MAY 2022.We will win.

Panno created june 2021-may 2022 mix media

Spring ends and May 2022 comes to an end.

An unusual month, like an unusual spring.

Spring of war, destruction and creation, spring of hopes and victories
What does it take to win? – This is the question most often heard today.
Will we win? Will we win?
Of course. Looking back at everything that happened in the first months of the year, I say that this will go down in the history of the world as a huge change in the world – and this is already an irrevocable phenomenon.

Surviver (not finishe yet) acryl&canva

Yes. You ask because you are tired of an incomprehensible state. You are nervous because everything has risen in price all over the world and blame the military conflict in Europe. But the world has changed. There is nothing to blame, we have changed with the world. And changes are not unforeseen – reasons lead to them. Seeking or blaming is the easiest thing you can do to try not to change.
But after all this already will counteraction.
I have been feeling this opposition since February, when I tried to organize a viewing of my friend’s film and stumbled upon the venality of our system in the Diaspora. I retreated, we abandoned the fraudulent scheme, the film was successfully shown in several European countries and raised money to help refugees.
What is happening now and will happen over the course of the year, slowly? This is the realization that there are changes and we need to step over into the new. The old will no longer be, it is being destroyed.

And then victory is realized. Victory over oneself in the first place.
Over the mistaken opinion that the world will never change. Over the mistake of resisting change.

we will win (painting is not finish yet) acryl&canva

In the same way, two years ago we slowly entered two years of life under world quarantine. But we had to live, survive, bury relatives and friends who did not pass those terrible years.
This is an example. Many people still have fear, and now, on the streets, I see mothers with children with masks on their faces. Outside, on a warm sunny day.
It’s like a seal of fear.
The same will happen now. A terrible year. The destruction of my beautiful beloved city of Kyiv, the destruction and barbaric theft of cities and villages, entire regions wiped off the face of the earth. Mariupol. Kharkov. Chernihiv.
In the centre of Europe.
A terrible hell that forced millions of people to leave the destroyed areas and hide from the bombings, flee to Europe and America.
In the eyes of hope.


At first it was hope for a speedy end to the war.
Now it is a hope that this conflict will only be on our soil and will not spread to other European countries, not expand.
Peaceful Ukrainian villages are burning. People are dying.

The world has changed.

Element (this painting from new creations,acryl&canva. 8″x 10″ )

In this post I publish my paintings that were created this month of May 2022

We will win. I believe. The Ukrainian people are suffering a lot. But we will win.
I say this because I have changed. I say this because I realized that there is no past.
We will win

my creation to be continue….