“Love and Betrayal”

The author of this poem sent it to me by mail. I agreed with the author that our Canadian actor from Kyiv, Oksana Smilska, can read it best of all.

Oksana created an audio track. And the poem was lying on my table, waiting for its time. And now, when its time came and I started editing the video, I just dropped my hands from the difficulties.

A special heartfelt poem, a very talented performance by the actress put me in a corner. I understood that she had to create a script. He and she. The conflict is when She realizes that he has betrayed, that he is lying and will continue to betray and forgives him. But here, attention forgives, but does not agree with him, but tells him that your humiliation of me is wrong, I am fit to be loved and I will find myself a loved one. And in this sense, in this scenario, I created this mini-film. It is to show that in no case should you humiliate yourself and give in, but you need to free yourself and find someone who loves you.

It is very important to convey this to young people who do not know how to deal with conflicts. The fact is that a few years ago I studied this topic by writing one of my first scripts, and then, unfortunately, I found a lot of psychological training about what is possible and what is not. What is bad and what is good. But these trainings do not go beyond these terms. There are many films, serials, they end in a crisis. So, He tormented Her and either they broke up, or He left. No. Most often He tormented, tormented and will continue to torment. And the healing or the way out is not to call yourself a victim, but to decide for yourself what is important in order to become happy. With such thoughts, I sat down to create this mini film and this video appeared. It is difficult, but it is. I will review the year. I always do this, the video will lie down and I will open it in time, I will look with a new fresh look. And today I am publishing it for you. Undoubtedly, a very good poem and work by Oksana Smilska.

Further will be.

Stay with me.


Virtual Gallery

They ask me, is it easy to draw. No answer. You can choose the same topic and hone your skills on the same painting, selling it on the street and being inspired by the name of a folk or street artist. You can run after innovations from a drop of acrylic to applications with rubber and spend money on buying places in city exhibitions and stand idle for hours in the hope of finding one buyer who wants a picture that is fashionable, this year’s trend

I choose to draw and create. I sell paintings in galleries, which I help local galleries.
If you like my work, subscribe to my social networks and write to me in the comments. All dreams come true, because I click = willow in Canada and can send a picture to any country on a prepaid basis. The picture is always my signature and accompanied by a certificate. If you have any suggestions, send me letter.
I wait


Dec 9 2022

I hasten to meet you again, my readers.

The year flew by quickly and intensely, and now it’s December. Last month of the year. As always, let’s sum up the history of plans for the next year.

Summing up the results of the year, I confess that the year had everything – losses, failures, new trials, rest and travel, and of course awards.

Of the losses associated with this terrible year, these are the losses of people close to me. I was left without my mother, and although she died after a long illness, but I miss her so much. I left my parents very early and began to live on my own. Therefore, my parents were a place for me to hurry back to, like in childhood. However, everything changes. The loss of loved ones is always painful.

The war that is now on the territory of my country also affects. At the beginning, I couldn’t get used to it, I suffered from insomnia, called my friends a lot, tried to help, volunteer. Later I tried to create conditions when my real help would be useful. But you can’t get used to the war and I, like many people, dream that the war ends.

I spent three months of spring in the international project “Children War Ukraine”. This is an online project that connected children and is aimed at developing their abilities and desire for creativity. I created videos for poems written by children. The project helped popularize the creativity of Ukrainian children.

In the spring, a significant event was the organization of the performance “Mazeppa” at the Zahrava Theater in Toronto. I am glad that the theatre, despite many difficulties, has released a performance and I am doubly glad that several strong participants have been added to its group. I wish them further growth and success in their difficult work.

Throughout the year I drew a lot and this could not but affect my work.
As quarantine restrictions eased and galleries began to open, I became a participant of many with great enthusiasm.
Pictures created by me over the past year can be viewed on social networks.
There is a page on facebook created by me


Please, subscribe to it so that you are always aware of my new work.

