I often pass by this church. St.George’s-on-the-Hill.This is my neighborhood, this is the history of my city.
Only today for the first time I was able to look into  and get to know her history closer.

St.Georgeos on the hill (1)

This church stands high on the mountain (hence the name) and is distinguished by a high spire and very unusual architecture.
In 1844 land was given by William Gamble,owner of the grist mill on the banks of the Humber River.
 St.Georgeos on the hill
Toronto have a lot interesting architectural buildings, including the unique buildings of churches.
St.Geogre’s-on-the-Hill church built by William Tyrell in 1844 with large windows and  spire with tin sides.
In 1847 the RT.Rev’d John Strachan,Bishop of Toronto,dedicated the building on October 17.
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In 1865 Bishop Strachan dedicated the baptismal font,which is St.George’s oldest memorial.
Over the back wall of the entrance door a tapestry with the image of St. George .
The church is named  him.
St.Georgeos on the hill (7)
It depicts St. George, who kills the dragon.Very unusual image that I see for the first time.
Next to it is a small painting that shows how the church was originally
St.Georgeos on the hill (8)

The church was very small  and later was expanded, rebuilt and added side walls.
It is a small but very unique church by stained glass windows.
St.Georgeos on the hill (5)
At the entrance on the left and on the right, beautiful stained glass windows tell about the life of Jesus.
St.Georgeos on the hill (10)
St.Georgeos on the hill (11)
There are also scenes from the life of Christ.
St.Georgeos on the hill (12)
These are very beautiful stained glass windows. They are made with a special pigment. Were recently restored.
St.Georgeos on the hill (13)
In the central part of church,in main part, instead of the altar, also,stained glass.
St.Georgeos on the hill (14)
In 1976 The Four Seasons window in the chancel was given in memory of Elizabeth Holdsworth.The brass chancel railings were given in memory of Phyllis Goudge.
In 1996 The Christmas window in the west entrance was given in thanksgiving by Lorne and Ellen Matheson.
In 1998 The Nazareth window in west entrance was given in memory of Walter and jessie Goode
St.Georgeos on the hill (15)
St.Georgeos on the hill (16)
A Casavant Freres organ was installed in 1973 and in 2015 was refurbished,the metal screens were removed and new oboe stop installed,enhancing the sound of the organ.
In 1847 two acres of land were purchased for a cemetery.This was dedicated by Bishop Stratchan.
St.Georgeos on the hill (3)
If you look at the inscription on this monument, then there is a raised finger.
 St.Georgeos on the hill (2)
The St.George cemetery is old.
St.Georgeos on the hill (4)
From pioneer days to present,the cemetery has seen approximately 4000 burials.During the last 25 years,cremations have become increasingly common
This year St.George’s-on-the-Hill church in Etobicoke  is first open for viewing in the Door Open may 25&26 2019

Connecting connectable

Connecting connectable (6)

My favorite month  May changes to summer month June….
How fast time is running.
I do not have time for  …  creation….
This is probably quite natural for creative people
Now it is especially pleasant for me to be conscious of it, and it is especially hard for everything that I create to join together.
Connecting the connectable — you already feel in my post that I have a writer’s mood today.

Yes ,you are not mistaken.
For more than a month now, I continue to work in a team of beautiful two men, creating a  script for film that takes place during World War II.
I can not describe you much now, it’s still under work.
I can only say that I am very pleased to work in such a company.
I get great pleasure from work.
In parallel, I take courses screenwriter.
That’s just to give them a lot of time I can’t.
Connecting connectable (2)
A lot of visual  details I have to decide now in the process of creating a movie script.
I will not explain  you that this visual work is more than artistic.
But they are very dependent one on another.
 Connecting connectable (3)

It is like a dance. I take a step and stop.
I turn my torso and hold so as not to fall….

Five scripts have already gathered in my archive .For me it’s not enough.
 But I have to combine this pleasant work with a no less pleasant second my work.
You know that I am a great artist and of course you expect news from the arts from me.

I was invited to participate in the exhibition,which will be held in the summer.
I refused.
I do not agree to invest in a losing product.
Before offering myself to the galleries of Prague and Vienna, I arrived there and walked around some of the most expensive galleries.
I came there at the height of the day, when there are many tourists.
But I did not find visitors.
Modernity has changed a lot. Internet and social networks killed commercial painting.
Artists moved to virtual networks and they can (like me) find, view their work, buy them through their personal sites.
Our dating is now also virtual.

Exhibiting in ordinary galleries is difficult, since a lot of finances are spent on preparation.
I refused, but they persuaded me and even took several of my paintings.
And here I had to combine both of my works.
It, believe mt, very difficult.
If with one i’m doing it like dancing, then with the second everything looks like childbirth, I give birth.
This picture clearly shows this process.
Connecting connectable (4)
Giving birth to an idea and putting it on canvas.
 In the following posts I will tell you about the exhibition.
Now I just emphasize, as I said at the beginning of the post:
,, Connect connectable,,
Connecting connectable
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Than’s all
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