article about art

Yesterday put up for auction my four angels showed itself for the first time.





I drew them not to order,it was the mood.I dressed  my angels in their national  Ukrainian costumes.

Drawings were devoted to the auction and I do not hone skills,just draw.I stood and presented their pictures and watch people.




I was glad to interest them.
My name is not well known among the community
.People were divided into angels interested in drawing.and these were people older than 40…….

and fans see picture……

A keen interest in my work gave me confidence….even for one interrupt bit

I am happy that the two angels went to the owners and will be a part of me in their house….





Thank you for the pleasure derived from contact with people

What is art for me?

I can draw someone’s idea, but I have something more important to draw personal.

I leave a thought in the figure and in time…..

and  that is visual art……