From the latest news related to galleries, I am participating in the exhibition, which will be held from December 6 to December 24 2022 at Cloverdale Mall Etobicoke Ontario.This is an exhibition of works that have passed the competitive selection of the jury of Art Etobicoke. It is a pleasure for me to present two works there, which are very dear to me. I publish them here with a little descriptions about:

I exhibited as the best work of this year my painting POPPIES, created in the spring of 2022 and dedicated to all the soldiers who died in the war. This is the grief of mothers, this is the pain of wives and children, this is the groan of the land on which the war is going on. The picture was created in memory of the dead soldiers, whose names will remain in our memory.

Poppies (2022)

Materials: acrylic on canvas

The second painting presented at the exhibition is a painting MY DREAM created in 2017 and this is my calling card.This painting from her creation and during gallery life, the painting has an interesting history.
For the first time it was exhibited at an online gallery in the UK. Six months later, I stopped working with the gallery and the painting moved online to France, to an online gallery(she is lucky, she moved without problems and payment in the Internet space).

My Dream (2017)

Materials:oil on canvas

The painting was created very quickly ,like it was drawn by itself. I don’t remember exactly, but the idea came instantly: a couple of strokes, oil sketches, then quickly quickly and by nightfall it was almost created. After drying I just tweaked the shadows a little. It felt like she wanted to be created by me. This happens with artists. Going back to 2017, like this 2022, it was very creative year and a lot of paintings were created.

Having got to the selection of the jury, the picture had to be framed and organized for the exhibition. And here is the story again. I looked for many frames, but none of them matched the color or size. Already tired of searching and giving up ready-made frames, I decided to order at the store, but it was closed there. I returned to the search for ready-made ones and an hour before submitting paintings to the exhibition. I found a frame that not only displayed the depth of the picture in golden color, but also decorated it and added value to it. The picture came to life. This is a real miracle.

And last painting with award:

Water Element(2022)

Materials: acrylic on canvas

Describing the last awards of the year, I want to note another victory in the selection of banners by the jury for the city of Pickering. This painting is especially dear to me, as it is a symbol of the unity of Ukrainian and Canadian art.
In this picture, which I specially created for this competition, the element of water is in its design.

The city of Pickering is located on the coast of Ontario and has a nuclear power plant. It depends on the element of water. Water is a symbol of the life of this city. Therefore, it is depicted in the center of the painting.

Envelops its flowers, painted in the Petrykivka style.

In the style that I paint, continuing the old Ukrainian traditions. And it is so well combined. It was noticed by the jury and selected for a banner.

Now my work in the coming year will hang on the main street of the city and decorate and delight.

That’s all news for today.
Don’t leave, there’s more to come soon


Dec 5 2022

Moving on to the next month

slow thoughts

Is frequent change in life good or bad?
It kills the strong, it kills the weak

What’s better? Peace or War?
Strong side – it expresses its thought, its reality and
the achievement of its goal is not based on a peaceful settlement.
The weak side will blame everyone, but will never take responsibility, will drive around and drag out some conditions for many many years, not directly answering the question, not making open steps, but saving itself, its goals by compromises.

What is the most popular in the world in 2022 – psychology, astrology and predictions or tiktok?

here I will leave you the answer.
I’m interested in your answers.

And here it is interesting – have you changed in 2022?

Now there are big changes and it is felt even in nature. In my life I have never seen such a beautiful September, such a warm October and such a dry, endangered forest in the outskirts of Toronto.
Changes in cities and in entire countries.
People take other forms.
Everything is changing around

I have noticed that we have become cautiously doubtful, truthful pessimists, uncertain about the future.
The slogan of 2022 is live now

The world has become wary:
-put on a mask – you’re indoors
-it’s not a fact that the one who is a socially active presenter in reality gives out reliable facts and he must be trusted
-image, image people – minute puppets, changing one after another
-children play war, pour stones on the head of one and shoot their peers with a toy

this is scary
children have not yet grown up, but have already changed

Over the past three years, the inferiority of the old people has been very noticeable. They stand out for their worsened appearance, worsened condition and survival, the struggle for life. I stopped seeing their smiles.

