Is it possible today speak with you,my readers, without pictures and photos?

Talk to you directly.

First,I wish you health. It is very important .Hope you well.

I want to read your comments, it is important for me to hear you, my readers.

So that I could communicate with you.

Some from you ask why site was closed? I do not know so much about the problem of the Internet, but there was a failure . I can only say that I am very glad that that again my site, which I created brick by brick, by years, putting my desires and dreams, that this site is now working again. I just wish that there was some minimal consensus between the companies and sites and the failures were not so significant and thanks to them, my site is alive. I would like to rejoice together with you that you, my readers, are doing all right and well.
It is most important.

What’s my news?
For the first time in two years, we will have a major auction in August, in which I participate … The auction is anonymous and online.
If you are interested, please take a look at www.fb/Helenpolishukart -that my page on fb where I share paintings and info about future auction.

Another news: second part stories about small doggy Mimmi started postproduction time and I hope you will see them this fall.

Also I have great short film in production about our time,our reality .This movie take more time in production becouse its have graphics and special effects.

There are a few more projects that are too early to announce to you, but they are in the works.

I do not respond to advertisements and do not work for companies or private advertisements.
If you have any business proposals, write to me by email
I will try to answer to every one.

Once again, I am very glad that my site is working again and I can communicate with you.

I am waiting for your letters

Have a great day.


July 14 ,2021 Toronto