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 This website presents the artwork for salethis is the place for those who BUY PAINTINGS ONLINE.
For you, a gallery of paintings, executed in oil on canvas.
All works are absolutely unique style.
 Open the gallery on my website, when click on the picture which you loved.
There is a description of each picture, the size of original, the year of manufacture and price.

All the pictures in a single copy, and the original signed by the artist
Some paintings are presented in the framework or in the virtual gallery.

How to buy paintings online from my website?

 If you like some  of picture, you can order it by clicking on,,BUY NOW,,  and make a purchase.
After receiving the payment, I’ll send you a picture  to your address.
Depending on the country, it’s takes 10 to 20 days.
Prepare for it in advance, as in some countries doubling time of the transportation, because it’s  the holidays.
For example, now the Christmas holidays and then New Year’s holiday’s in Europe and North America.
Soon will come the New Year in China, etc.
Traditional holidays  can increase the time of dispatch and transportation of international parcels.
It is absolutely guaranteed sale of original paintings from artist.
I do it to  for countries were  I have not visited.

My paintings are in galleries in  America, Canada, Germany, Holland, England,Israel,Jordan,Emirats, Ukraine, Russia, in private collections and art galleries in those countries.
 I represent today a small movie for you, which shows part of the work, created in 2016.
  Which is well and the most pleasant for you, who buy paintings online,I made a small discount on the paintings of the 2016 year’s .
Hurry to take advantage of the offer and buy your favorite painting.
 Next year I plan to expand the art gallery, and change its appearance.

I plan a lot of new pleasant  changes for you , my visitors who buy paintings online.
 Will be expanded and improved services for you.
There are many new works:prints&posters,original artwork service ,etc.
I am open to proposals for cooperation with magazines and prints.
Feel free to contact  helen.polishuk@gmail.com to discuss about size,color and other proposal of interested artwork or write in comment.
I’m open for cooperation to create a line of ceramic products on the basis of my work or other proposals.
Happy New 2017 Year !!!
All the best
Dec 29 2016



This year time

This year..what is it?

Leaving a very busy year..This year is contrasting…

The outgoing year was perfect….year gave all sorts of events.

This year  had a lot of meetings , breaking up, a sudden illness, there were charming acquaintance, had a lot to learn, work…..

 The end of  year the same contrast….

This year has not ended ,it continues to hurt, to surprise and delight.
Today my picture published in our newspaper,, The Guardian ,,to the front page and a small article about me,my bio.thisyear

I am pleased to report it.

If click to link you can read more about my winner painting and me:


You can also see the other images that made the front page of  other eight editions and the ones that didn’t. Click on the links at the bottom of my bio.


P.S.But also today I was rejected by  publications of my paintings for sale on UGallery.com.Oops.

                  This year is magic

 Yesterday I became unemployed, my studio was closed, it was bought.

Oh this year…
But I’m not upset.

I learned how to write articles during this year, learned to blog on my page.I wrote the script of the documentary film about Christmas and now doing scenes for him.
I learned how to montage video of the small films.
Everything, that is presented on this website is made by myself: films, photo, edition, and the sound edition.
But this is only the beginning..All that I started this year.

During the year, I drew a lot and created a number of different collections.
This year has given me a powerful impetus to my work.

I love to paint winter landscapes.
It is clean, full of melody paintings.


The purity of the winter landscape is charming.

It is impossible not to  love the winter landscape.
There is a film on the main page of the site about my paintings with a winter story.
I am going to create another block of this cycle of paintings.


Thank you for such support me.



Style of work

Today I publish my latest work in style ,,Petrikivka,,.

It has a collection of works in the same style.

In previous blogs, you will see my other work.

style of work

My last painting in ,,Petrikivka,,style

16”x 14”

oil canvas

Dec 2016


I was so addicted in painting, that does not want to stop at the beginning of the Christmas holidays.
Each of the last works so  inspirat me, that gave me a lot of energy here.

This style is amazing.

I was on a nice creative enthusiasm.