And in conclusion
The connection, to which they were in such a hurry, so jumped and created the last decade, collapsed and disintegrated.
It’s like a plate falling to the floor and breaking into a thousand little pieces.

It’s a pity that all this is happening today

My creative terror

Red mountans .June 2022(acryl&canvas)

You will understand the full feeling by reading this post in full.
I want to ask you, give me likes so that I can see and feel you on the other side.
Lets begin.
Well, for four or more months, since everything went topsy-turvy for me, and after the absolute loss of work and the impossibility of creating or doing anything planned, I didn’t sit without work for a long time.
The first I was to decide to continue writing scripts and be sure to release a book.

For me, this year is my new project, which I have to create before the end of the year.
Of the plans for this year, the completion of two short films did not come true.

There is quite enough material for both films, it remains to collect and add special effects, but as with all creative people, it has stopped.
The reason is these two products are both comedies. And although I am a person who likes to joke and always have an easy attitude to life, but the environment and events in my country, the news put pressure on me and prevent me from completing these projects.
It’s not about comedies, although comedies are to blame for this.of course, you will immediately note that I am not a commercial person, and you will be mistaken. On the contrary. Who needs these stupid comedies now?

In what aspect have I been able to work and continue to do so?
It is imperative to sell very large paintings. They are difficult to store and preserve, they are gallery works and they need a large open space.
Unfortunately, there is not enough room for them in my house.

Elements Water ( Petrykivka)

I have already turned to some galleries and said that I sell my big works.
If you are also interested, please go to the section of my works there in this page and look at the paintings for 2016-2019 – you will find a dozen large paintings.
The sizes of the paintings are indicated there.

Panno( two+ years work/Mix techique: oil&acryl) Very bright painting

You can buy through this web site use PayPal.

Each painting is accompanied by a Certificate Authenticity and sign on painting.

A pair of paintings?inspired by the war in Ukraine(We will win and Survive)

If you like any of the works,do not hesitate to contact me by email : helen.polishuk@gmail.com

Instagram: astra_production

Fb: Helenpolishuk.com

Worldwide shipping via Canadian Post with tracking and well packaging.

It’s absolutely a sale of paintings

Artist with rose/Painting created few days before war.(acrylic&canvas)

Well, their genres, as always, are different.
During this period, I especially managed to replenish my Petrykivka collection.
I’m getting ready to exhibit them in galleries throughout the next year.

Tender Petrykivka(acrylic&canvas)

It is worth emphasizing that I became interested in acrylic and my work became brighter and richer.
I also liked using acrylic to imitate watercolor painting. That is, such light transparent strokes. Very effective and exciting.

This made me create more than twenty paintings in a short time. Real creative terror))

My favorute painting

Such a fountain of emotions and colors splashed out in creativity.
I don’t know how other people experience shocks and events in life, but I separate, dissolve in painting.
When I sit down to draw, I don’t always know what will happen. Here is an idea, for example, draw a poppy. I create a sketch with a pencil, set the shape of a flower, and then the real magic comes. Color selection, graduation, applying shadows – all this magic eventually turns into to such a miracle.

Poppy( acrylic&canvas)

June 29,2022 Toronto

MAY 2022.We will win.

Panno created june 2021-may 2022 mix media

Spring ends and May 2022 comes to an end.

An unusual month, like an unusual spring.

Spring of war, destruction and creation, spring of hopes and victories
What does it take to win? – This is the question most often heard today.
Will we win? Will we win?
Of course. Looking back at everything that happened in the first months of the year, I say that this will go down in the history of the world as a huge change in the world – and this is already an irrevocable phenomenon.

Surviver (not finishe yet) acryl&canva

Yes. You ask because you are tired of an incomprehensible state. You are nervous because everything has risen in price all over the world and blame the military conflict in Europe. But the world has changed. There is nothing to blame, we have changed with the world. And changes are not unforeseen – reasons lead to them. Seeking or blaming is the easiest thing you can do to try not to change.
But after all this already will counteraction.
I have been feeling this opposition since February, when I tried to organize a viewing of my friend’s film and stumbled upon the venality of our system in the Diaspora. I retreated, we abandoned the fraudulent scheme, the film was successfully shown in several European countries and raised money to help refugees.
What is happening now and will happen over the course of the year, slowly? This is the realization that there are changes and we need to step over into the new. The old will no longer be, it is being destroyed.

