful,,

Banks in such a situation are in danger, your loans and deposits are also at risk.

If you did not take your deposits before the crisis, if you do this during crises, you break the balance sheet and exacerbate the crisis./Thank you for being real estate course 🙂 /

2.Do not sell anything from your main property.
If you did not do it before the crisis, in a crisis this is a big risk.
Not to resell property- is a big mistake if you did not do it before the crisis.
Do not transfer excess , accumulated money in real estate is a big mistake if you do that with open new morgage.
During the crisis it is good to rent out.
The rental price will rise and will be adequate to the crisis.

3.To buy something from the real estate for the formed big money, the capital,in another place.Make something different this time.Do not gamble in the market, if you are not a professional player….
 Do something,what give you money outside places of risk ( real estate,banks,deposite).Do your money in services and educations.

It will help you survive the crisis and have an independent capital.
These are my observations and my advice.




real _estate_ crisis

P.S.It’s very nice to receive such letters, they make me work.
Thanks you


Who loves theater like me?

Let’s speak?

Are you love, standing in front of the mirror, curling, read a monologue?I was.It was forty years ago.
I loved my childhood.
My childhood passed everything in the theater.
We with my girlfriend have thought up and have made school theater.
It lasted for some years and after graduation closed.
I was playing there.


After forty years again I am in theater.I talk,then did not want play again.I saw many people,who still artist.I am artist,but last year I like not change and do not play like artist, and be myself and share my wisdom.



I came to the theater ,, Zagrava,,.

This is  amateur theater in Toronto.
I heard about this theater, but today he has become a part of me.
The theater ,,Zagrava,, exists since 1953.
It was created by Ukrainian emigrants ,who came to Canada after the Second World War.


theatre Zahrava

Ukrainian Drama Theatre,, Zahrava,, is an all-volunteer community theatre that was founded on June 5, 1953 in Toronto, Ontario by Volodymyr Dovhan.

History of  the Theatre ,,Zahrava,,



The theatre’s repertoire included many Ukrainian classics, such as: Prokuror Dalsky, Advokat Martian, Motria, Myna Mazaylo, Suyeta, Kassandra, Ukradene Shchastia, Boyarynia; and European classics such as Charlie’s Aunt, Anouilh’s Jeanne d’Arc, Ibsen’s Ghosts, Gogol’s Marriage, Goldoni’s Servant of Two Masters and others. More modern works included: Moral Pani Dulskoyi, Kuriyer UPA, Taborova Kozulka (also presented as Hrikhy Molodosti), Prolisky, Ksantypa, Zavtra Znovu Ziyde Sontse, Korol Striltsiv, Neskoreni, Yuda Iskariot, Triumfalna zhinka, Nelehalka, etc. Works were specially written for the ensemble: Yevshan Zillia, Viva Boyko, Tanok Voli.

The productions took place on Toronto’s stages and then in various cities of Canada and the United States. The group has won many awards such as: best leading/supporting actors/actresses, best performance of the festival, best Canadian play, best costume design.


Theatre Zahrava (1)
Josef Terlicki, who became Artistic Director in 1988 after the death of Volodymyr Dovhaniuk, directs ,,Zahrava’s ,, productions. Directors from Ukraine, Fedir Stryhun and Inna Pavlyuk, have worked on a Master Class basis with the group.

In 1990 the ,,Zahrava,, Ensemble conducted a two-week tour of the Ukraine, where it put on 21 productions in 14 days. Also in the 1990s ,,Zahrava ,,put on several dramatic montages for various community events.


TheatreZahrava (2)


Over the past few years, the ,,Zahrava,,has made a number of premieres and has fundamentally become the cultural center of the Toronto  ukrainian community.
It is hard to survive in a new world, but there is an.

The last successor, the “Spills/Proliski”, was a success in Toronto and Montreal.
Now several new premieres are preparing.
I will write about them.


Where an artistic person will show all his talents-in the theater


Today we will talk about the theater.
The conversation will be long.
The modern world is changing very fast even yesterday we used fixed telephones.
Today we are connected with the whole world through the Internet in seconds.
Telegraph and cable communications were not popular.
Today much changes. It came to the movie, which is filmed in the pavilions mostly on the green screen for imaging

3D effect.It touched galleries that are more popular online.But today I’ll talk about the theater.
From the classical, theater has changed to dancing theater and musical.



A documentary theater appeared.

Actors tell on stage about events, give interviews, reports, show protocols and acts, statistical tables.
The performance is composed in the form of monologues or dialogues.


Verbatim theatre is a form of documentary theatre which is based on the spoken words of real people./

The “Verbatim” technique – a creative group chooses a topic, and begins a survey of those real people,
Which it was decided to interview for this performance.
Very important questions. Questions are the beginning of the future concept of the play.
Actors with voice recorders record interviews, rehearsals are brought not only by interpretation of interviews, but also by scenic characteristics of the character.
Next – work on the play and play.

There are physical theaters as innovation.

As an example, we can say about the Meyerhold Theater/ , the Antonine Artou Theater/ .Pantomimes are included as opposed to movement.

Also the performans is accompanied by a Dance of Contemporary.In Europe, the physical theater is integrated with the verbatim and the DV8 company represents it.

A new drama is a new trend, a new kind of theater

This combination of relevance and modern language/
Its representatives are Mark Ravenhill/
Mark Ravenhill /, Sarah Kane /



A separate stream can be called theaters-performances

Such a performance is played on a non-standard site and the actor lives by this performance
Spector of this kind may not have dramaturgy.
It can be a plastic performance, a performance of live music.
During the performance, interaction with the viewer, installations, modern technologies

Always such performances carry an experiment.

Can you combine fiction and reality?
Yes, if it’s performance

A separate direction of the performances is storytelling

Begin as a tale. As a narrative.They are based on fairy tales, legends, myths or stories from life
Consists of three components-it’s a story, narrator and listener

As an example, the PiG Pen Theater /

Well, the performance-installation is built in general on acting, not on the stage or dramaturgy
Combined with 3D projections, halograms
Live pictures are created, where the actor as an object.
This is such a legalization, calls, this form of performance

Well, it becomes completely new when the audience is sitting in the hall all in headphones and listening to the sounds that the actor creates on stage.

Separately I want to tell about a new direction, which is connected with the new theater, the theater from Slovenia

Carmina Slovenica./



The main means of expression is voice and sound.

You still say that the theaters have not changed?
Have changed and very much.
No one is interested in the classical staging theater where the actors stand and talk. Such theaters do not collect spectators, exist as amateur ones and quickly disappear
or death.