The style of my artwork

Today I will describe one of the styles in which I work.This popular style is called Petrikivka.

 About style of my artwork

Petrikovka is a ethnic style, popular in Ukraine.It said that many years ago, each ukrainian woman loving her house painted in this  style  his house wall.


I continue the tradition of my ancestors  already for 20 years  🙂
Really love  try  new colors and shades, changing the line and I love to draw cocks   🙂

I finished to draw this picture yesterday…..
Its size 11″x14′ oil canvas

 Inspired me this winter by the drawing  in the design of,,Petrikivskaya paintings,, the party paintings …….


Winter came powerfully and heavy snowfall….

Sitting in a warm room near the window, I will fill my paintings in blue and white….
This winter colors….colors cold .My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration.

I drew a  collection of paintings under the inspiration of winter evenings, intensive studio work, household chores and joyful mood in anticipation of the New Year….

This third work in this style.I can’t stop.I think about  upcoming holidays, I must prepare for it. I must clean the house.I must stop painting for holiday’s time.
I can not stop………

I’m keen on color tones and patterns.
Wants to create more and more

I will describe the technique works on a dark canvas.

It’s a hard work.
Often operate on a light canvas or paper and  by watercolor or gouache or acrylic.


I chose the hard way.
I draw on a dark canvas by oil paints.

First, I paint a white background canvas to  black color.I am waiting for it to dry more then week.
So once I prepar to 10 canvas.
Then I draw by pencil ekskiz future painting.


This pic shows how I created and painted my artwork:



I look  the works of famous Ukrainian artists, taking their example.
But I come up with my own style and pattern


style artwork


Then begin wonders      🙂     🙂
I draw a painting  on  one or two days.
A lot of energy gives the painting such artwork.
Then I wait two days to paint has dried up.
And after two three-day repeat layers.
Often repeat white
color.That color sensitive,white color disappears on a dark background.
I repeat up to three times applying white color.
It is necessary that the picture come brighter.
This is not seen on the canvas.

And….told about my small cute helper …..
I dry the painting in the room where my Chihuahua Cindy lives.
I land on the newspaper  on the floor and dry my paintinds here.
Cindy  during the night appreciates my creativity…..Ha-ha-ha….
I have several times found the image of the dog’s feet in my pictures   🙂
So it is she  signed…..
I washed them
….and painted again….

After drying I put on paintings Varnish to save colors from destruction.



I appreciate your feedback and I look forward to your comments, which will publish on the block page.

Thank you