And then victory is realized. Victory over oneself in the first place.
Over the mistaken opinion that the world will never change. Over the mistake of resisting change.

we will win (painting is not finish yet) acryl&canva

In the same way, two years ago we slowly entered two years of life under world quarantine. But we had to live, survive, bury relatives and friends who did not pass those terrible years.
This is an example. Many people still have fear, and now, on the streets, I see mothers with children with masks on their faces. Outside, on a warm sunny day.
It’s like a seal of fear.
The same will happen now. A terrible year. The destruction of my beautiful beloved city of Kyiv, the destruction and barbaric theft of cities and villages, entire regions wiped off the face of the earth. Mariupol. Kharkov. Chernihiv.
In the centre of Europe.
A terrible hell that forced millions of people to leave the destroyed areas and hide from the bombings, flee to Europe and America.
In the eyes of hope.


At first it was hope for a speedy end to the war.
Now it is a hope that this conflict will only be on our soil and will not spread to other European countries, not expand.
Peaceful Ukrainian villages are burning. People are dying.

The world has changed.

Element (this painting from new creations,acryl&canva. 8″x 10″ )

In this post I publish my paintings that were created this month of May 2022

We will win. I believe. The Ukrainian people are suffering a lot. But we will win.
I say this because I have changed. I say this because I realized that there is no past.
We will win

my creation to be continue….

Work with reality

Where to get reality?

A lot passes through the media of any information and people immediately take three positions – not mine, mine and what is nightime,terrible.

Three real human lines of thought.

All three are man’s ordinary response to reality.

And each of these answers is not reality itself. No. This is not reality, this is a system of response to events that has been formed within us.

Someone has this despair and then it forms that everything is lost, there is no way, we are all in the negative.

For some, this is optimism, and then there is a system of actions aimed at optimism or a solution and a search for a way out of the problem.

Someone has an absolute denial, not mine. This is not mine, and another and third. And in general, it’s not mine. Rejection. Not acceptance.

Why am I writing this today? A very relevant topic touched me as well as everyone who reads.

I am writing to show these three paths. To discuss each of them and show the effects of each of these paths on each person. It’s up to you to decide who makes what choice,think about it.

And I’m not writing here about my path. No. and do not advertise what is best or how to choose the best. No.

I describe and you act. So again I return to three different reactions to an event, or, as I explain it, to irritation.,think about it.

One person, after watching something on TV, runs to scream that everything is lost, that we are in the worst situation, that we are dying and everything is collapsing.

A person creates panic for himself, surrounding panic and suffers greatly from this. groups of alarmists. there are people who ease their insides by sowing panic among the people. These people live off optimists, at the expense of sedatives, these people kill themselves with panic and even have poor health from this with a thyroid gland, allergies, constipation, etc.

Others are complete optimists. No, now we will think more, come up with something and crawl out or get out of this situation.

This group of people try to get out of this situation, the lack of information throws them into various false turns, they get confused, they are on adrenaline, they often stumble upon people who do not understand them and fail, they see anger and even betrayal. They close up, stop trusting.
But again they optimistically rush to save the world, so they are laid down and born, there is not a drop of harmfulness, war and destruction inside them. A big heart, open eyes and a smile on the face even on the verge of death.

Of course, of these two opposites, there is a third one. These are those who, when they meet with you, are scoundrels.
Not something that is inserted into the TV, as there is an invented story.
Not my war on TV, because sitting on the couch I will not do better or worse, but only ruin my day and waste my nerves.
Not something that public opinion bothers me – it is always artificially created or creates my state and often leads to a dead end.

Three types of people’s reactions to events.
In general, these are three different types of people.
if throughout life, a person chooses only one of the three reactions and constantly repeats it, then his thinking, his way of acting, his character is formed.

That’s what I wanted to talk to you today and nothing else.