Post quarantine

as element of decor

What  I feel when I open my site after six months of quarantine to write a post?



This is the name of my new work, which I share with you
After spring 2020 with quarantine?with disrtoy in futures plane,we will not be able to live as before.
As the main thing, we are motivated by caring for the family, the observance of today and the recognition that everything must be treated with distrust


at gallery

What’s new in my angels paintings?

close to image

The background of the paintings has become darker.
I express not transparency, hopelessness, anxiety
This is the background of ourselves, me too.
close to sign
 My signature still  at the corner in lower right as before
in frame
I continue the 2020 cycle about angels
If the previous pictures are interesting, you can find them on the fb page :
main image
If you are interested in cooperation with me and online exhibitions of my works, write
on the wall
Unfortunately,email on my site does not work and I am working on its restoration
Due to financial costs that are difficult to maintain and pay, I am thinking of closing the site.
If you want to help in its content, I will gladly accept it.
Email me about it.
 As I already reported, this painting refers to post-quarantine paintings dedicated to angels and is called, “Zeroed”
materials: oil on canvas
Size: 5’x7′
100% original with my signature
I am pleased to receive feedback from you,my readers.

I am pleased to receive your feedback from you in,,COMMENTS,,
I always read all the reviews
Now there is a lot of work to be done, about 5 thousand of them have accumulated together with bots…and its waiting for read
I promise to read and answer to all readers of my blog
Really looking forward to hearing from you comments and stories, how are you doing
July 16,2020 Toronto