The beginning of intense cold….

Beginning cold….

 beginning cold


With the beginning of intense cold and snow, I draw a lot……

When it’s cold and heavy snowfall  it’s stop all outdoor activities.



When winter is started,the days are getting shorter and I wants to be carried out in a closed  worm room.
I’m working in the studio on RogersTV.
We shoot a few pilots for future programs.
I like to work the camera operator.

My camera is the most important in the work of our studio.I keep  studio guests in shoot.

Last month confirmed me in a good practice as a camera operator.I like my job.

Beginning cold…..

In the evenings at home I draw.



I became more and more fond of drawing
I create different images, I look to the painted picture of the artist in internet.
I like the style of the abstract, but I’m not ready to paint in this style now!


Today I’ll show you what I did last week.


I finished work on two paintings in the style of painting Petrikivskaya painting:

IMG_1631 (2)

IMG_1556 (2)

11″x14″ oil canvas

These pictures have not yet put on the website in the main gallery.
I began to share the different pictures and not all put up for sale.

I drew, but still it is necessary to modify the picture with the presence Patali (improvisation of gold):

Patal it is metal,imitation 23 karat Gold.I use small pieces Patal from Simple Gold Leaf.

In this photo shows the application of  Patal on the  my painting.I create design.

IMG_1629 (2)

IMG_1630 (2)

This is my second painting  is more created with  applique of imitation gold.

It gives color and shine to painting.
I like this style.
It is similar to drawing on metal.

I plan to try this on a large canvas.

I started another picture in Petrikivskaya painting:

IMG_1628 (2)

🙂 a lot  ….. 🙂   a lot of  my favorite works……..  🙂