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A simple story, similar to many stories.

There was a girl, she drew.
And here’s how this girl entered the group of the best artists of Ukraine since 2022, how she became an artist. This is a series of films about Helen Polishchuk. Follow the link right now

Film about Helen Polishuk


I’ll answer your questions today

Why have you been silent lately and rarely write posts?

-It’s true, I’m working less on my website. I have a lot of work now, which doesn’t give me time to maintain the site.
Today they wrote to me that they offer help in managing my accounts and raising my rating. This is all good, but I don’t agree with the prices, they are very expensive.

Where are your paintings sold?

-My paintings are exhibited in several prestigious Internet sites, such as Saachi.com


and Artmajeur.com


Literally today I updated the information there and added new paintings.

What do you have planned?

-I am pleased to announce that I am participating in the auction and selling my works (hand-painted Christmas tree balls).There will be a new exhibition in November with Art Etobicoke.And something completely new for me – I become a mentor and teacher and give the first lessons in icon painting for children 12-16 years old. These lessons will be held at the church at the end of November. In the last week of November, another big event will take place – I will be visiting Bradford, a city in northern Ontario, with an exhibition of photographs.

Are you still making videos?

_Yes. The new work will be released at the end of the year and it will be a short film.

What new pictures have you painted this year?

-The year has been difficult for me and although it is already coming to an end, I have just started painting. It should be noted that I am continuing the Petrykivka series and three more have been added to the 54 paintings already. This is what I have, and also my works in the Petrykivka style many acquaintances and friends already have in collections.This sumer I

presented a collection in the Petrykivka style and you saw some of the works in the previous post. These included painted panels and plates, acrylic-painted chests, wooden boards, created all sorts of painted wall products, Christmas tree decorations, and even tried to paint a woman’s bag in the same style. This style is very fashionable and popular in Mexico, where I just returned from and it is, I must say, not cheap. There are still some ideas in the project. I will put everything on the Internet and perhaps on this page too.
I have a Facebook page on which I publish new works more actively than here.


What new works have you created?

-I’ll show you my last three works today


Modern drawing made in the style of Petrykivka painting by Natalia Stasiv-Garko

It may seem that time is unchanged. More than six months have passed since the last publication. During this time, many events have passed that can be packaged in one word – change.
The Chinese, when they want to wish something bad, say that you should live during changes. They make sense because this is the most uncertain time, which slows down any planning, postpones things indefinitely, interferes with meetings and postpones events. But what to do, when this happened to you.
Therefore, I will briefly summarize my post.

I’m sure many people have found themselves in this state.
Today I am only talking about the present tense.
The large collection of wood paintings I created in the traditional Ukrainian style was shown in August and had both positive and negative responses. I may return to the positive ones, but I’ll dwell on the negative ones in more detail.
This is my first time painting on wood. I have not done this before. If we approach the creation of the project technically, then its goal was to create mutually complementary objects that together would create the same composition.

Composition of the drawing, completed in Petrykivka style and presented for teaching drawing techniques in a book about Petrykivka painting

The critics felt that I did not perform the traditional Ukrainian Petrikovsky painting correctly, or to put it differently, in an original way. Well, although these critics do not know how to draw and have a superficial understanding, they decided to consider me a failure.
I am not defending myself and I am not going to argue. But thanks to the first women (Petrikovsky painting is known for the fact that the first women who mastered it were women who painted the walls of their houses) who painted cockerels, birds and flowers in an absolutely free style and decorated their houses with them, we now have a whole galaxy of artists of this style. If you look at the works of each of them, they are very different and they have in common the creation of a composition around several symbols.

One of the founders of Petrykivka painting in Ukraine Maria Prymachenko

Years have passed and this style, thanks to modern graphic programs, has reached absolute perfection. Moreover, many schools and courses have appeared that are ready to teach you this skill for your money.
And yet, based on primary sources, I would advise you to remain tied to the three fundamentals of this painting – creativity, composition around symbols and image technique.

One of the famous paintings created by Maria Primachenko

That’s why I wished and wish today to everyone who is fighting for something, look at the primary sources and add your creativity – you will succeed.

Another painting by Maria Prymachenko, the founder of Petrykivka painting

The most interesting thing in learning any folk painting is mastering the principles.
Although I will now be criticized again, the founders of this type of painting did not interconnect the composition; many objects of the composition were, as it were, separated. If you look at photographs of one of the first creators of this type of painting, you can see how stamping, the creation of separate drawings, which are located one next to the other.