My style of work


 GIF pic.

My three both last paintings.

Click to pic to see images


I wanted to paint a new painting, fresh and new again

I got a present creative inspiration, drawing the mandala.
I transformed the style of the new filling Petrikivsky style.

My work style is characterized by two important moments:
I paint with oil paints on canvas.
I draw dotted strokes are ,not solid lines.

If you look good in the pictures, it is evident.

These changes give a different image of the pictures and make warmer shades.

One of my main drawing color is dark background.

I chose as the main image of the rooster.
That is  image of the next year,image of the  new  year, image of the coming year.

Like all of you, I wish it to be fruitful, peaceful and prosperous year.


My recent work reminded me of the old traditions.Lirrle comment about it……Ha-ha-ha…


Hahaha…my predecessors …… 🙂


In the past, women painted the walls of huts in the symbols of the coming year 🙂
I am a representative of the Women :), but in these modern times and I continue the tradition style.


Women today is not much different from their predecessors.

Very little change……Ha-ha-ha…
Well, just a little change…….Ha-ha-ha….

Almost unchanged……Ha-ha-ha….
Look at the photo at the beginning of a paragraph…… 🙂



I have……. I have change……

Some changes in my site, that I want to tell.

If you now visiting the site, you can see a film about the collection of my works on the theme of,, winter,,.

Also,in CURENT WORK you will find three sections:
Abstract, Ukrainian style and Nature.

That is new style in my website.

Clicking on each of them, you enter the gallery of my work in this direction and style.





And in the end of this blog…..

I thank the past year, for all that it happened.
I thank you for that whole year you were my readers, inspired me to write this blog and helped me choose the right steps to improve my web site.





Continued talking about art for sale online

Today I continued talking about  art for sale online

I will show sale at my experience.

After studying all the details of the publication of your  handmade works on the website, today I will tell you how to set yourself work.

Preparation and publication of the author’s works on own website for,, art for sale online ,,.

 Inefficient exhibit  your one work once a month.It is boring  for the buyer and inefficient  to the seller.You need to work  hard and to show as much of your work.

Site visitors need to compare several works, see your area, see a few works on the same topic.

 It is necessary to collect some paintings us one topic for one publication and expose.


Today I publish my last work

art for-sale online


oil canvas




oil canvas




oil canvas




oil canvas


 These all pictures  almost the same size, painted on canvas  by oil paints.
These pictures traditional Petrikivka paintings https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrykivka_painting

There are very popular  us Ukraine national traditions style http://www.unesco.org/culture/ich/en/RL/petrykivka-decorative-painting-as-a-phenomenon-of-the-ukrainian-ornamental-folk-art-00893

 I paint in this style for fifteen years.This is one of the trends in painting, in which I work.
All pictures displayed on this website is original work.

 These pictures are ready for demonstrating in galleries, exhibition halls and ready to design,illustrations of title pages of books and magazines, as well as for sale.


 These detailed pictures can be seen on this website in the  part,, MY PARTFOLIO,, then,,CURANT WORK,,then in Pofrolio One you can see 1 page 10 fotos of my work.All last work usually presented at the first page Parfolio One

Choose picture.

Press and click on picture.

 On the right side, it appears in a large size.

 The  green button at the bottom,,FULL SCREEN,,

Press for show big resolution foto and several  types.

 Each painting exhibited separately in multiple registrations and detailed photos.
These pictures can be ordered from this website.

Bottom left written the year of painting, size, and price.

If all goes well and you like it, click on button ,,BUY NOW,,

Delivery is worldwide.

Contact me helen.polishuk@gmail.com

to obtain copies of the pictures that much, but for them there is no price on website.

It can be a picture ,photo copy of the picture  or copy in the desired size .

art for sale online

The parcels sent by Canadian  mail to all countries during 3-7 days after receiving the money.


I appreciate your feedback and I am waiting reviews


Are you interested in selling you artwork, here is a complete guide on Art for Sale.


What does Art for sale mean?

