it’s true

……IMG_9674406072996                                                                            IMG_25484664629789A child can teach an adult three things:

to be happy for NO reason,

to always be busy with something,


to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires……….



How long have you passed the exams?In Canada,to improve yourself you must study.I have since the beginning of year every two weeks to pass the exam.Today take the exam too.

Not afraid before.Like I feel that is useless to repeat.I proved,I was right.No question of any textbook was the exam.Questions were confusing.Feeling that complicate specifically to a little people gone.

))Helping to reduce competition in the industry.

Anyway…..I have a test for a different specificity next week.

Go to draw a picture in the evening and tomorrow will show11-E8436808-2736116-960

my spring mood…..

I am grateful to the previous year that was able to open this website.

I see that the interests of my blog.

Two works  of the last year from this website has gone and I’m glad that a piece of my work live on a wall at the amateur arts.

As a year ago,the beginning of spring for me is connected with work and painting.

Change  of mood changes the style.

I will be happy to hear your feedback and criticism about my paintings today.






Spring is coming,and it is the time to work more.

Time to travel more.

Time to meet the friends.

Time to enjoy the flowers.

Time to wander around the city.

Time to sit in the lovely cafes.

Time to look at the blooming magnolia.




I live in the old part of Etobicoke.It is the most beautiful part of Toronto.Of course,with me can bet people from downtown.For me represented the antiquity and open space,green environment,rivers,connection  by parks.It describes all the densely Etobicoke.

In the central part of the Etobicoke located village Islington.Central part of village is on Dundas Street about 500 meters long. Old renovated house here with a touch of modern fashion condos.

Old houses have preserved their trails.And very colorful painted their walls.Famous artists from Toronto was considered an honor to paint them in the post-war style.Murals is the pride of Islington.Here always come excursions to see these pictures.

I also want to show you some of their……

IMAG2151 IMAG2152 IMAG2153IMAG2149