….Don’t quarrel with nature, she knows what she’s doing….

from the exhibition

It is no coincidence that I chose my quote for this post.
Look how sunny and warm it is on the first day of March. I want to believe that this weather will remain and help nature come to life and bloom.
In nature, everything is natural. After the cold comes warmth, after flowering the fruits ripen, after the harvest, nature sheds its leaves and asks to give peace and rest to the trees before the cold. Prepare for death naked. Winter comes and the trees meet it naked, ready for renewal. Winter passes, heat for plants, the state of renewal comes with the first warm days of spring. And so this cycle repeats every year.

We also experience these cycles if we listen to nature. If not, and we are blind and deaf, then we lose a lot in the wrong cycle of life.
And you need to feel this cycle. You need to feel that after the strong, heavy magnetic elemental days of February, the gentle, cat-like days of March come. Even if it’s one day longer this February, then March 1st came and the weather changed completely.
Just yesterday evening, at sunset, I managed to notice the unusualness of the clouds on the horizon. They were curly, small, bluish-gray multiple clouds, densely standing in several lines on the horizon, like a flock of lambs on a soft pink background. The combination of these colors was unusual. Such a sunset too unusual.
“It will probably still be cold tomorrow,” I thought.
And only when I woke up today from the rays of the sun that appeared in my eastern window, I realized that, as always, spring has come. And it has come firmly, showing us that March will be warm.
Let it be .

So much hope for renewal, for blossoming and warmth.

May March bring more love and understanding.

We will clean our houses, put our gardens, lawns, and vegetable gardens in order to plant a good harvest.
And I will start a bunch of new projects that attract me.
One of them, but it’s more of a continuation than a beginning. It opened yesterday. It’s friendly to me

ROOTS which was open on the last day of February in Cloverdale Mall,Etobicoke.

I wish success to all the participants in this exhibition. I am pleased to see both familiar and completely new artists among them. And regarding their creations, I am a fan..
I just always like painting, which feels free, like the creation of images that are inherent to the master without any pressures or restrictions, with characteristic experiments and departures from traditions. With their inherent brightness and contrast. That’s how it was now.
The exhibition will be held FEBRUARY 29-APRIL 11,2024 in partnership with QuardReal and present the 5th show of ROOTS’exhibition series.

This year-long exhibition celebrates the rich cultural diversity of Toronto.Ita fifth edition will feature eight incredible African Artists in celebration of Black History Month.