Do you like to read stories?
I will not wait for an answer, I am writing to you the story of one of my paintings with all its incidents and events ,which happened to it.
First, I created a theme. The topic was a naked woman emerging from the water.
For this image, I took my photo, changing it in a special program for photos.
I liked the idea, I caught on to it very much and quickly sketched the sketch and the picture itself.

When I burn with energy, nothing can stop me.
It’s a pity that age reminds myself and six hours of continuous sitting behind a drawing floats out into very swollen feet.I am old.Yes,I am.
I’m already getting old. So I’m in a hurry, that’s why I’m open, that’s why I do what I can and I want.
I sketched a sketch and quickly drew a picture and upload at Artfinder and Saatchi.

That’s how its looked.I named ,,Naked,,


For a whole month I was busy with work and did not watch the sites.

I came home hungry and tired, ate and went to bed.
The next day I ran early  away  and it’s continued for a month.
At the end of the month, before the shooting, I was in the city for several days from morning to night.
Once I wore uncomfortable shoes, and I had to go to the store and buy sandals during the break, between the work.

The month of June is over and I thank,that month passed.
When I became free, I looked at the site. My sites were dead. No views, no purchases. No likes.
I looked at the picture, the last one.
I love her. What I see in her, maybe I can not see anyone else. In her idea:
,,A woman ,who emerged from the water,,. I managed to pass a second.
But it turned out to be an extraordinary
When people came to me, they asked me, standing at this picture:
-What is it?
They did not understand, they did not see what I saw in this picture.
I explained to them that it was a naked girl, emerged from the water.
They stood, smiled, looked and spoke:
-It’s still not clear…..
One day,when the paints on the canvas dried up, I took the brush in my hands and began to add shades and layers of oil paint.
I drew with such inspiration and passion that I had a dream that I saw.
The painting revived and shone in a new light.
main image1small
I changed the  main photo on the pages of Artfinder and Saatchi.
Called the picture,,The Survival.”
And wrote a little story about her in the forum in Artfinder.
For the end of day I had a lot of views and even one from UK postponed the painting to buy.
I’m satisfied, I went to bed.
The next day I thought that this painting is very expensive and important to me. I prepared all my sites together and put everywhere one price-1800 dollars. I had to change the price on an Artfinder from 1300 to 1800.
And my client changed his mind.
But the painting remained with me  🙂
And here I was thinking of creating a series of paintings of this size, kind and theme.
I will soon go to the exhibition and I need a topic. So this is the topic.
My ” The Survival,” survived.

Go through the many of galleries I now and I see many artists create something that is fashionable and bought quickly.

But I always stop in front of the paintings that has a theme.
Fashion goes through:deer, owls and horses, blue or blue or golden. Create a theme for them- is another,its right,its theme.
My painting live.
And let my ,,The Survival,, open his throat.People say it’s an open throat, it’s looks on the female vulva.
Whatever was like my painting, it’s unusual.
And I loves my painting, and she really hates me. My ,,The Survival,,
That’s my small story about my new painting.



Montgomery’s Inn

The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the formation of Canada come to the ending  and I will calmly tell about some events of the past weekend.
Firstly, I was celebrating understanding, I will not live so much  🙂

Celebrate in a big way only newcomers,with noisy companies and fireworks.
The Canadians preferred to escape from Toronto for the weekend, to surrender to the mosquitoes in the campings, or to fly to more hot places or an island near.

Today I will tell you about my favorite place in Etobicoke.
This weekend it was open for visitors.It is Montgomery’s Inn.

This is the smell and style of the 18th century.This is an extraordinary spirit, located in an old house, thanks to the  still living there old women from Montgomery’s dynasty.


The house is located near my house and I happily visit it, walking through the park.
Go from the subway,, Islington ,,through the park to the north only 500 m, the second traffic light on the right and you are on the spot.
This year, for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada, the Montgomery’s Inn was opened.

Two dozen volunteers helped create the comfort of the 18th century.

Montgomery's Inn
On the terrace was a small mini-restaurant where you could have a small lunch.


The building consists of three floors.
The main floor is divided into two parts. One for guests and tourists. The second is a kitchen, a fireplace, a living room and a refectory

In the kitchen, volunteers in ancient dresses cooked biscuits and prepare it according to old recipes.

montgomery volunteers
Cookies, baked on charcoal, in a large fireplace on a special shovel.
We immediately tested them.


cake montgomery

Near the volunteer set up a picnic set  of 1867.

montgomery picnic

She referred to descriptions from the book she presented to us.

book montgomery

In the next room there is a bar and a place where you can have fun, play cards or…..