Modern apartment decor in Petrykivka style

Two centuries ago, the goal for artists was to create a drawing that would create coziness in the room, protect it and harmonize with everyday life. Therefore, cheerful roosters and hens, wonderful bright princes with colorful plumage and long multi-colored tails, flowers of unusual shapes and color harmony appeared on the walls.

It was rural folklore, the art of the country people who decorated their homes.
And today, Ukrainian artists have supplemented and improved it and created masterpiece collections of paintings, introducing this type of art into the traditional Ukrainian folk art.
I’ll return to my collection. Drawing on wood requires its own skill. Technically, this is a more long-term work, and I was also required to create compositions on two chests, several kitchen boards, kitchen wooden shelves, souvenir wooden houses, Christmas tree decorations and sections of wood. I also tried painting on bags.

Photo from exhibition where was present my new collection.

I liked the combination of animals with modern elements. I took the cat as a symbol on the bag. That’s why I received criticism.

Another part of the collection among the exhibits on display

I’ll wait until the passion to ruin someone subsides and all this settles down and still, I’ll remain silent.
Someone else criticized that I was too confident in myself.
Friends, no. I hid, broke all my brushes, threw away the paints and am sitting waiting for something else to come to me.
I would like your problems.
Today I have donated several works to auctions and I believe that they will be useful.
Tomorrow is not predictable for me, I will say one thing – only those who do not do and do not create are not mistaken.
And I am again full of news and ideas, which I will tell you about in the next post.
All the best

Radical Stitch and Radical Design Hamilton

March 23,2023 in Hamilton was Radical Stitch &Radical Design in Art Gallery Hamilton 123 King Street West,Hamilton .


Jason Baerg @jasonbaerg

Angela DeMontigny @angelademontigny

Dusty LeGrande/ Mobilize

Evan Ducharme @evanducharmestudio

Special guest DJ Kyle Joedicke @kylejoedickart

This was great collaboration with Woodland Cultural Centre .

This event was showcased Indigenous fashion designers from across Turtle Island and featuring models from the Six Nations of the Grand River Community


The sale of paintings on this website begins.

You can do it now by going to the OTHER WORK section, choosing your favorite Abstract, Ukrainian motifs or Landscapes section and buying through PayPal by clicking on the button under the picture you like.

You will get 10 percent reduction using this method.

Buying directly from the artist

Take the opportunity to get more.

After receiving payment, you will be contacted and the parcel will be processed. Parcels are carried out both within Canada and abroad using Canada Post.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions

Also on https://www.facebook.com/helenpolishukart


I am very glad to get a few minutes again and write little, share with you my news.
I am now in a state where all kinds of my creative activities are involved. Here is the creation of video films and the script for a future film, and the editing of an already created film and coordination, and planning the next step in community service and new acquaintances, and preparing for voting for an Oscar 2023 and….hmm…. There will be heavy snow tomorrow, another one in March.How much more?
That’s all?
No, I still regularly do household chores, from which no woman will run away.
And I’m getting ready for a big concert, which will be at the end of May. That’s all for now. Secret. I’ll tell you the rest as the month approaches.
But for now the main thing for you.

The last work, which has already been sent to the competition, SHEVCHENKO UNITES NATIONS ,,.
Today, March 9, is the birthday that every Ukrainian knows. This is the birthday of Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko.
An outstanding poet, writer, bart and artist. His name has remained in the culture of Ukraine as one of the most prominent cultural figures, whose works give us strength and teach entire generations of Ukrainians.
Today he is known and respected not only in Ukraine, he is taught, his works are read by all the people of the planet.
For you, the performance of Mominul Hoque, the Ukrainian Cossack Sirius from Cherkasy.

Mid February

will spring be early? how long does it take to do homework? do you have new paintings? where do you spend your weekends?

Monreal ,L-Etoile hall

This year the weather is scaring us. Sometimes snow is half a meter, then thunder in mid-February and a lot of freezing rain.
Something not in Canadian all this. But you don’t have to choose.
Over the weekend I saw a lot of flocks of birds returning. So it’s coming to spring and probably early spring.

When I write this post, outside the window the trees are covered with glass ice and this is unpleasant, because it is dangerous for plants, plants die from such weather. Just today I was filming in the forest and noticed that in the forest the trees, clinging tightly to each other, warm and they are not so afraid of this freezing rain as lonely trees and plants that grow near the road and in the fields. Passing through the fields, you can see that the field is covered with glass .And in the sun, drops of frozen dew glisten like silver. Both beautiful and scary. Unusual to see this.


