Work with reality

Where to get reality?

A lot passes through the media of any information and people immediately take three positions – not mine, mine and what is nightime,terrible.

Three real human lines of thought.

All three are man’s ordinary response to reality.

And each of these answers is not reality itself. No. This is not reality, this is a system of response to events that has been formed within us.

Someone has this despair and then it forms that everything is lost, there is no way, we are all in the negative.

For some, this is optimism, and then there is a system of actions aimed at optimism or a solution and a search for a way out of the problem.

Someone has an absolute denial, not mine. This is not mine, and another and third. And in general, it’s not mine. Rejection. Not acceptance.

Why am I writing this today? A very relevant topic touched me as well as everyone who reads.

I am writing to show these three paths. To discuss each of them and show the effects of each of these paths on each person. It’s up to you to decide who makes what choice,think about it.

And I’m not writing here about my path. No. and do not advertise what is best or how to choose the best. No.

I describe and you act. So again I return to three different reactions to an event, or, as I explain it, to irritation.,think about it.

One person, after watching something on TV, runs to scream that everything is lost, that we are in the worst situation, that we are dying and everything is collapsing.

A person creates panic for himself, surrounding panic and suffers greatly from this. groups of alarmists. there are people who ease their insides by sowing panic among the people. These people live off optimists, at the expense of sedatives, these people kill themselves with panic and even have poor health from this with a thyroid gland, allergies, constipation, etc.

Others are complete optimists. No, now we will think more, come up with something and crawl out or get out of this situation.

This group of people try to get out of this situation, the lack of information throws them into various false turns, they get confused, they are on adrenaline, they often stumble upon people who do not understand them and fail, they see anger and even betrayal. They close up, stop trusting.
But again they optimistically rush to save the world, so they are laid down and born, there is not a drop of harmfulness, war and destruction inside them. A big heart, open eyes and a smile on the face even on the verge of death.

Of course, of these two opposites, there is a third one. These are those who, when they meet with you, are scoundrels.
Not something that is inserted into the TV, as there is an invented story.
Not my war on TV, because sitting on the couch I will not do better or worse, but only ruin my day and waste my nerves.
Not something that public opinion bothers me – it is always artificially created or creates my state and often leads to a dead end.

Three types of people’s reactions to events.
In general, these are three different types of people.
if throughout life, a person chooses only one of the three reactions and constantly repeats it, then his thinking, his way of acting, his character is formed.

That’s what I wanted to talk to you today and nothing else.