Few comments about last month


Over the past month have been a lot of changes and I want to share with you.

My comments about what changed past month:

1.Few comments about website

I changed the style of my website.
I’m working on it.
I changed the first, second and third page.
There is a film that I am creating now.ur newsletter.

3.Few commets for visitors:

Some  visitors  of the blog  ask me about buying paintings through the my site.
Yes, it is possible.

All paintings are exhibited FOR SALE.The price is will be there.

If there is no information about the price, then a paintings is not for sale or it’s sold.
If they exhibited, show some price under illustration.


WOW…..What more  …..:)   🙂

4.About Video:

Now visitors can view the painting by vidio for close viewing of  the pictures.

choose favorite painting >click green button on center page.FULL SCREEN  or VIDEO

Video shows the originality of the selected painting, its color, texture and size.

In the future, all the painting will be  upload  with video.

5.About  contact with me through the blog.
On the blog in the comments, you can ask me questions, and share  your proposals.
Also, about the sales and future exhibitions, you can write to me


I’m always glad to answer your questions.


Watch my little work from my past month:

small _comments_month

6.Thanks  for comments, suggestions and support.
They help me in my work.
I am in Twitter and Instagram and FB.
Links on the first page of my website,on the main page.

Thanks a lot, everyone.
Do not forget to subscribe to my mailing list.(RSS)
If you  feel my site is slow, that means  your computer is old or your browser does not work well with WORLDPRESS  platform.

                you just have to blink a bit……,,


small comments month






My findings within a month of publication of art works at two European sites

My findings within a month of publication of art works at two European websites



This year I presented my work at the two most important European websites  for selling original paintings:

https://www.artmajeur.com          and


These two European websites,  but they are very different.Very different choices for the sale of paintings.

I started to work with them with small  size paintings ,that are  ready to sale.These paintings are executed in oil on canvas, covered with varnish, which applied to protect my painting.

The choice was made on the small picture to make it easier and cheaper to ship them from Canada to Europe.
One month passed and I am ready to share the results of observation.
findings month publication on site for sale

Conclusions from the publications of my work on the  websites for sale

1.I immediately found  some faults on  my website and become  correct them.


Example.Images.I did very small resolution of the picture before.I changed and started use medium

and high resolution.I began to publish some different photos.

All the latest publications of my paintings are accompanied by a video clips .Video shows the details of the picture,  size and real image, which is very important to the buyer.

2.I began to listen to the comments, and do them. It is the communication with the readers of my blog and my site visitors.

Example: My  website mail was not connected  directly to my e-mail. On the New Year hollidays I got a letter from a man interested in my paintings.The letter wasn’t missed for nearly two months until I accidentally was  found it in my email storage.
I asked for apologies from this visitor, and corrected my email.Now I get letters all at once and see them all at once and immediately respond to them.

3.I began to study online marketing…….the hardest thing…:)

4.I changed the style of drawing and paintings size.Want to try everything and more sophisticated.

I check every day, what is on sale, its size and price.

5.I go daily through both  websites and their statistics.
I read their mailing.

6.I began to understand the difference between European art and American…..   🙂

7.I am preparing  for a major exhibition this summer.

In the,, Landscape,, section, I put one from the three works that I am preparing for the exhibition.

I think that the publication of my work on websites has a positive impact.




………………………..What to do next?
                                   Next…we live……
Tomorrow ….spring!!!!……………………………………………………….






How to draw a painting

Hello everybody

Today I will tell my secrets on how to draw a painting.

The most difficult is to choose a drawing plan and scenario basis.

You should think what would be central in the sense and what  the secondary.

This year I have started to think of the size and pattern plan specifically for certain exhibitions.
It is very important.

I looked up and studied the websites for sale, that sold the most. Nature and landscapes I created and painted easily ,but they are still in my stock.

Easier and more popular draw Abstract.

I then have to guess the color, texture and size.
Now I prepare to the most important exhibition for me this year.
It will encourage beginners.
However, it has a limit on the number of  painters and I want to get to the exhibition.
So I changed the direction and nature of my work.

Of course, it is absolutely difficult.
That ‘s called my handwriting/hardworking…

Of course, to select the themes I have seen a lot of websites, paintings and photos from previous exebitions.
And decided on the topic, which will consist of three pictures.That’s name 3 Panel Wall Art.
Each picture is an independent, but in general one common . I’ll show you when it’s ready.
Let’s start with the smallest one, and the first and most important for me painting.