Today I want to talk about an important topic for the artists selling paintings and own artwork. We will discuss experience and modern trends.

The term of Art for sale refers to the sale of the executed works the artist –  painting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Aesthetics/Selected_article/14

<img src="art-for-sale.gif="art2016sale">

Art for sale: types and styles.

Generally, the sale of original artist work can be done in several waysSale of artwork of artists at auction, selling online,  sale  on exhibitions, sales in the galleries.

The classic option is to sell the artwork in galleries but this selling style has lost its popularity due to the advancement of the Internet. The gallery exhibitions are good that the buyer personally to see the picture and verify the quality. Another advantage is that one can see more works and get acquainted with the artist himself.

On the other hand, due to economy of scale, collective exhibitions have become very popular. They last for a week or more. The exhibition represents artists from one to many and presents a variety of styles and trendsIt is profitable for artists and buyers .

The most popular is selling art nowadays through the InternetThis sale is done through websites.Therefore, it is important for web developers and artists owners of websites to present accurate information, quality photos and exact dimensions. It is also very important to create a website to become popular.The popularity doesnt not dependent on paid advertising, but depends on the content. Site content and web design are also important factors. You can create a website yourself, can be used to develop a platform, and you can use popular sites like Amazon,Etsy,Ebay…

Here is an advice from 3 online Gallery Leaders http://theabundantartist.com/online-art-galleries/

I personally chose to present my artwork online because it is fast-growing and (and almost free) place to trade art. I also can reach wider audience of customers. The flexibility to plan your time and efficiency that’s all influenced my decision.

The difficulties Art for sale online

The first problem concerns the popular large sites like Etsy is very high competitiveness.

To solve this problem you need to learn online marketing and to learn more about how they operate. Certain websites help organize artist page but you need to learn how to use and operate. here is an example: http://www.webstrategiesinc.com/blog/five-biggest-challenges-facing-online-marketing

<img src="art_for_sale.gif"


Finally its important to note that its all about marketing and analytics. I want to emphasize that fast online sale is impossible. It takes time to develop and acquire buyers. 

Read More

The style of my artwork

Today I will describe one of the styles in which I work.This popular style is called Petrikivka.

 About style of my artwork

Petrikovka is a ethnic style, popular in Ukraine.It said that many years ago, each ukrainian woman loving her house painted in this  style  his house wall.


I continue the tradition of my ancestors  already for 20 years  🙂
Really love  try  new colors and shades, changing the line and I love to draw cocks   🙂

I finished to draw this picture yesterday…..
Its size 11″x14′ oil canvas

 Inspired me this winter by the drawing  in the design of,,Petrikivskaya paintings,, the party paintings …….


Winter came powerfully and heavy snowfall….

Sitting in a warm room near the window, I will fill my paintings in blue and white….
This winter colors….colors cold .My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration.

I drew a  collection of paintings under the inspiration of winter evenings, intensive studio work, household chores and joyful mood in anticipation of the New Year….

This third work in this style.I can’t stop.I think about  upcoming holidays, I must prepare for it. I must clean the house.I must stop painting for holiday’s time.
I can not stop………

I’m keen on color tones and patterns.
Wants to create more and more

I will describe the technique works on a dark canvas.

It’s a hard work.
Often operate on a light canvas or paper and  by watercolor or gouache or acrylic.


I chose the hard way.
I draw on a dark canvas by oil paints.

First, I paint a white background canvas to  black color.I am waiting for it to dry more then week.
So once I prepar to 10 canvas.
Then I draw by pencil ekskiz future painting.


This pic shows how I created and painted my artwork:



I look  the works of famous Ukrainian artists, taking their example.
But I come up with my own style and pattern


style artwork


Then begin wonders      🙂     🙂
I draw a painting  on  one or two days.
A lot of energy gives the painting such artwork.
Then I wait two days to paint has dried up.
And after two three-day repeat layers.
Often repeat white
color.That color sensitive,white color disappears on a dark background.
I repeat up to three times applying white color.
It is necessary that the picture come brighter.
This is not seen on the canvas.

