It was a year ago.
At this time……
I received by  email letter from Amanda.
We worked with her in crew on the film ,,THE EGG,, which has not yet been made.
Amanda invited me to work with her as a Production Manager on her  movie ,,Horror ,,

the horrors (4)

I flew by plane to Kiev and doubted that I would be in time.
Then I told her that I was going to Kiev and talk closer to the shooting month.
Already being in Kiev, Amanda again writes to me that she wants me to be Production Manager in the shooting time of the film, which will be in July.
I agreed, but asked the script to read.
She sent the script, I read, I liked it.
I agreed, but said that I would come the day before the shooting.
She was glad.
So we started making a film called Horror
I flew in without unpacking my suitcases, I just got ready for the shooting day, looked through the locations, asked about my position and my responsibilities.


the horrors (7)

I remember the first day of shooting.
the horrors (3)

It was location on GO station. We got together, met. I knew from the previous project of the director and producer.
It was necessary to make up the actors. We found a small quiet comfortable place on the street, near the station.
Directly in the fresh air, in front of the passengers coming to the station, we were the makeup assistant, who made up atristas.
the horrors
We are cinema people…. Everything goes like this for us.
the horrors (2)

Then we had to shoot the scene inside the train.

the horrors (6)

And we saved money and considered who would go and who would not.
Calculated. That me and the producer, we should not ride. We waited for them to return. And they were late, because they did not consider what time the train was back.
We waited for the group, bought them sandwiches.

It was a cool day then. We waited for the actor to the next scene and waited for the whole group from the previous location.
The group came hungry and were very happy break and sandwiches.

In general, all four days passed like a dance.
the horrors (5)
the horrors (8)
We were friendly, despite the debates and setbacks.
the horrors (9)
the horrors (11)
the horrors (12)
the horrors (13)
the horrors (10)
the horrors (14)
the horrors (15)
the horrors (16)

We suffered everything and finished everything.
And now I can proudly boast – Amanda has completed the movie.
The film is taken on a Toronto  Shorts International Film Festivale
And  March 4th we invite everyone to watch our movie
Please,come and check it out at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival
Date: March 4 th
Time:9:10 p.m
Tickets: 15$

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Incredible August notes


  • Incredible_ August_ notes



Outside the window, August shines with the sun.
It means half a year has passed…..August is present…Incredible August.


Incredible _August notes

It means again soon the excruciatingly long Canadian cold winter….wow and oh….
It means how I’m close into the business and will slowly plan and implement new ideas.

But today last summer month and last warm days.

Incredible -Augustnotes

As a southerner I like to spend time under the sun.
I like to sunbathe under it, bathe in its rays.


Last July left his memories

Incredible August notes
I worked in the production of a short film #Horrors #Horrors_short (you can connect with production through Instagram) as Production Manager with #AmandaEbeye #katherinacurci #benphillstudio #mikeonley #kcmuel #sonia_blayd #laurastoica1983

Incredible- August notes    Incredible Augustnotes    Incredible- August- notes



IncredibleAugust notes       IncredibleAugustnotes

It was amazing cast and crew.

Time ran very quickly and in August I already with all responsibility sat down for writing a script about Jewish boys.

Incredible -August _notes

Script name is #Journeytothefuture @Journey to the future it is future’s film script about two boys’s traveling from Galicia to Ukraine to the coveted America

Incredible August notes Vinnusa   plakat  y seli plakat


It is comedy.It is me second future film script.It is also second script road movie and second about traveling in Ukraine/comedy.

I’m not specifically writing this, it’s a coincidence.
But the last scenario is not quite easy.
It is undoubtedly very interesting.
For me this immersion in the 1930s. For the history of this layer is very undiscovered.
And what I find in the description of that time, I want to cry,
but I’m writing a comedy.


placat agitazia       group women
I love my job very much.
These are unrepeatable impressions.
This is a thousand times better impressions than playing on stage as an actor.(for me)
It is not easy to write that, because in the film there will be four languages: Yiddish, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian

Not having the right to describe everything, I will only show a few photos that will reflect the idea of the film
I am very interested in the idea and I am completely captured by it




IncredibleAugust- notes

Do you believe that August is unusual and very interesting?Yes,incredible.


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