When the year ends, much ends with it

As one blogger said-fuck write  about the results of the your year in your blog for readers . They don’t read anybody from reading.
Many people, they absolutely do not know what they write about themselves and what happened to the ordinary writer.It’s not interesting to them.
So,my dear readers, I just expose the pictures and comment them.
I do not agree on one thing with that blogger.
There are moments of reloading in life.
Someone does this regularly, regardless of the time. Someone does to tie it with holidays or dates.
I do it regularly with out dates.
Therefore, it is not painful and not important for me.


The  2019 year of the pig is about to come.

when the year ends, much ends with it (5)

It is still locked up,
still  closed, but ready to enter in our society.
 Dear Santa Claus!
when the year ends, much ends with it (6)

I ask you to send me energy to overcome all difficulties, I ask you to take care of my relatives and help my friends.
I ask you mood, joy and good luck for all my friends, for you, my dear readers.
Miracles happen if you believe in them.
Wishes come true if you make them
My beloved city Toronto plunged into an  series of holidays.

City is empty during this time, as many have gone on a journey.
City is prettier now, as many have decorated their homes festively.
when the year ends, much ends with it (4)
I made a film about beautiful home decorations in Toronto. As in New York, it is a tradition to decorate houses with luminous garlands, to put snowman or Mickey Mouse  behind home, to decorate trees growing near the house.
when the year ends, much ends with it (8)
The weather was pleasantly congratulated  us on holidays, giving  a white, clean, light snow.It is snowing…….
when the year ends, much ends with it (7)
I continue to work out in the gym, which gives me good results for losing weight, improving muscle tone, energy and improving well-being.
I wish you:Let changes in your life take place only in a good way, and may your health be strong
when the year ends, much ends with it (3)
I fly in the New  2019 year in my own strength and cheerfulness.
There are many dreams ahead that I am going to accomplish.
Forgive me that a lot of people  what I left in the past and closed these pages.
Without such pain, it is not possible to rise.
I’m still with you and in you
when the year ends, much ends with it
I love you,my dear readers.
I plan many many new meetings with you both on the pages of my blog and on the TV screen, in life, in art galleries.
Let luck accompany you
when the year ends, much ends with it (2)

Best wishes to you

The end of 2018

Coming to the end 2018……
I do not like to sum up, but I’ll tell you about the past without sadness….
Sometimes you want to quickly close the past.
I still have this feeling today…very difficult year for me….many things still in past now…
I worked hard last year.
Almost did not rest and was taken for everything: for the difficult, for the easy…
My conclusion:amazing everything worked out
It’s nice…..
And now I just want to close it.
A year did a lot of surprises to me. From the last surprise I came out with a loss. I got sick. Seriously enough, and unexpectedly.
Always an optimist, I gave up. I almost got into health problems.
The reason is fatigue and a lot of stress in Ukraine.
I do not even want to remember everything.
Therefore, I think the year is over
here I publish a set of my photos, which symbolize some impressions about the past year.
All photos are from my archive and my collection.

Under each of the photos are my small comments

It is necessary to notice both arrivals in Kiev, I found a difficult, snowy and cold winter


The end of 2018 (5)

Depresses that everything is in desolation and does not tidy up. People jump on the ice and a pile of garbage. Magnificent Kiev cocked in the garbage on the ice.


The end of 2018 (7)


I traveled a lot in Ukraine and spent time on trains.

The end of 2018 (3)

I watched my health, I lost weight….


The end of 2018 (4)

I visited the auto show, where I liked both the collectors of cars that invited to ride, and the cars themselves. Most of all I liked this particular machine(blue color and model)


The end of 2018 (6)

I walked a lot on foot, but unfortunately it did not help when pressure jumped.
Thank you for giving me this wonderful watch that helped me to measure the kilometer walk

The end of 2018 (8)

I spent a wonderful time in the Carpathians, where I rested and gathered mushrooms.

The end of 2018 (10)

As always, I am sexy. This is a small reminder of my personality.


The end of 2018 (9)

I visited my beloved Lviv and around this theater I bought myself a present, ate a delicious cake and drank wonderful coffee…..

The end of 2018 (2)

I lived on the 17th floor and every evening and evening I looked at Kiev from the height of birds. Every day I photographed Kiev. The city was either sleepy, busy and cozy.
I stood at the huge panoramic window and drank coffee, looking down on the city and far ahead, on the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra….
 The end of 2018 (11)
I was all …. I liked to be lonely. In this I saw myself……
The end of 2018 (12)
I lived in my apartment when a huge house was cut off from heating, water and electricity due to corruption and welding. The month there was no heating for which a huge amount of money was paid in advance.
Country of disaster.
I am very sorry that the people who rule it turned it into a country of disaster.

I survived … this was a month ago. November 2018
Then it was -10 outside, it was snowing.
In the big house where 2 thousand inhabitants lived there were both old men and children.

The end of 2018 (13)
I made beautiful hairstyles in the salon.
The end of 2018
Thank you ……year 2018 ………and farewell!