29 October 2018: black dog day

Today is 29 October , the day of the black dog. In the year  this is special day,where the black dog  is combined with  black sun.


black dog day

That is rare phenomenon. Such a rarely happens on the planet. It does not combine usually. Just once in thousand years. And today is such a day.
I got up in the morning, went to the window and looked down on the city.
The city is not visible. Everything was covered with fog. Right, as if the artist had smeared the sky and earth with gray paint. Thick fog was already reaching the sky. A little can be seen near high buildings.

black dog day (4)

The fog is very thick, can not see.
And only a couple of pigeons on my window kiss and clean their feathers in the morning.
It is so sensitive.
Immediately in my head: it turns out that our planet also has critical days.
echoing the idea: what are we, humans, tiny creatures, and we live very little (in comparison with the planet)


black dog day (6)


Do not repeat my thoughts after me. This is just a fleeting argument.
Your thoughts may be smarter.

black dog day (3)

I immediately introduced .. as it is .. long time ago … primitive people ..
Meat is eaten all day. No work. All the hunters. Some want sleep,sleep all day. Some want to go for a walk.,walking.
What is ahead? They don’t care about it. Their life is a mess.


I sometimes get tired and want to return to the ancestors in their unsettled life
There is underdeveloped medicine,no special services.  There is no medicine, like the service industry, in which you are fed by your money with rubbish to pump out a lot of money.
There is no division of people into skin color or religion. There is a man and a woman. The whole question comes down to survival in wild nature among wild animals.


And now, everything is written on the day book. Get yourself to do exercises, then eat ,Feng Shui:) Then quickly, don’t be late for work. If the family has young children, they have to go to the institutions.
Then-work-rest-work. Then take the children out of the institutions.
Eat on Feng Shui :)The exercises can be done with your wife if you are lucky.
And sleep.
But you always know that tomorrow again, in the morning, charging. Feng Shui, children, work

Well this is my joke.

black dog day (2)


In general, I sit, write, on Feng Shui:) or on such a rainy  black day(black dog&black sun) — turn off the light. And I’m on the 17th floor. This means that you can’t warm up food, the elevator does not work,no water and no internet.
It is necessary, as neighbors from neighboring apartments along the corridor, to creep out and descend to the ground.
And only a pair of pigeons-itch outside the window and kisses.
The battary in my comp only 4%.
I am lucky to feel it,this critical day.
Critical day of the planet. Just like women, nothing happens, everything falls out of the hands.

black dog day (7)

PS I went downstairs and found out that the electricity was off indefinitely.

Traffic jams on the streets. I went for a walk to the square. Several accidents on the main street.
I sat in McDonalds to charge my mobile phone to feel the time.
We live in a century when it is always necessary to coordinate time


Still have to change our world


black dog day (5)

Outdated  old laws



                         Thought and wrote down your thoughts Helen Polishuk


blackdog day

Types of portrait

Today we will talk about the types of portraits.
We will not consider classic portraits.

Types of portrait (12)

We’ll talk about the photos.
About female images.

Types of portrait

Very interesting topic in terms of creating an image for a portrait.


Types of portrait (6)
If in past was some kind of stereotype or image, on the basis of which the photo was built .
For example,strictly the direction of the face to the camera.
Now we see that both a direct photo and a side view are being successfully created.

Types of portrait (9)

I especially like the creation of a portrait with decorative elements and the combination of black and white photography with a bright element. Be this a berry or a decoration.


Types of portrait (11)


It is very artistic, bright and talented.

Types of portrait (4)


In general, the creation of a photo is like the creation of an artistic picture. It is necessary to clearly and clearly convey the image.
I admire beautiful photos where a woman with her beautiful forms is gently shown.
The modern portrait of a woman is a combination of the image of a woman with movement.

Hand movement, falling mop of hair, turning the shoulder — all this creates movement.
I like when it is successfully complemented by beautiful clothes or accessories

Types of portrait (10)

I love to admire the way where something is highlighted. For example, beautiful shoes next to the model.

Types of portrait (8)
It looks spectacular red lipstick on the pale face of a woman.
Highlighting one thing and dimming, shading the other, very much emphasizes the image.
Not the last role is played by clothes for creating a little erotic image.
It underlines young.
For some reason, it is associated with youth.
Transparent clothes make the image erotic.


Types of portrait (2)

but also shows tenderness and romance.
My selection of photos was created to show a modern portrait in a wide range.

Modern photos just perfectly show beautiful images of young girls, convey their youth and beauty.Types of portrait (5)


It is a combination of tenderness and purity, passion and erotica, youth and playfulness, coquetry and excitement.

Types of portrait (3)

I really like the images, which are based on the elements of water,nature or light.

Types of portrait (7)