The cloud’s art :)

Do you think that only you can argue that it draw or present as Art?IMG_0506 (2)




Yesterday evening walk along the promenade of Ontario made me write this post…

IMG_0508 (2)

I noticed that the clouds are very expressive and decided to photograph them


General nature as unique and beautiful as we…

IMG_0509 (2)

After a few days I’ll be half a day in the arms of clouds, and while I was watching them from the earth

IMG_0513 (2)

mysterious and very beautiful……………… clouds ….

my last 3D effect work

I will not torment you long stories….:)
It is tedious…..

During study I MISS painting….IMAG3851 (2)

Well, that’s what came out of it



3D video effect


This is a very big juicy job ready to go to a new host…

e-mail me,if it’s

Have a good weekend!!!!

my art conversion

I already wrote that I love to find new styles

for example, if you remember where I started, my first works were large wall panno….13394073_804330459668443_8858203058806391535_n

It is the first of my works…..

Now it is difficult to count how many I have tried drawing styles and manner …


This work I did in the early 2000s….

I eventually complicate myself with age:)

This year I fascinated as to capture a relief painting where painting itself borders on sculpture…


This is a first paiting in that style…..


This picture was the following….

I continue to work in this direction..

my new art work

IMG_0432 (2)

This is the final result…….

I want to show you the stages of its drawing……

Of course it all started with the idea to paint……. ”The artist”


Image born on the canvas instantly…….


I named him” Artist’O


One things  comes up in  artist’s head…..:)..


 and the reality,…. the world is a very …different environment…..
The fantasy artist’s represented as bubbles around…….
I add warm tones, emphasizing the warmth around him…..
Purple color is associated with fantasies…….
Elegant fingers, beautiful wave of the hand and feet bare ….no shoes……artist….
”The Artist”
oil canvas
july 2016
for sale
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my dear readers

my dear readers!


I am pleased to inform you that my half-year training process is completed

It was a time of stress and perseverance

It was fear and despair and neeotenie and jerks and degradability and courage

Very hard to learn after 50

Head have all been studied and decomposed.

But five years ago I came to Canada and had to relearn everything.

Without Canadian education my salary is very small

And temporary work does not provide life

So I decided to learn

No it is not art … it’s anatomy and radiology and is a work in medicine

I hope that my ability is now increased, and life will change

 I’m so bored of drawing pictures
and just received the freedom of studyinattacked drawing


I suggest that you look at and appreciate my new paintings
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I read every

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