Exhibition in Neilson Park Creative Centre

Today I was invited to the exhibition in Neilson  Park Creative Centre by my friend Barbara Urbanchyk.
It is a joint exhibition of several artists in which she participates.
I admire her work, her tenderness.
She is a very delicate artist and very tender.
I leave this
film here as a memory of this day

I really love everything what is connected with art and I am very friendly with artists.

I understand how difficult it is for an artist to create some art.
It’s even harder to present it at exhibitions.
Huge work is being done before the exhibition.
Starting from picture frames and ending with invitation cards.
The artist’s success is very fragile.
It happens that a lot has been done, but people come just to see.
We are faced with the problem of integrating art into the Internet.

Now more often began to show painting of artists on the Internet.
Exhibitions often remained as part of the artist’s performance, but sales at exhibitions decreased significantly.
Huge halls and art galleys also suffer.
Artists are looking for any way to advertise themselves.
A very difficult time for creative people.
But I hope that the transfer of our work to the Internet galleries will help us acquaint with art lovers and connoisseurs around the world
December 5, 2019


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