art in study

I take the courses continuously since the beginning of the year

I’m very tired….a lot of exams and preparation for eхams…..

Time passes by… was winter and now   spring has ends…..

It is given me hard, because I want to catch a lot on the same time…

I keep a lot of paint and will present my new work today…

I think the work is finished

I often go back to work on the painting the same picture after time

I saturate the picture  by color and sometimes add to it details.

Today I’ll show you how to design this picture in time and stages…IMAG2887







IMAG3249 (2)


weather’s art

Spring slowly came to Toronto



Night is still cold.


Afternoon sun does not often…..

Trees are still standing without leaves.

IMG_0106 (2)

Tulips started to bloom with bright colors


Already all around Alberta and New York came the heat.

I live in Canada and with weather we need to negotiate and make friends.

You have to love weather as it is……….