Went into myself and there is a showdown


,,……Went into myself and there is a showdown…,,

Well, to be precise, I’m in the process of making two films right now, which one will shoot first is hard to say.



Even three-third is the continuation of Mimmy’s Adventures. This is a set of fresh videos for the plot of the next series.

But the first two are future films.


Although, like all real cinematographers, I very much hide the preparation, but I can already reveal some details. So, two scripts are written.


Somewhere they are similar, the theme is historical.

But somewhere they are very different. They touch on different topics.

The scripts, I repeat, are already ready. Now for the final part about the writers, if you think this is where my work ends, it’s a mistake.

This is just the beginning.


Having gone through the difficult path of selection and agreement with the customer, now we need to translate this into a film, and then work with the production and producer.


Waiting for evaluation and correction from the director. Discussion of the nuances – how to shoot it. Not all the possibilities (I have a financial site) are easy to put into the film/what I’m wrote.

And here are the discussion about how to shoot this or that scenes. If I hadn’t worked in the cinema before, I would have been scared. But I am a tough nut to crack and gradually came to what I am doing today.


I am very interested in every stage of making a film. And I love difficulties and overcoming them.

I already wrote that when I had difficulties, I sat down and overcame them.

Therefore, tomorrow, this week, for a month, I am waiting for an agreement with the director of his vision of the film according to my script. Then the calculation of the budget of the film and again a conversation with those or more people about how we will shoot this or that scene.

I emphasize that for this I practiced a lot, trained on short films, honed my practice in making videos, this gives me a vision of the whole construction of the film. This is about the first scenario,first future film.


The second scenario has been created too. It is very good. It is at the stage of organizing financing for it. I, as a,, parent ,,of,, my script,,

, will invest here, possibly part of the time and part of the financing also, since the film is very dear to me.

Of course, I will open an account to financing the film and I will ask you to help or suggest who to work with and who can support the making of the film,who can donate for creation film.

This is the next stage and if it goes well, then our second film will be. Did you think that you would write on a piece of paper and this will all end?

Even in the 18th century, all the best poets and writers whose works have survived to this day, they gathered around patrons who publish their works. Nothing is random and I really like it too.


And the short films ?I love my short films. And over this year, many festivals have loved them.

A distinctive feature of my films is a clear presentation of the theme, a refined script and a lot of modern special effects. Therefore, a movie about Mimmy’s Adventures is on its way.


Will you ask about the Blue Funk one? It will be a very cool movie, and I won’t talk about it today.

So, look forward to the next posts. Follow my news on social networks. (Instagram Facebook YouTube channel  Telegram Tweeter)

You will find them on the main page of this website and fill free to connect



And thank you for reading my posts.

How to create three short films in a year and half


Hi, I’m back and this is great news not only for me but also for you.



So, my website has been updated and, as you can see, it has become more thoughtful and interesting



I’ll give you a short tour to my website right away, and I’ll create a video late.

In the meantime, I will briefly tell you about the website. This is a personal site and there you can reed not only the first posts about how I learned English, learned to write blogs,how I drew and tried to sell through the website my paintings,how I shared my thoughts and reflections with you.

IMAG0071 my photo from 2013


Now I released  share for you news from the world of cinema on the front pages,in my blog and in my future posts.

Yes, I am a filmmaker, my last third of my life is associated with making films.

my filmaking's experience

my filmmaker’s experience


And here, on this site, I will tell you about the news from my world of cinema. Here you will not only hear an interview with me, watch my films, read publications about me, but you will also discuss with me on the most pressing topics about movies, even share your thoughts .


Together we are strong.


So let’s go.

We stopped in 2020. Yes, it has been an unpredictable year.



Suddenly, we became hostages of our own fears and found ourselves in conditions completely unknown for us.

At point A, where the last post stopped, my first film was still being created and I sat day and night at the editing. How much strength was in me then !!! All the past years, drop by drop, step by step, I went to say one day, tomorrow there will be filming. The script has already been written, the actors have been selected, the shooting scheme has been worked out.

But the insecurity  was sat in me.


But I overcame it.


The film was shot. I sweated on editing – I had not created films before. I had to learn a lot of new things – editing, color correction, voice acting. When the film was ready, I found a festival of children’s films in Kiev, wrote to them and prepared to fly to Kiev. But upon arrival, quarantine began, the festival was closed unopening and I was in quarantine for a month and a half. This was my first quarantine.


Of course, since that period there have been changes that have affected not only me, but all the inhabitants of the planet.



Sitting on the bed, closed from communication, I wrote a comedy with inspiration about the situation I was in, about quarantine and an epidemic.

With the increase in quarantine and the addition of my experiences to the script, the comedy turned into a tragicomedy, and the script had to be folded and finished, because I found a way to still return between the quarantines in Toronto, to my family.



With a finished tragicomedy, with Angela’s useless short film, left without work, I flew to Toronto.


And then that second and very interesting stage began, after which everything around me changed. Despite the failures, the second and not the last quarantine, I found funds and create a comedy about a dog. Why? I wanted to paint the tragedy and panic in society. I wrote a comedy script, shot and edited a film about Mimmy.

Mimmi’s Adventures,comedy about small dog.


I sent out both films to festivals through the FilmFreeway  platform and my films started touring the festivals. You can watch the trailers of my films at the beginning of the website on the main page.

semifinalist apr 2021

When the films began to be selected for festivals and receive awards, I realized what the festivals needed and created the dream of every American to make a film about fear. Horror.

I created Fear.


You will find a trailer for it on the main page too. Please write to me, you see the picture, the image of the video or it is not of high quality to you.

It is important for me to show you quality





So one and a half years passed unnoticed.


And here I am again with you in point B (not at the end)page

Helen Polishuk


May 2021