If you want to take a photo in this cozy bar of the 18th century, ask the volunteers and they will organize it for you.

… I’ll show you this ancient game, I do not know what it’s called, it’s like our “towns,” or bowling
You throw a suspended ball and you need to knock down as many balls as possible. The one who shoots down the most.

From the kitchen through the corridor the staircase raises to the second floor, where the bedrooms and social room.

candel space montgomery's inn

I drew attention to the unusual ledges above each door on the top floor.
This is the place where the candles were placed.
This place is protected from wind and drafts and illuminated the room.

Here is an example of decorating a room! A great idea that the current architects have forgotten.
It is also reliability and protection from fire. The higher the flame is raised, the safer it is from the fire.
candels montgomery's inn place


Was it cold to sleep on such beds?

bed montgomery's inn

Yes, it was very cold.
Probably that’s why a bed of this size, and three people slept on it.
A small bed was reduced by three people so that they warmed themselves 🙂
There was a fireplace in the room, but there was not enough firewood until morning and in the morning a person quickly dressed and lit a fireplace. As a rule, this was done by a husband or a servant in the lower floors.

The mistress of the house was very affable and caring woman, but she lived 48 years and died.
By our standards, it’s early.
But in those days, it was the average age of a person’s life.
There was no medicine or medical care.
On the windowsill you will see in the photo a set of vials-these are bottles with tinctures. They were primitive medicines that were used at that time

Next to the decanter and a bowl of pottery.
In the morning they did not leave the room, but washed right there.
And the linen was dried in winter on special wooden hangers, putting them near the fireplace to warm up.
Washing clothes was a problem for Canadians with such severe winters.
It was very hard to wash large bed sheets and duvet covers. It was even more difficult to dry them.
Because this was assigned to the rooms at the bottom of the house and in the warm season was prepared in advance
The bed sheets were kept near the fireplaces in the heat and smelled of burnt wood.
montgomery's inn slider
I was intrigued by this photo
What is it?
This is  for shoes ,,take  off,,   🙂
Shoes did not take off before and carried a whole day, until night.
Because it was cumbersome and that it was easy to remove, become a back to this device and a bottom-up movement, took off boots.
Of course and immediately to sleep, on the bed.(СOLD!!!!)
Because it stood near the bed.
By the way, all things were stored in such small chests near the bed in the legs (see in the photo).
Go further from the hostess’s room to the servant’s room or children room.
The first thing that catches your eye is the pot under the bed.
pot montgomery's inn
Yes, in the old days there were no toilets.
Or be patient until the morning or under the bed!   🙂
The room has a lot of beds and one caught my attention.
This is the bed of a newcomer. 🙂
Beside him’s bed lies his trunk. With such trunks or suitcases, people moved from country to country or from city to city.
trunk montgomery's inn
On this trunk is written # 5.
This means that they, these trunks were many and it goes under number 5.
Emigrants used to move heavily and often did not return back to their country.
trunk inn
Here this wooden suitcase arrived in that year (1837) with his passenger (his name) through New York in the number of luggage and was the fifth in the luggage of his master.
Incredibly! Preserved, preserved!
More years to this chest than Canada itself !!
Next guest room
It is modest and decorated with all necessary.
bed for guest
Next room is social room.
social room
Yes, yes, yes, you were not mistaken.
There were some rooms and they actively discussed all the cases and planned future events
As we are, modern people are behind our ancestors!
Because we are in our small rooms we catch TVs and turn off all social communication.
The room is large, spacious with a fireplace and a table where you can negotiate and sign treaties and agreements.
candels spot in social room
Again everywhere above the windows a place for candles.
This room was well lit.
It was important.
Next I’ll tell why I paid attention to it.
loads room
We go to the floor downstairs in the part of the house where the people who came to spend the night, the guests
There are close and low ceilings and dark.
And under the windows there are no candels space under the windows or doors.
I asked, how do they light these rooms? Me replied that here people  just slept( more often drunk) and  come held candles in their hands. Since there was not enough room in the room and different people, for safety reasons they did it.
guests first floor room
Several rooms are divided into services
There are only two people more expensive, and there are for a few, cheaper. If they paid the rooms they were heated. If they did not pay, they spent the night without heating
So looked by our standards, the most expensive room for one person with all the services and warm.Sleep here could and two people together.Under the bottom is a place for a child.
Going down to the next floor bump into the inscription on the wall.
This inscription has its own story.
Montgomery’s Inn built in 1830 as a Georgian-style inn and as house was rented to tenant farmers by the Montgomery family until 1946.It was later owned by a Presbyterian church and finally transferred as museum to the City of Toronto.
sign montgomery

The history of this sign is such that one of the new owners took all the old clothes out of the house and did not like this sign, “Montgomery”.
He threw it into the garbage along with the things of the owner of the house.
One of the neighbors saw it and took it and keeped it over to the old masters of the house, Montgomery’s .
They gratefully saved it and when the house came to life again, hung this sign on this wall.

