Happy birthday, our Queen!

April 21, the most crowned woman of the world Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday.
Happy_ birthday_our_Queen!
Queen Elizabeth II stands before a portrait of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.Photographed at Rideau Hall,The Residence of the Governor General.Ottawa,Ontario,July 1,2010.
64 years she is Queen of Great Britain.Great role of Her Majesty The Queen in the history of Canada.For more than sixty-four years Queen Elizabeth II has served our country with wisdom and dedication.
On September 9,2015 she become the longest-reigning monarch of the modern era.She will surpass the reign of her great-great-grandmother,Queen Victoria (1837-1901 ).
The Canadian Diamond Jubilee portrait of Her Majesty The Queen is unveiled at Buckingham Palace,June 6,2012.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,Queen of Canada,is the sixth sovereign since Confederation in 1867.
Quuen Elizabeth was the first to be proclaimed independently Sovereign of Canada in 1953, following her accession to the Throne in 1952, and the first to bear the title Queen of Canada.
The Royal Arms of Canada (coat of arms ) are the arms of Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada. A symbol of sovereignty,they are used on buildings,official seals,currency,passports,publications,proclamations and as rank badges of some members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
Happy-birthday, our-Queen!
Queen Elizabeth II reviews an R.C.M.P.guard of honour at Depot Division.Regina,Saskatchewan.May 2005.
Canada’s maple leaf flag was proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II to take effect on February 15,1965-the day it was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa and in thousands of communities from coast to coast to coast.
During Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stay on the Throne, 13 ministers changed, two of whom were born under her government.
Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh this year will celebrate the  70 anniversary of the wedding.
Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II is a big fan of the series ,,Game of Thrones,, and ,,Downton Abbey,,.
She loves dogs ,horses and fond of horse riding.
Queen Elizabeth II starred in the movie herself more than 120 times.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II remains the most famous and popular monarch in the world.
Queen Elizabeth II acknowledges the public on the grounds of Government House.Halifax,Nova Scotia.June 30,2010.
Happy_birthday, our_Queen!
Queen Elizabeth II attends the International Fleet Review honouring the Centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy.Halifax,Nova Scotia.June 29,2010.
Because she is – the Queen!
Educated, ironic, magnificent!
……..On his accession to the Throne, she says:
        – The journey to the West Indies..Climbed a tree and then I was told that the King, my father died… I am heiress!
– Get down, Your Royal Majesty, on the ground!
Came down from the tree I am Queen!…….
Happy birthday, our Queen!
Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday, our Queen!
Materials:A Crown of Maples.2015 edition.Department of Canadian Heritage.Quebec.2015