Friday’s art

Friday … weekend …ahead of the weekend……my head hurts….WHY?

A lot of work on the organization of the project….
Printed advertising and need to work….

Sick  the smallest from my family,she just one year old and I all day sat with her.

Always feel bad if young children are sick.



halloween party art



I need to tell this story.
It happened to me today
…The end of October is a Halloween Party
I was invited to Halloween Party today.
In the invitation it says that ,,get you best film related costume and come out to join,,.

I realized that it would be masked.
I wore a witch costume, zombie wig and made  on the face mask zombie.

 To go to the subway in a way I could not, for two reasons.My view was good, positive,but dangerous to others.

 Was dark on the street and rainy.So I went to the car with my son.

We drove 45 minutes across town with traffic lights.The city did not show signs of a holiday.
It was not public, like me.

And it was strange that at traffic lights when the car was ,in my window did not watch passing cars.

,,Listen, I’m good!,,-said my head, forgetting what mask I have on the face.

We arrived.
I thought, let the son go, check.
If there is still someone of the producers or actors dressed as me Halloween dress….I shall leave.

Son went and returned:
,,No one…….all solid, ….in suits…,,

,,Back..Lets go  back home…,,-said my Halloween Head.

Again 45 minutes and no one looked after me 🙂


fall art

I again change the plans and showing you the beauty and brilliance of fall.



How bright paint play with light….just wonderful….

I can not stop looking at this game….


for me it is a dance..
dance between light and shadow
dance between heat and cold
dance between the summer and autumn
once the weather is warmer and then windy and cold…


the wonderful dance of nature and timeIMG_1369



I remind you that on this website, and photos and pictures and video made by me.

Also my social links





and that’s not all  🙂


Thank you, my readers

Thank you, my readers….FB_IMG_1476476795215

Reading and correcting your feedback, I have come to believe that it is necessary to slightly change the style.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

And the first thing I do, I give you my personal a little movie.

Then write a small excerpt from the script.


october’s art

What you do on a cold October day?

Are you standing near the window and dreaming looking at the rain….

Wrapped sick in a blanket with a cup of tea in his hands

Or you sing  to a karaoke bar with your friends?

My October is a very interesting


In the morning I drink coffee, then I turn on the computer and check my email, prepare the projects  and  hope sponsors to give me a grant.

 Then I am writing a comedy script.I am writing steadily, slowly.

I called up during dinner with family and friends


In the evening, or work, or in the presentation or in the events, every day is busy and late coming home…..
This is a very interesting autumn


october art

I have no time….

PS_20161008112508 (2)

I plan to shoot a small documentary film and gather material  for the scenario.

Parallel, I want to show my sketches summer pictures….

PS_20161008112259 (2)

Get me to draw pictures of the party,it can only be an invitation to the exhibition, which I expect.

I was ripe for/I prepared/ joint exhibitions and confirmation of this, I agreed to one of them.

Today I show you my summer sketches, sketches of landscapesPS_20161008112350