Here is such a short story with a short excursion into the 18th century, for which I thank the Montgomery’s Museum.
I promised to tell  about you  and I did it.

If you?my readers, are interested in this house, then it is located at the address:
4709 Dundas Street West



The Past Month

It’s  always hard to write about what happens to you.My past month was very active.And I THANK for everything what happens with me in June 2017.

The Past Month

I went through five festivals in a row, and I sustained their intensity.
It’s harder than just working.
Summarizing, I will say that they are very different and can not be compared.


Some events were followed by others.
I’m very tired this month.
There were many interesting discoveries, such as the extraordinary beautiful Scarborough became for me with interesting streets near the waterfront, the promenade itself with gorgeous sandy beaches and numerous parks.

I am amazed by the friendliness, hospitality and friendliness of people in Scarborough.
This is ridiculous, but for each inhabitant of this district there are two dogs.
Imagine, evening, walks the hosts with their pets. Everyone has one, two. And the owner and pet proudly walk. In the cars next to the owner or in the back seat is a huge dog.
It’s fine!
Another happened to me an intendant
.I handed out flyers and invited to watch the movie in Scarborough Civil Centre near the subway.

I approached the passers-by, often the Chinese and gave them a flyer.
The answer was:
-I do not know English. I do not speak English!
It was amazing to me. They walk, live in modern apartments, pay rent, pay high bills and do not know the language.
For me it was a shock.

My second discovery was #Luminato 2017.I know that a few years ago this festival was created by a fanatically loving art woman.
This festival is now the most striking event of the summer.
Not only actors, artists or creators are invited to it, it is a mix of the most modern trend in art.


The right choice of teams gives us, the viewers a full picture of the changes in all areas of art.
And so it’s great to see the  best groups,artists on the stage of this festival.

I enjoyed the performances of two Italian clowns, who for an hour held the audience, fascinating them with very simple stunt tricks.

I listened to the lyrics of a very interesting song #Simpson


Then I immediately got to the Aboriginal Festival, and then wonderful things began to happen to me.
I just remembered that a year ago I was in Fort York and dreamed of working here.
And a year passed, and I am among the assistants at this festival.

I spent three days in a team where everything was so hormonal. Thanks to its organizer Gabi.

Through our tent passed up to a thousand schoolchildren. Here Fort York ran in our masks, with flags and first aid bags.


And nearby there were other performans,very similar to our day of Ivan Kupala. By the way, this holiday was held on the most active day of the year, the day of solar fullness.

Whether from the amaizing team,or from the sun, or from children, I came home charged and very active, although I stood in the rain and did not rest for nearly 6 hours in a row.

I spent two days in the act…ART in the PARK.

It’s different representations, activities and activities in various parks of the city.
This is a new direction. Even younger.

And if I liked Etobicoke’s park activity, where Mayor of Etobicoke came, conducted the orchestra, where a lot of people were sitting on the grass and listening to beautiful music,….. then the second one, in a tiny park under high-voltage wires, I did not like
.I did not like North York activity in the park,becouse was not interested in the activity itself.
Drumming into the drums is still nothing. But bring the wool and weave on the street in the tent, litter. Bind the trees with threads …
Maybe I did not get to this level of grounding, but I understand that this is garbage.

And if this is a woman’s development, it should not be done in nature,should be in class, indoors.
But it was. I leave photo about it.

And that’s not it!!!!!
I was a film filming, a wonderful team, a magnificent Allen, two madly crazy days spent together.
I worked for the first time as assistant director, second director, #AD.
I wrote a shooting list and call list.
I did not work as a AD before, for me it was the first time.It was fun.


……….Armed with the knowledge of my specialty, I have to shout at the trial and watch everything, I came …
Imagine me, not liking the noise at all, never raising my voice at anyone, and shouting !!!!!🙂
……….All turn around……..
I’m screaming:

Everyone was silent, turned to me.
And I’m quiet. 🙂
                     – Acting!!!!
And the director to me (Allen):
-Please, be silent, do not speake, be silent………………
For me it was a lesson.
The difference between Ukrainiane and Canadian in the filming process.

Here was such a busy last month.
Because I was silent on this page.
Because I stopped in drawing.
Now I’m catching up to everything.



,,The past month has driven me to the up of the roof of my dreams.
Please, just do not fall.,,  (Helen Polishuk) July 2017