It was a year ago.
At this time……
I received by  email letter from Amanda.
We worked with her in crew on the film ,,THE EGG,, which has not yet been made.
Amanda invited me to work with her as a Production Manager on her  movie ,,Horror ,,

the horrors (4)

I flew by plane to Kiev and doubted that I would be in time.
Then I told her that I was going to Kiev and talk closer to the shooting month.
Already being in Kiev, Amanda again writes to me that she wants me to be Production Manager in the shooting time of the film, which will be in July.
I agreed, but asked the script to read.
She sent the script, I read, I liked it.
I agreed, but said that I would come the day before the shooting.
She was glad.
So we started making a film called Horror
I flew in without unpacking my suitcases, I just got ready for the shooting day, looked through the locations, asked about my position and my responsibilities.


the horrors (7)

I remember the first day of shooting.
the horrors (3)

It was location on GO station. We got together, met. I knew from the previous project of the director and producer.
It was necessary to make up the actors. We found a small quiet comfortable place on the street, near the station.
Directly in the fresh air, in front of the passengers coming to the station, we were the makeup assistant, who made up atristas.
the horrors
We are cinema people…. Everything goes like this for us.
the horrors (2)

Then we had to shoot the scene inside the train.

the horrors (6)

And we saved money and considered who would go and who would not.
Calculated. That me and the producer, we should not ride. We waited for them to return. And they were late, because they did not consider what time the train was back.
We waited for the group, bought them sandwiches.

It was a cool day then. We waited for the actor to the next scene and waited for the whole group from the previous location.
The group came hungry and were very happy break and sandwiches.

In general, all four days passed like a dance.
the horrors (5)
the horrors (8)
We were friendly, despite the debates and setbacks.
the horrors (9)
the horrors (11)
the horrors (12)
the horrors (13)
the horrors (10)
the horrors (14)
the horrors (15)
the horrors (16)

We suffered everything and finished everything.
And now I can proudly boast – Amanda has completed the movie.
The film is taken on a Toronto  Shorts International Film Festivale
And  March 4th we invite everyone to watch our movie
Please,come and check it out at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival
Date: March 4 th
Time:9:10 p.m
Tickets: 15$

About clouds

It may come in, like my previous small essays in some of my books……
But today I just share my soul with you.
We say writers have special souls, sensitive and insightful
We say that writers, like artists, are weird, flaky and odd…..
Today, I do not argue
 I’m talking about clouds today…..
                  ……when I was small, I believed in fairy tales.
And I loved that my grandmother to tell them to me.
From fairy tales, I learned three things:

-first: that  could be a happy ending………..

-the second:  that there may not be a happy ending………

-the third: that when someone die, their souls leave the body.…….

Just go out  the body and all.
And the body is buried or burned.
Now I’m not a little girl anymore.
But it remains in me.
…….when I lived as an adult woman in the Middle East, in Jordan, the terrain there is mountainous….
……In seasons….in rainy storms, my husband( a doctor) returning after a night duty,often said that they could not save a serious sick patient.The patient was died.
And I looked at the window, saw how heavy, spherical gray, dark clouds lay over the city.
These big watery clouds seemed to collect the souls of dead people.
They collected and slowly crawled into the mountains.
And so it was in the days of changing seasons, in early spring and late autumn.
It repeated every season
……Clouds floated low over the city and collected the souls of the dead seriously ill……
I live in Toronto now.
There are no such clouds.
The clouds here are far from the earth
Very far from us…..very very far…….
I continue to believe that the souls of the dead come out of their bodies before death.
But in Toronto I am afraid the night, which takes souls.
Nights here are evil, dark, scary and merciless
The night that takes the souls of seriously ill patients

I’m sorry I’m in that mood today
I told you that we, writers + artist, are weird.
Today, one sweet, bright, kind soul went into the night……..

