Nature and the Artist VINCENT VAN GOGH

This is a very large article where I, as an experienced artist, am trying to understand and understand the work of the artist of the past, who became a symbol of Dutch artists.

The line in Museum of Van Gogh in Amsterdam

A tragic and very sensual story of the artist’s life and work introduced me to a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The museum has a separate exhibition of a contemporary Chinese artist MATTHEW WONG who follows in the footsteps of Van Gogh.

The exhibition is located on the left side on three floors and attracts visitors with its scale.

I would pay respect to the organizer this idea, since it speaks of the heredity of the artist’s work, that he really wanted it, because the whole life of Van Gogh’s brother Theo was aimed precisely at this.

Separately, three floors display the works of the artist Vincent Van Gogh himself and partly his friends.
I (I think not only me) was shocked by the story of death and the third floor, where the last days of the artist’s life are told in detail and his last works are exhibited, saturated with bright colors, which are very eye-catching, even without knowing the history of their creation.

I believe that Vincent had an unusual view of the world, in his mind there was a special view of the color scheme and he reproduced this in his last paintings. For this, huge thanks go to those initiators who saw this in his paintings and raised Van Gogh’s work to international popularity and gratitude.
Of course, I fully admit that it is possible to repeat his work, but I really like the video image generated by AI and which I will now present.
It really catches my eye. It’s the long aftertaste of his strokes and the brightness of his colors. Rich yellow, bluish, clear azure blue.
I would especially like to dwell on his love for his brother, his gratitude for him and these beautiful letters, where he addresses his brother, draws portraits of him and sends them to his brother, where he congratulates his brother on the birth of his son and gives his nephew a uniquely tender picture.

Agree, how vulnerable she was the soul of this artist when you look at this picture.
And now, thanks to marketing and the image of this picture on bags, coffee cups, notepads and pens, you seem to appreciate creativity even closer. Hold it in your hands.

In general, I like this approach to perpetuating the work of talented artists of the beginning of the last century, who created several new directions in which modern artists work today. It was a time of an unusually strong economic, cultural, and industrial breakthrough of humanity.

There remain many achievements in science, cultural and scientific discoveries One of these was Vincent Van Gogh’s unusual yellow-blue mark.

This fabulous art from Vang Gogh is my favorite.

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