A few news from festivals, which I attend this spring

This spring my life is very tense.
I draw and show my work on
www.saatchiart.com/helenpolishuk and www.artfinder.com/helen-polishuk

I attend many exhibitions and get to know the cultural life of Toronto.But I’m also a participant of two huge festivals in Toronto 2017.I will tell you about this in detail.

A few  news from HOT DOCS Festival 2017



Runs from April 27 to May 7….Canadian International Documentary Festival

Today after the publication of the article I go to the festival.Started  with ,,Bee Nation,,

about Students in Saskatchewan trying to make their way to the national championship.D:Lana Slezic/Canada/78 min/Worlds Premiere

A lot of interesting films this year:,,Whitney,,Can I be me,,,,d:Nick Broomfield,Rudi Dolenzal/UK/100 min/Canadian Premiere

Bill Nye:,,Science Guy,,D:David Alvarado,Jason Sussberg/101 min/International Premiere

My eye noticed two films:

Mr.Gaga D:Tomer Heymann/Israel/Sweden,Netherland/2015/100 min

The foremost artistic genius of modern dance,Ohad Naharin is one of the most visionary and provocative choreographers in the world.Film look at his work,his process and unique life story.He puts a lot of pressure on his company to be the best.

A few- news from festivals, which- I attend- this spring

Another intertsting film for me:

,,I called him Morgan,,D:Kasper Collin/USA/2016/92 min/PG

Recruited by Dizzy gillespie at the age of 18,jazz musician Lee Morgan had all the promise of a legend-until he was shot dead by his wife Helen on a snow night in February,1972 during a gig in New York City.Film is hybrid between a music doc and a true crime story.Film captures the unique spirit of the era and evokes both the cool and the cold of this life tale of jazz,love and murder


A few news about Luminato 2017 Festival

This festival is always waiting impatiently in Toronto.

A _few _news _from_ festivals, which_ I_ attend_ this_ spring

This year he is full of dance debut productions.
The whole world seemed to connect theater and dance

I will still write about my impressions, but looking through the trailers, I settled on these novelties

Akram Khan,,Until the Lions,,

Award-winning choreographer and dancer Akram Khan realise the Sanskrit epic poem The Mahabharata to contemporary dance and live music with exploring the physical expression of gender.

A fe news from festivals, whichI attend this spring



A fewnews from festivals, whichI attendthis spring

As he prepares a new dance version of the Indian classical stories,he explains why he has put women centre stage


Also Canadian unique ,,King Arthur’s Night,,

A few news from festivals, which I attend this spring

Refined,brutal,crude and tender King Arthur’s Night is a radical re-examination of the creative process and a kick in the knees to our assumptions about difference.This ambitious work of theatre and music is co-created by Nail McNeil,an artist living with Down Syndrome,with Marcus Youssef and James Long and Canadian alt-sonstress Veda Hille.

A few- news from festivals, which I attend- this spring

Many are waiting this year for the  Luminato festival of arrival Hip Hope Dance Theatre with worshops and lot of public projects….

,,Ghost Rings,, performed june 20-22  /pop concert/

Ian Kamau June 24

This does not end with my news, just a small announcement today