I greet you again….missed you….


I have a lot of family care this summer.

That I mean OLD NEW….

They relax me.


I continue to work on the paintings

My paintings are now successfully displayed at the  exhibition Cloverdale Art Show.The show has attracted lots of attention and continues to draw lots of people into the space where visitors can learn more about Cloverdale Common and Art Etobicoke.


I have been told that have been consistently getting about 50 visitors a day.

The feedback for show has been so positive that show extending for another month until Friday,September 6!

This three paintings exhibit at Cloverdale Art Show






old new

Plus, I write two scripts. I finish English courses of scriptwriters.

old new


I try to relax in gym and pool

old new

old new


I am preparing for vacation in the fall.
Oh this vanity…. vanity….

Very correct statement:

Life  is not given to wait for the rain to end.
Life  is given to learn how to dance in the rain……




Look at my instagram page  @polishukelena where I  have active blog,stories,page

Just this week, until the end of July, I will present one of my paintings as a present.
The gift will come with my signature and certificate of authenticity.
 Hurry to participate in the competition
In recent months I have worked a lot on paintings in the Ukrainian style.
old new (2)
I was noticed and invited to participate in the production of clothing as a decorator.
I gladly took up this new job.
Now my work is published for sale on the site




So silence was not a lazy flow of life.
A lot of old, it is new


My silence is a way to break away from everyday cares and create …. create….create

old new
I have more plans

I want to fill you with my inner world

old new
I want to show the most immaculate paintings for you…..
I want to convey my thoughts to you in the form of film ecraning
Everything will work out, because I have such assistants and support as you , my readers



Time runs very fast
You help me with your comments and letters.
I am waiting for your feedback.