2019 Year of Pig

Very unimproved this 2019 year.
Started with big changes on all my fronts what I liked.
I  quickly do a lot  of work, especially in art spectrum.
I had to give up unnecessary art programs, in which I am included.
I refused from unnecessary exhibitions, where I come to participate.
I concentrated on this  my personal site and expanded into a range of sales of paintings within Canada.
I must say, I do not waiting very high sales results.
Canadian art  sales market is uninteresting and predicted.
Sales are very slow and the artist has large losses from them.

year of pig (2)

I’ll tell you what happened immediately after the publication of my painting on the local sales network.
I published a painting showing a photo here.
This 5 x 7 my original work is made with oil on the canvas.
I showed this work before the February holidays of St. Valentine. I published that the buyers bought it as a gift to the collection.
The price I set the minimum, just for my 45 dollars.
I posted.
And this painting was arrested. The site’s customs. Two days were considered and thought what to do with it. As a result, they decided not to let it go for sale and asked me to remove it from sale.
This painting is published on my personal website. Here, in the section of my work, you can find it.And open for sale.
I’m sorry, that’s the way it turns out.
But we, artists, are mistaken for strange people…… although I don’t see anything strange in this.
So….I can do more perspective just in my personal website www.helenpolishuk.com
 I want to show you, my readers, how I perceive the world.
and do not limit myself in the peculiarities of society.

Happy Chinese new year 2019 card with pig. Vector illustration.

I wish my Chinese friends a Happy New Year
Year of the Pig
And I wish wealth, love and prosperity.


year of pig (3)
Very strange …. I congratulate the Chinese people around me (or those born in China) inToronto with  New Year …
And in response, I hear:
-We do not celebrate. These are Chinese traditions. Our parents celebrate just……

Our advanced country and people living in it
I would like to hear this from the Europeans, too……..

Best wishes

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