And….told about my small cute helper …..
I dry the painting in the room where my Chihuahua Cindy lives.
I land on the newspaper  on the floor and dry my paintinds here.
Cindy  during the night appreciates my creativity…..Ha-ha-ha….
I have several times found the image of the dog’s feet in my pictures   🙂
So it is she  signed…..
I washed them
….and painted again….

After drying I put on paintings Varnish to save colors from destruction.



I appreciate your feedback and I look forward to your comments, which will publish on the block page.

Thank you




New Year’s trend

Christmas mood adjusts to purchase gifts.

Coming Christmas…..coming Christmas…..coming Christmas…..

Around New Year holidays, we all preparing for them.

It is the busiest days of the year.
We are planning new changes next year during this time.
Someone prepare  to travel, someone preapare home for visitors,someone just thinking something..

The someone celebrate in the family circle,someone goes on a journey,
someone meets with friends.
New Year is coming and everyone is thinking about purchasing gifts.


A good idea to give a book us gift.

But it is not so popular this time…
This is a serious gift, …..capture people read your gift book.Today it’s easy by internet…

Another proposal, to give a picture painted by the artist.

It is a serious proposal too……shows the taste and inspiration.

And it’s good idea for decorating room… hangs on the wall the spirit of the artist….ha-ha-ha…I’m kidding…..ha-ha-ha…..skin of the dead animal…..

………….as the smell of the artist and his mood…….
……………..handwriting artist and memories about  him……..

That’s better…..so it sounds better….
It does not offend my colleagues and me…

Gift in the form of an original work of art is a very nice gesture and a beautiful gift.
Such a gift is worth attention and remains in memory…..

Are you choose one from my paintings as a gift for New Year ?In my house a collection of my paintings was the trend of the year.
Of course, I will work to increase this collection.
Want it sold in the next year for the world.

To bring with my picture my spirit, my style and my handwriting  to you my dear friends…

Leave in your memory a piece of my style and my fantasies….

For this I work, I draw, invent, compose and implemented in paintings.
I give you this chance through exhibitions and through my website.

I give you the chance to buy my works


Encourage your family and friends…..

New Year's trend

I congratulate you with the coming holidays…

Wish you celebrate the holidays together and give you warmth and love…






The beginning of intense cold….

Beginning cold….

 beginning cold


With the beginning of intense cold and snow, I draw a lot……

When it’s cold and heavy snowfall  it’s stop all outdoor activities.



When winter is started,the days are getting shorter and I wants to be carried out in a closed  worm room.
I’m working in the studio on RogersTV.
We shoot a few pilots for future programs.
I like to work the camera operator.

My camera is the most important in the work of our studio.I keep  studio guests in shoot.

Last month confirmed me in a good practice as a camera operator.I like my job.

Beginning cold…..

In the evenings at home I draw.



I became more and more fond of drawing
I create different images, I look to the painted picture of the artist in internet.
I like the style of the abstract, but I’m not ready to paint in this style now!


Today I’ll show you what I did last week.


I finished work on two paintings in the style of painting Petrikivskaya painting:

IMG_1631 (2)

IMG_1556 (2)

11″x14″ oil canvas

These pictures have not yet put on the website in the main gallery.
I began to share the different pictures and not all put up for sale.

I drew, but still it is necessary to modify the picture with the presence Patali (improvisation of gold):

Patal it is metal,imitation 23 karat Gold.I use small pieces Patal from Simple Gold Leaf.

In this photo shows the application of  Patal on the  my painting.I create design.

IMG_1629 (2)

IMG_1630 (2)

This is my second painting  is more created with  applique of imitation gold.

It gives color and shine to painting.
I like this style.
It is similar to drawing on metal.

I plan to try this on a large canvas.

I started another picture in Petrikivskaya painting:

IMG_1628 (2)

🙂 a lot  ….. 🙂   a lot of  my favorite works……..  🙂