So, I tell how I draw my paintings


On the prepared canvas, I dealt with a pencil drawing sketch.
Then I made the first sketches of oil paint.I choose the basic gray or brown color.IMG_2123
I drew an owl.
This is the first time I draw an owl or animals.
I drew it  by strokes, small strokes…
how_ to _draw _painting - Copy
I got a good volume and image.
I chose the background trees and grass.
After drawing basic objects, I proceeded to the secondary plan,and drew background.
how to draw painting
For me it is a very important stage of drawing pictures.
I love that it was obtained as a 3D image.
how-to draw-painting - Copy
Redraw  several times the grass, tree trunks and leaves.
Certainly continued drawing on the sides of the canvas to great effect.
The first one  of the three  pictures turned like that.
howtodrawoainting - Copy
You wonder where I get inspiration?

It is  always I have …..





Valentine’s Day

We celebrate the Valentine’s Day….

Label With Red Textile Hearts On Wooden Gray Background. English Text Happy Valentines Day. Retro Or Vintage Style. Macro Or Close Up Of One Label

On this day, I want to remember the Valentine.We celebrate this day in honor of one of Valentine, who became a saint.

Is that  Valentine of Rome, suffered under the Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus (269-270)?

Valentin healed the blind daughter of the Imperial dignitary Asteria.  Asterius adopted Christianity with the whole family after this miraculous healing .On hearing this, the emperor executed Asteria and Valentina.

Valentine's Day (2)

But maybe it’s a different Valentin?Interamnsky Valentin was born in the year 176 ,he became a Christian and youngest was ordained bishop.In 270, he was invited to Rome philosopher Craton, who asked to heal the sick son.After the miraculous healing Kraton and his disciples became a Christian.The mayor ordered to seize Valentin and tried to force him to renounce his faith, but  Valentin chose to take a holy martyrdom.Valentine was executed on February 14 273 years.We celebrate the day of death or the feast day of St. Valentine.

This sacred healing the sick and helping the lovers.Valentin joined knot  young Christian woman  Serapio and the Roman centurion Sabino.Both lovers were terminally ill.
The soldiers were not allowed to marry.But the marriage took place.Act made Valentine the patron saint of lovers.

Valentine's- Day

Another legend says that once while walking Valentin noticed the boy and girl, who were quarreling with each other. By the will of the saint around them began to circle couple cooing pigeons. At the sight of their lovers cheered and reconciled.

St. Valentine is the patron saint of the city of Terni. In the temple on the eve of Valentine’s Day on February 14 th Festival is arranged betrothal, which is specially visited by hundreds of brides and grooms from all over Italy.

Special Valentine’s Day

Valentine's ,Day

Wonderful holiday reminds us of the wonderful feeling of love.

This feeling is incomprehensible to the end…..
Love changes a person and makes him stronger.
Love gives meaning to life.

Two people on a par connect their lives in marriage.
Not on the day of, and on life….and gravity, ….and in sorrow …..and in joy

From my elderly parents, who have lived together for more than 50 years, I asked:
-What is the secret of your love?

-To be able to ignore the grievances and resolve problems wisely.

Great!….Great!…..Great!………A wonderful day!

Do not rush to give flowers to loved ones ….
Give your attention …and …..most minutes together …
……………appreciate and love life……….


I congratulate you on the occasion of loved ones and lovers.
I wish people,who alone to find your,, half,, and open your hearts to love

I wish happiness to you, my readers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's _Day


Reference materials :santatiana.wordpress.com


Women in red


My page on ARTFINDER.COM :


IMAG0067 (2)

It is my first publication in other’s website.








Artfinder website

IMG_2030 (2)


I spent five hours today to publish my first work on  Artfinder website.

Now you can see my original work ready to sale at:


It is necessary to recognize the quality and organization of the website for sale art…I chose Artfinder website.


 The first painting I  have selected is not reached on the price, I had to look for a painting of the low price and high quality,plus small size.

The size is  :20x15x0.3 sm  and it placed in cardboard box size  38x27x20 sm and send/sale into the world.


This is important in the selection of paintings for sale.
I have not studied analytical, I chose the way of having my ready for sale artwork from my storage.


Of course it is important to the quality of work.
So, I chose the painting, written between 2015 and 2016 years.
This series of paintings dedicated to Art and Music.

All these pictures of the original concept.The painting absolute original work with my autograph in the lower right corner.

artfinder website (2)

I wrote with inspiration these pictures, enjoying the music.

When I drew, the music sounded from the computers or mobile phone next to the studio.

