I’ll answer your questions today

Why have you been silent lately and rarely write posts?

-It’s true, I’m working less on my website. I have a lot of work now, which doesn’t give me time to maintain the site.
Today they wrote to me that they offer help in managing my accounts and raising my rating. This is all good, but I don’t agree with the prices, they are very expensive.

Where are your paintings sold?

-My paintings are exhibited in several prestigious Internet sites, such as


Literally today I updated the information there and added new paintings.

What do you have planned?

-I am pleased to announce that I am participating in the auction and selling my works (hand-painted Christmas tree balls).There will be a new exhibition in November with Art Etobicoke.And something completely new for me – I become a mentor and teacher and give the first lessons in icon painting for children 12-16 years old. These lessons will be held at the church at the end of November. In the last week of November, another big event will take place – I will be visiting Bradford, a city in northern Ontario, with an exhibition of photographs.

Are you still making videos?

_Yes. The new work will be released at the end of the year and it will be a short film.

What new pictures have you painted this year?

-The year has been difficult for me and although it is already coming to an end, I have just started painting. It should be noted that I am continuing the Petrykivka series and three more have been added to the 54 paintings already. This is what I have, and also my works in the Petrykivka style many acquaintances and friends already have in collections.This sumer I

presented a collection in the Petrykivka style and you saw some of the works in the previous post. These included painted panels and plates, acrylic-painted chests, wooden boards, created all sorts of painted wall products, Christmas tree decorations, and even tried to paint a woman’s bag in the same style. This style is very fashionable and popular in Mexico, where I just returned from and it is, I must say, not cheap. There are still some ideas in the project. I will put everything on the Internet and perhaps on this page too.
I have a Facebook page on which I publish new works more actively than here.

What new works have you created?

-I’ll show you my last three works today