Traveled to Ontario for the weekend and visited Quebec. We had a rest at the concert of the famous French singer Garou who visited Monteal. The concert was held in a modernly built L’Etoile Banque Nationale in Brossard,Monreal with a crowded hall.

The audience meeting the singer so warmly that I am still impressed. For an hour and a half without a break, the singer sang his song seemed to meet with old friends. People in the hall sang too standing up, asked for an encore and did not let the singer go until he returned and sang almost one more concert. Jokes, laughter, warm applause. The audience danced to his songs.
For the first time, I regretted that I did not know French, but when I left the concert, I already repeated some words.

“Comment allez-vous”

I feel that the French province is very cheerful, friendly and welcoming, just like the people who live in it.

The city of Montreal is breathtakingly beautiful both day and night. The highways and roads of Montreal are different from Ontario and it seems to me much safer.
I saw the city while driving, so I show what I could photograph from the height of the hotel at the rest.
The weather helped us and it was relatively warm and sunny, which is also rare for this month.We Canadians are no strangers to snow. For more than 6 months we have been living in the snow and getting used to it, enjoy the beauty of cold and winter.

In winter, less is spent on the street and more at home, where it is warm. Homework takes up a lot of time. Today, we have to prepare a lot of semi-finished products and store them in the freezer to use for cooking. Our products are imported and the preparation of products in freezers helps us.

Crazy Love(2018)

Some people ask me what I have drawn in the last month.
I want to disappoint you. For the last month I have been busy with work that is not related to drawing and have to postpone until the end of the month. I hope to return to drawing in the end of the month . I have already collected a lot of ideas and will definitely implement them.
Well, so that you don’t get bored, I’m exhibiting one of my favorite works for you and dedicating it to all lovers and abundant love who celebrate February 14th.
This picture is called Crazy Love and shows my understanding of this feeling.
Without love, we can’t, but this feeling is madness. Some times is sweet, some times is sad, but always crazy.
Happy holiday to you, lovers and may your eyes always shine with fire, which helps to live.


February 17,2023


What are you doing and why are you silent?

Thank you for being so worried and bombarding me with questions. I really relaxed a little and have not been active lately on networks and on the blog. There are reasons for this.

Suddenly, two waves of colds put me in bed.

Between these troubles, I managed to give a concert of my choir in a beautiful church on Anglessy Blvd in Toronto.

I will publish photos from this evening on this page and please you with the fact that the concert was a huge success.

I’ll tell you a little about our choir. We consist of two parts – female and male. Ages from 18 to 80+.

As before, the choir is now recruiting members and any person who has a musical education or is full of energy to study choral singing and participate in the choir can become one.
The choir has rehearsals once a week, where we, together with the conductor, learn the parts and rehearse. The choir has an old tradition, founded by the previous generation of Ukrainians in Canada, to spread the culture of Ukraine, its singing traditions around the world and bring Ukrainian music to all peoples.

We sing both church works and songs written by our members.
Today I am very happy with our composition. 90% of the team have a musical education and our conductor Dr.Svitlana Lysogor is one of the best conductors in Canada.

We are glad that she is a student of the well-known Oleksandr Koshyts and went on tour with him.
We updated and started our concerts.
What was in our repertoire?

We performed Ukrainian carols, so the concert fell on Christmas time. Also in the repertoire are works by Koshits, Katsalo, a Christmas prayer, a song by our participant Bogdanka Paguta, a song by Nanke and the famous Shchedryk Leontovich.

We have wonderful soloists – this is the sonorous voice of Anna Tanchuk. This gentle girl grew up before my eyes. She went with her mother to our rehearsals when I first joined the choir. And now she is at the head of the choir and we are proud that we have grown such generation.
There is also a beautiful tenor Sergei Stilmachenko.

I am very confident that we will continue to grow and expand.

In the meantime, before the end of January, I invite you to my Instagram page, where I will be active for the next month.
Have you forgotten what it looks like?

I give you a link to it.
Go and participate in my Insta posts.
The fact is that in recent years I have been reviewing Oscar-nominated films and publishing reviews about them with the probability of their awards. For several years now, my assumptions have coincided with the Oscars, which is very nice. You can read in my Instagram account for previous years. this year I continue this tradition again and if you are a film addict like me, then I invite you to discuss whether the film will receive an Oscar or not.

It’s exciting, it’s exciting and it gives an overview of the directions and trends in the world of film production, which is very important to me as a filmmaker.

In the meantime, I wish you all peace and good. See you later