26 February 2019 7 a.m

Petrykivka in my work

Today I will talk to you about just one topic.
Petrykivka painting……my Petrykivka paintings.
I have been engaged in this kind of folklore painting during 20 years.
This is my business card to the world of art. I started the first paintings in Petrykivka style more than 20 years ago and still painting.
petrykivka in my work
This is my paintings in Petrykivka style
Petrykivka painting is one of the oldest types of folk painting in Ukraine.
It originates from the village of Petrikovka, Dnipropetrovsk region,Ukraine.
Separate items remained with this style of painting since the 18th century.
However, in modern style, it was formed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The origin of the Petrykivka painting is associated with Cossacks and the settlement of the Dnipropetrovsk region by people from Poltava, Slobozhanshchina and Podolia.
Samples of painting in this style became popular by D. Yakornitsky and E.Evenbach. They developed in the form of wall painting (,, Malevka ,,) for interior decoration.
They were painted on folk tools, chests, sleighs, seeders. Drawing products in this style finished by varnishing, overglaze and underglaze porcelain painting, glass painting, painting leather wallets. Also, patterns were taken for embroidery blouses and towels.
Now Petrykivka painting was formed as an independent type of decorative graphics and widely spread throughout the world as an  original separate art school.
Petrykivka style of painting is characterized by a floral ornament that continues the traditions of Ukrainian Baroque.
It uses a variety of colors and compositions with various materials and techniques
Can be made with watercolor, oil, gouache, acrylic, tempera with homemade brushes (made from  cat wool) or fingers, pipette, reed sticks on a light, black or colored background.
In January 2013, Petrykovka style painting was brought to the intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine by order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.
On December 5, 2013, the Petrykinka painting was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO)
I bring my little piece in continuation of this style of painting.

My paintings in this Petrykivka style can be found on this website by opening the main page, then at the top center in the middle open CURRENT WORK and open in the middle UKRAINIAN
petrykivka_in my work
Here I publish a collage of my last works in this Petrykivka style.
I must confess that the paintings began to turn out tender.
Perhaps this is my attitude and love for this kind of art.
I often publish new works on Facebook on my page
You can always subscribe and will be in the subject.
If you have any questions, please write, I will answer with pleasure

2019 Year of Pig

Very unimproved this 2019 year.
Started with big changes on all my fronts what I liked.
I  quickly do a lot  of work, especially in art spectrum.
I had to give up unnecessary art programs, in which I am included.
I refused from unnecessary exhibitions, where I come to participate.
I concentrated on this  my personal site and expanded into a range of sales of paintings within Canada.
I must say, I do not waiting very high sales results.
Canadian art  sales market is uninteresting and predicted.
Sales are very slow and the artist has large losses from them.

year of pig (2)

I’ll tell you what happened immediately after the publication of my painting on the local sales network.
I published a painting showing a photo here.
This 5 x 7 my original work is made with oil on the canvas.
I showed this work before the February holidays of St. Valentine. I published that the buyers bought it as a gift to the collection.
The price I set the minimum, just for my 45 dollars.
I posted.
And this painting was arrested. The site’s customs. Two days were considered and thought what to do with it. As a result, they decided not to let it go for sale and asked me to remove it from sale.
This painting is published on my personal website. Here, in the section of my work, you can find it.And open for sale.
I’m sorry, that’s the way it turns out.
But we, artists, are mistaken for strange people…… although I don’t see anything strange in this.
So….I can do more perspective just in my personal website
 I want to show you, my readers, how I perceive the world.
and do not limit myself in the peculiarities of society.

Happy Chinese new year 2019 card with pig. Vector illustration.

I wish my Chinese friends a Happy New Year
Year of the Pig
And I wish wealth, love and prosperity.


year of pig (3)
Very strange …. I congratulate the Chinese people around me (or those born in China) inToronto with  New Year …
And in response, I hear:
-We do not celebrate. These are Chinese traditions. Our parents celebrate just……

Our advanced country and people living in it
I would like to hear this from the Europeans, too……..

Best wishes