It’s amazing, but as often happens to me…….
Music was in me in and gave impetus to paint my paintings.It lasted in singing.
From January 2016 ,I sing in the choir,  I have the first soprano.Often the artist’s idea is embodied in reality…… 🙂

More about today’s publication

 Back to the publication of the artwork on the  website.
I chose Artfinder website as the one of highly organized and popular European site for sale original art.
I had to process the selected paintings.
But,I found it not quite finished and painted it again.
Then photographed.
Then on computers scanned and found another error, I correct them.
I photographed again.I take pictures in the interior, the back side,details.

It is very important to make a quality picture,JPG or PNG format with sRGB color profiles and min 1200 px .
Working on my site, I did not think of many details,what I worked on today.
Thank you so much Artfinder.com
Now I will have to work the rest of the evening to publish this series of paintings about  Art and Music.
My dear readers, I invite you to my page at:
It is possible, that someone did not dare to buy my work from  my own website.I know ,that more reliable to use the services of  guaranteed and intermediaries.

I think Artfinder is a qualified website.

Another work started.
Forward and I am working on the results.
Have a nice day, everyone.






Today’s news

Thank you for regular visits to my website.
Nothing special today, I will make simple analysis of the incoming comments.So today’s news:

The difficulty of doing the website and blog

The site has good information purpose about me and my  original art.

This is my goal….rich a global audience…other goal….sell my art online.

This is one of the purposes of conducting site.Over the years I have worked on  creation and design of my website.I changed the view of the main page and invented several times.For me it is very important to have a modern look of the website.
Also important contact with customers.
That,why.. I’m blogging.

 Every day I get comments and view them.

Thank you for the positive and optimistic reviews about my blog.

These comments supported to create my first essays and publications.
I’m serious about creating regular blog updates

I tried to change topics for publications and awe belong to the selection a photo for posts.

Your reviews say about the correct selection and successful solutions.
Thanks for the feedback.
I try to respond to some of them.

Publication of my movies and music videos as chosen by theme.

Thanks to your comments, I continue to improve my site.

Events and attend activities provide the basis for the publication of posts.

A little about the plans


I’m going to participate in the spring exhibition in Toronto 2017.
My pictures on display at ARTMAJEUR.COM


Also at Artfinder.


I still work to create my page at Artfinder.

As writter, I am a member 32stage.This site help me innovate style of my writing.

I plan to create a further small essays and publish my notes there and share a link,where you can buy my work.

I plan to create a small loop about the Ukrainian art.

I am preparing a short film about the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

I value your feedback.
I study every comment and answer

I already wrote that I have an account in Twitter:@lenchik63


Also have fb:www.facebook.com/elena.polishuk.7


Today  is  no more news.
I wish you a good weekend.




First february 2017….amazing day…

What it is amazing day?

We do not think about the expression of ,,amazing day,,?Every morning we wake up and begin to remember what you need to do now, and where it is necessary to hurry, but do not think about what kind of day it is?It is wrong.We are not setting you up for the quality of the day and does not endorse the present.


Today is a wonderful day…….
I waited for him all night, I waited for dawn….

I looked at the clock on the wall and waited for the clock to come to 5 … 6 … 7 ….and the light will begin to appear….

I suffered and waited for darkness changes to light and the light in the room will not be necessary …
I turned off the lights ….. daylight was enough.


During this time the cake is baked in the oven.
On the street more often began to drive the cars, splashing snow on the roadside.

All night it was snowing.
Snow fell slowly to the ground, hiding its like thick carpet.

February snow is different from the December snow.He no longer sweeps and is in no hurry to pile a bunch of snow us in early winter.

amazing day

……,,See, the winter comes … I have to fill up with snow ..
This is inevitably …

                  Snow ……..
Winter…….,,-say snow in December….


February snow is falling slowly as if dancing….


It updates already old snow and covers it with a new layer…..

Winter is not  a hurry now..
Now is a winter time and winter ruled them….

It is amazing day.

One winter day….first day of February…

Why this day is amazing day?

I know the answer…..
You still sleeping but I looked a bit forward….
You still look sweet dreams but I have already set up my clock on this new day…

It’s simple…

I created this  day …. I joined the flour, sugar, eggs, mixed and baked cake..
The smell of cake scattered around the house

I patiently waited for the beginning of the dawn with a smile and turned off the light in the room.
…..The day came…
…….This day will be gone….
…This day alone,  this day unrepeatable….

And so it amazing!

And I smile…
And so I’m waiting for you wake up ..
You wake up,my visiters, look in the computers ..open my website, my blog….
,,Oh!Look! She wrote new post!
Oh! Beautiful post!
How beautiful Helen wrote!
Well done!,,

You will agree with me that every day is a wonderful and unique and we make it so


…..to be continued

Do not hurry……