Anniversary of my father

Oh well, now I’m free to sit down and describe about my vacation.

The most important event of the year, and this summer was the anniversary of my father,

80 years old



Invite  40 relatives and friends of his own age and spend 3 days with them is not easy.


I’ve prepared for the acceptance and placement of relatives.

On the day of the anniversary with an early morning meeting guests and escort them.


On the second day the father made his famous guests fresh-soup and kebabs.


I had to help him again

I grilled kebabs, washing dishes, carrying guests to their homes.By the end of the anniversary I fell down, very tired.
Of course, the holiday was a success.My parents were glad to see their relatives and friends.
They sang a lot of songs.My father sings in the choir of veterans.
His friends from the choir came to congratulate him.
It had a lot of flowers and congratulations.
Certainly pleasant to spend carry through such an event.
But it is extremely difficult.
Ifcause  me and my sister told my father:,, The next anniversary after 5 years…… you are ready for it slowly…………..and during this time we have a rest……..,,
Foto:after the busy days near my girlfriend





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