If you are looking to buy paintings online, my website at your service

 Are you looking to buy paintings online?

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 This website presents the artwork for salethis is the place for those who BUY PAINTINGS ONLINE.
For you, a gallery of paintings, executed in oil on canvas.
All works are absolutely unique style.
 Open the gallery on my website, when click on the picture which you loved.
There is a description of each picture, the size of original, the year of manufacture and price.

All the pictures in a single copy, and the original signed by the artist
Some paintings are presented in the framework or in the virtual gallery.

How to buy paintings online from my website?

 If you like some  of picture, you can order it by clicking on,,BUY NOW,,  and make a purchase.
After receiving the payment, I’ll send you a picture  to your address.
Depending on the country, it’s takes 10 to 20 days.
Prepare for it in advance, as in some countries doubling time of the transportation, because it’s  the holidays.
For example, now the Christmas holidays and then New Year’s holiday’s in Europe and North America.
Soon will come the New Year in China, etc.
Traditional holidays  can increase the time of dispatch and transportation of international parcels.
It is absolutely guaranteed sale of original paintings from artist.
I do it to  for countries were  I have not visited.

My paintings are in galleries in  America, Canada, Germany, Holland, England,Israel,Jordan,Emirats, Ukraine, Russia, in private collections and art galleries in those countries.
 I represent today a small movie for you, which shows part of the work, created in 2016.
  Which is well and the most pleasant for you, who buy paintings online,I made a small discount on the paintings of the 2016 year’s .
Hurry to take advantage of the offer and buy your favorite painting.
 Next year I plan to expand the art gallery, and change its appearance.

I plan a lot of new pleasant  changes for you , my visitors who buy paintings online.
 Will be expanded and improved services for you.
There are many new works:prints&posters,original artwork service ,etc.
I am open to proposals for cooperation with magazines and prints.
Feel free to contact  helen.polishuk@gmail.com to discuss about size,color and other proposal of interested artwork or write in comment.
I’m open for cooperation to create a line of ceramic products on the basis of my work or other proposals.
Happy New 2017 Year !!!
All the best
Dec 29 2016